Emulsifier for Oil Base Mud CPMUL-P

Secondary Emulsifier

Emulsifier for Oil Base Mud CPMUL-P serves as a primary emulsifier in oil base mud systems. It is formulated to give good emulsification, improved thermal stability of the invert emulsion, and enhanced high-temperature,high-pressure (HTHP) filtration control. Through comprehensive tests in a number of oil-base mud

formulations with various base oils, mud densities, oil/water ratios and hot-rolling temperatures, it proves that at working temperature up to 149oC (300oF), CPMUL-P can maintain high ES (electrical stability), low HTHP filtrate and desired rheological property.

Emulsifier for Oil Base Mud CPMUL-P comprises of modified amidoamine, oxidized fatty acids and low-toxic organic solvent.

We are pleased to offer Emulsifier for Oil Base Mud CPMUL-P with specification as below:

  1.  Phisico-chemical Specification

Appearance: dark mobile liquid

Odor: no or slight odor

Specific Gravity (20℃): 0.93~ 1.03

Flush Point (PMCC): > 65oC (149oF)

Pour Point: < -10oC (14oF)

Solubility: soluble in oil. Insoluble in water.

  1.  Mud Performance Specification

Yield Point (YP): 10 – 20 lb/100ft2

Electrical Stability (ES): minimum 500 Volt

HTHP Filtrate @ 121oC (250oF), 500psi: maximum 12ml


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