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Camp Shinning is a reliable and cooperative organoclay lubricating grease additives supplier.

Their main lubricating grease additives refer to organoclay bentonite, that is, a thickener. When organoclay bentonite is applied to grease, it can play a good role in thixotropy, rheology, anti-settlement, and thickening.

Maybe you are confused about how to choose a reliable organoclay lubricating grease additives supplier, so it will be your right choice to come here because Camp Shinning has more than 20 years of production experience and rich experience in lubricants which widely used in various based.

Camp Shinning has a lot of experience in cooperation with world-famous grease enterprises. In the process of cooperation, grease enterprises have also helped Camp Shinning greatly improve the quality of organoclay bentonite as lubricating grease additives.

Moreover, Camp Shinning’s price is also very competitive. At the same time, Camp Shinning’s delivery date and payment method will not disappoint you.

Therefore, Camp Shinning is selected to start communication and discussion with us, so that we can promote each other, Improve each other.

Organoclay Bentonite For Grease in Diesel Oil

As a professional lubricating grease additives, organophilic clay bentonite has a good suspension effect in diesel oil.

Organoclay Bentonite For Mineral Oil

When the base oil is mineral oil, lubricating grease additives could increases viscosity,provides thixotropy and prevents pigment settling during storage.

Organoclay Bentonite For Synthetic Oil

Organoclay are used as lubricating grease additives in synthetic oil, It can effectively improves flow and leveling, controls sagging on vertical surfaces and penetration on porous substrates and prevents syneresis in thixotropic systems

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Lubricating Grease Additives | Organoclay

  • 20 Years Industry Experience
  • ISO Certificateand Patent Certificate.
  • One Stop Solution for Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives
  • Widely Application to Grease Lubricant,Paints,Coatings,Inks and Oil Drilling Mud
  • Inorganic Grease Thickeners and Solvent Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives

Camp Shinning is a stable supplier of world-class well-known

Lubricating grease additives companies.  Its main product is organoclay bentonite.And it is widely used in the lubrication of various systems.Whether it is water based grease or solvent based grease.

Your Trusted Lubricating Grease Additives Manufacturer in China

The organoclay lubricating grease additives produced by Camp Shinning is an organoclay bentonite, which is a modified bentonite clay, also known as grease raw material. 

Organoclay lubricating grease additives is widely used in lubricating grease, including base oil is diesel,mineral oil lubricating grease, synthetic oil lubricating grease and vegetable oil lubricating grease. Whether your lubricant is water based or solvent based, Camp Shinning can provide corresponding organoclay bentonite as your lubricating grease additives .

Camp Shinning’s organoclay lubricating grease additives are produced according to the standard of ISO Certification. The raw material bentonite used meets the national standards and is selected. The main raw materials are from the bentonite raw ore owned by Camp Shinning,So as to ensure that the rheology abd thickening of your grease can meet your ideal requirements after using Camp Shinning’s  organoclay lubricating grease additives.   

 At present, when purchasing Camp Shinning’s organoclay lubricating grease additives, many buyers are mainly divided into two categories: one is used in solvent based grease lubricant industry, and the other is used in water based grease lubricanting. After the use of Camp Shinning’s organoclay lubricating grease additives, the main rheological properties,thixotropy performance and anti sagging performance can be brought into play.   

Camp Shinning is your premier organoclay lubricating grease additives manufacturer!


thixotropic additive
thixotropic additive
organophilic clay
thixotropic additive
organophilic clay

 The use of organoclay lubricating grease additives produced by Camp Shinning can

 effectively improve thixotropy, rheology, improve anti sagging performance and maintain

 good leveling, which also greatly improves storage stability and prevents the sedimentation

 of pigments and fillers.

Before loading the organoclay lubricating grease additives into the container, all batches will be strictly tested, and we are happy to accept purchaser arrange the third-party inspection before loading. 

Our 40 FCL can hold 22 tons of organoclay lubricating grease additives, and 16 tons organoclay lubricating grease additives with pallets can be loaded into a 20 FCL.We warmly welcome you to visit our organoclay lubricating grease additives factory, because we look forward to better cooperation with you in the near future.

Advanced Equipment Test Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives

  In order to ensure the stable quality of each batch of

organoclay bentonite | lubricant additives, Camp Shinning has purchased a lot of advanced testing equipment.

Especially the testing equipment for organoclay bentonite | lubricant additives used in the oil field. Camp Shinning has almost led the production market in China.

 This is why Camp Shinning can maintain the stability of the quality of each batch organoclay bentonite | lubricant additives and protect the distributor’s advantage of organoclay bentonite | lubricant additives price in the market.

