OBM emulsifier

Oil Based Emulsifier

OBM Emulsifier

OBM emulsifier with high ES (electrical stability), low HTHP filtrate, and desired rheological property.OBM emulsifier can provide good emulsification, the improved thermal stability of the invert emulsion, and enhanced high-temperature, high-pressure (HTHP) filtration control.

OBM emulsifier comprises of modified amidoamine, oxidized fatty acids, and low-toxic organic solvent.

We are pleased to offer OBM emulsifier CPMUL-P with specification as below:

  1.  Phisico-chemical Specification

Appearance: dark mobile liquid

Odor: no or slight odor

Specific Gravity (20℃): 0.93~ 1.03

Flush Point (PMCC): > 65oC (149oF)

Pour Point: < -10oC (14oF)

Solubility: soluble in oil. Insoluble in water.

  1.  Mud Performance Specification

Yield Point (YP): 10 – 20 lb/100ft2

Electrical Stability (ES): minimum of 500 Volt

HTHP Filtrate @ 121oC (250oF), 500psi: maximum 12ml

Mud Performance Test

  • Warm the mud to 49oC (120oF). Test R600 (dial reading at 600rpm of Fann 35 VG Meter), R300, R200, R100, R6, R3, 10-seconds gel strength, and 10-minutes gel strength. Calculate Yield Point

(YP):YP= 2xR300 – R600 (lb/100ft2)

  • Hot roll the test mud in a hot roller at 121oC (250oF) for 16 hours. After hot rolling, cool the mud to 49oC (120oF), then test R600, R300, R200, R100, R6, R3, 10-seconds gel strength, and 10-minutes gel strength. Calculate Yield Point (YP):

YP= 2xR300 – R600 (lb/100ft2)

  • Electric Stability (ES) is tested always at room temperature. ES is tested before and after hot rolling. Before testing ES, stir the mud at 6000rpm for 10 minutes on Hamilton Beach Mixer.


  • HTHP filtrate is tested after hot rolling. Test is at 121oC (250oF) and 500psi pressure differential. Collect the filtrate for 30 minutes.


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Difference between primary and secondary emulsifiers

primary and secondary emulsifiers

OBM emulsifier