Modified rheological additive | Organic Bentonite clay

Modified rheological additive

Modified rheological additive | Organic Bentonite

Modified rheological additive is a kind of bentonite  tetraalkyl ammonium salt organoclay.Organoclay rheological additive with self activation,high effectiveness of gelling,high thixotropicy,which is applied in low to middle system.

Application: Solvent base paints, Drilling mud, Wooden paints,Car primer paint, Mill base,sealant,Lubricant grease, Marine paint, Ink,Industy paint, Ordinary paint.

Appearance and physicochemical index:

Appearance White Power
Loss on ignition 33.5-37%
Viscosity 1.5Pa.s
Fineness, 95%
Moisture content 0.8-3.5%

Package: The package consists of external(kraft paper bag) and internal package(polyethylene film bag) the vavle bag is also available and the weight is 25Kg,  the package can be customized.

Organoclay rheological additive should be stored in dry place,the organic bentonite is effective within 36 months.

Use Method: Organoclay rheological additive is an improved organoclay.belong to easy to disperse,self activated rheology modifier.It dose not require polar activator,because it’s an easy disperse organic bentonite clay.

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