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Organoclay | Lubricating Grease Additives Certification

In order to ensure the quality stability and price advantage of the organoclay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning in the market. In the past few years, Camp Shinning has won many certificates. ISO Certification, Audited Supplier, Certification For Safe Transport Of Chemical Goods,


Auditor Supplier​

The certified supplier issued by the website of is the best recognition of Camp Shinning. It represents that Camp Shinning is a trustworthy Chinese organophilic clay supplier and manufacturer.


Certification For Safe Transport Of Chemical Goods

Camp Shinning has Certification For Safe Transport Of Chemical Goods​. This means that the organic soil produced by Kangbaixin is allowed to be freely transported by sea and air, and is a non-hazardous product.


ISO Certification

The ISO certificate means that the organoclay produced by Camp Shinning is strictly regulated and produced in accordance with ISO standards. ​



The strong R&D capabilities enable Camp Shinning to have its own technology patents, which is also the best proof of Camp Shinning's market competitiveness.We will continue to research and develop more market-efficient organophilic clay with good price.

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Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives :The Ultimate FAQ Guide

 This guide covers everything you need to know about organoclay lubricating grease additives.

From formulation, features, application, quality standards to packing, you will find all information you need to know about organoclay lubricating grease additives here.

Let’s get started:

What is Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives?

 Organoclay lubricating grease additives is a kind of raw material used in lubricant grease. It mainly plays a thickening and rheology effect. It is called rheological additive, thixotropic agent or anti sagging agent. With years of experience, our engineers can adjust our organoclay lubricating grease additives according to the overall formula of customers, so as to finally meet the requirements of customers for the overall formula.

What are the Materials used to Produce a Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives?

 The main raw material of  organoclay lubricating grease additives for producing grease additives is white powder. After modification, it becomes organoclay bentonite and is used in grease to promote change and lubricity.

Generally, it is recommended to use 0.3 ~ 2% of the weight of total formula.

 What needs to be mentioned here is that Camp Shinning owns bentonite raw ore that other suppliers do not have.its advantage is very obvious in the control of production cost. It also plays a great role in effective control and the stability of product quality.

What are the Features of Lubricating Grease Additives Manufacturer?

Some of the main features of shower trailer include:

It is an efficient rheological additive.

No pre gel can be used directly.

Polar activators are not required when using lubricants.

The organoclay lubricating grease additives used in synthetic oils, such as vegetable oil and other synthetic oils, has high gel efficiency, especially thixotropic properties.

What are the Quality Standards of lubricating grease additives?

 organoclay lubricating grease additives have to meet the  industry standards.

In addition to meeting the national industrial standards,Camp Shinning’s  organoclay lubricating grease additives is also produced and operated in strict accordance with ISO standards.

Which Types of Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives are there?

 What types of organoclay lubricating grease additives are there? Here, we mainly recommend two most important and main organoclay lubricating grease additives.

Solvent Based organoclay lubricating grease additives

Solvent Based organoclay could use for grease lubricant, the base oil is synthetic oil such as middle-high viscosity petroleum, mineral oil, diester oil, polyester oil, vegetable oil etc.


Water Based organoclay lubricating grease additives

In addition to the advantages of solvent based organoclay, waterborne  organoclay lubricating grease additives is relatively environmentally . It has been widely used in the lubrication of inorganic systems in recent years.

What are the Different Grades of Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives?

The biggest difference between different grades of  organoclay lubricating grease additives in their different viscosity and different addition dosage, which are the two main differences. Of course, the whole formula fundamentally determines the characteristics of different organoclay lubricating grease additives.

 However, they can be customized to a client’s specifications.

Are Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives Customizable?

Yes, they are.

Camp Shinning could adjust formulation of organoclay lubricating grease additives on your customer specifications.As an experienced organoclay bentonite manufacturer.We habitually need to know which type of organoclay bentonite you used in the past. 

At the same time, we need to know clearly the experimental steps and processes of your whole formula. If we can, we also want to know which base oil grease you use, All this information will help us more effectively to recommend you the most direct and cost-effective organoclay lubricating grease additives.

What are the Factors to Consider when Purchasing Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives?

Before you import organoclay lubricating grease additives from China, it is important to consider the following:

  • Shipping Cost

The cost of shipping organoclay lubricating grease additives varies depending on various factors such as the method of shipping, and urgency among others.

A client, therefore, makes their decision based on such information.

  • Regulations

One must check if there are regulations regarding the import of organoclay lubricating grease additives in their country of destination.

  • Uses

How and where a organoclay lubricating grease additives is used is key when deciding on purchasing a organoclay lubricating grease additives .

For example, for different base oils, the grades of organoclay lubricating grease additives selected are different, especially in synthetic oil and mineral oil, similar organoclay bentonite will be selected, but in diesel grease, the organoclay lubricating grease additives selected by him is a grade that the general price is relatively low.

  • Price

Organoclay lubricating grease additives are sold at competitive prices.

