Drilling grade organoclay | Increase yield point and gel strength

Organoclay Bentonite

Drilling grade organoclay | Increase yield point and gel strength

Drilling grade organoclay as a petroleum additives in oil drilling mud. Drilling grade organoclay could provides solids suspension,prevent top seperation of oil. organophilic clay is a kind of important fine drilling chemical raw materials. Organoclay has the properties of anti-settling,thickening,anti-sagging and thixotropy in oil drilling field.

Application of CP series organoclay 

Paints Coatings  Organoclay CP-34 ,CP-38,CP-180,CP-10,CP-EZ,CP-MP
Inks Organoclay CP-120 ,CP-250A ,CP-180 
Lubricant grease Organoclay CP-34 ,CP-250A ,CP-180 
Oil Drilling Mud Organophilic clay CP-2.CP-3.CP-4.CP-150,CP-1

Common chemical, physical properties:

Composition Organic derivative of a bentonite clay
Appearance Light yellow fine powder
Moisture content (%) ≤3.50
Dry powder fineness(through mesh 200) ≥98.0
Loss on ignition (900℃,%) 29.0~31.0

Usage in making sealant

●  Put the solvent, elastomer polymer together to dissolve,   

●  Put the raw materials to the solvent till it is moist,

●  Add polar activator 30-50% of the organic bentonite,

●  Make the organoclay disperse the solvent completely.


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