Besides,  The price is relatively high for organoclay bentonite with mineral oil as base oil and synthetic oil as base oil, but the price of organic bentonite is relatively low for greases with diesel oil as base oil.

The lowest price of organoclay bentonite commonly used in diesel based grease is US $1.50 per kilogram.

The main prices of organoclay lubricating grease additives used in mineral oil and synthetic oil, generally range from US $1.8 to US $2.7 per kilogram.

Where are Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives used?

Some of the uses of organoclay lubricating grease additives are: The grease with synthetic oil as base oil, the lubricant with mineral oil as base oil and the grease with diesel oil as base oil all need to use the organoclay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning.

  How much does a Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives Cost?

The cost of organoclay lubricating grease additives varies depending on various factors such as the type.The cost of the application corresponds to the model used by the customer in the past. 

For example, good quality organoclay bentonite will make customers use organic bentonite to produce grease, and the addition amount of cheap organic bentonite will be greatly increased when customers use organoclayto produce grease. Therefore, the cost of organic bentonite is related to many factors.

Some of the benefits of Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives include:

 When the organoclay bentonite is applied to grease, the advantages are obvious, such as anti sedimentation. This feature mainly solves the problem of reducing and reducing filler during long-term storage of grease.

Secondly, good thixotropy is also a major advantage of bentonite in lubricating grease.

The great improvement of rheological properties is a great reason why many grease factories choose organoclay rheological additives produced by Campshinning.

Do you have any requirements for minimum order quantity?

Organoclay bentonite is the main product of Camp Shinning company. In order to support users to widely use and promote the Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives produced by Camp Shinning, 

Camp Shinning actually have no strict requirements for the minimum quantity for starting order. Generally, we recommend customers to use one pallet as the minimum starting quantity, and one pallet is one ton.

Can Camp Shinning Provide Free Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives samples?

In the past 20 years, Camp Shinning has always insisted on providing free organoclay lubricating grease additives samples for customers to conduct a large number of tests to prove whether the quality meets the needs of customers’ whole formula through experiments.

Can Camp Shinning use the end customer’s brand to package Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives?

The answer is yes.Camp Shinning company can use the customer’s brand and packaging to package our organoclay lubricating grease additives , so as to maximize the benefit of the customer’s brand in the market.  

Therefore, Camp Shinning has been providing better OEM services in the market.

Whether Camp Shinning provide technical training on Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives?

Camp Shinning insist on providing technical training to our end users and our dealers, So as to ensure that customers can maximize their technical advantages in the market.

  If you need help, Camp Shinning can also go to your market to accompany you to visit your customers and solve the problems they face, especially some basic application problems encountered in the process of use.

How to use Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives?

When organoclay bentonite is used in Grease Lubricant, polar activator is needed. Polar activator is acetone/water(95/5).

 The dosage of activator is 20%-30% of the weight of CP-250A. And also high shear can promote the dispersing of organoclay bentonite.

Adding procedure as follows:

  1. If condition permits, heat the base oil to 60~70℃
  2. Add organoclay bentonitewhile stirring, addition level is 7%-10% of the total formulation. Stir  5~10minutes
  3. Add polar activator, addition level is 2%-3% of the total formulation. Then add other additives, stir 25~30minutes.
  4. Use pump to help it pass colloid grinding and homogenizer.
  5. Deair, filtrate, pack.

Note: With High-speed dispersant of grinding machine, and properly prolong the dispersing time, better gelatin performance can be reached.

The Lubricanting grease which uses organoclay as thickener will own high dropping point, thus can be used under high temperature and presents good impermeability and water resistance.

Are all Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives packed in bags?

Yes,At present, Camp Shinning’s organoclay lubricating grease additives is mainly packed in bags, but the specifications of bags are also divided into many kinds, including 25Kg/Bag, 50lb/Bag ,1MT/Bag or customized.

 Do Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives have a Warranty?

Yes, they have.

Organoclay Lubricating Grease Additives, The general storage warranty period is 24 months, two years.

 If it can be stored and placed in a dry and cool place according to our requirements, the warranty period of organic bentonite can even be longer, but whether all properties have been changed depends on the final result of the test as the standard.

If you have any questions about how to store organoclay lubricating grease additives,  you can contact us in time by email or what’sapp.

With the information in this guide, am sure you can get high quality and reliable organoclay lubricating grease additives.

For cost competitive and high quality organoclay lubricating grease additives, you can contact Camp Shinning team now.

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Organoclay lubricating grease additives

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Camp Shinning produce several type of lubricant additives and clay thickened grease. They include inorganic grease thickeners,oil thickening additive,engine oil lubricant additives,hydraulic oil additive and lube oil additives.When those additives used in lubricating oil, Our product organoclay bentonite can use grease to have better anti sedimentation performance, thixotropy performance and thickening performance.