organic bentonite rheological additive CP-34

viscosifier rheology modifier organoclay
Organic bentonite rheological additive CP-34
Organic bentonite Rheological additive is a kind of traditional organic ammonium montmorillonite organoclay, which is applicable to aliphatic and aromatic system of low-medium polar solvent, such as mineral oil, paraffin oil, toluene, xylene, 200# solvent oil systems.
Organoclay, as a kind of thickening, anti-sinkable, anti-sagging and thixotropy additive, is widely used in industrial paint, terrace paint, casting paint, atomic ash, adhesive, grease, etc.
Organophilic clay can disperse at normal temperature. Pre-gel is suggested to make out of it and, added before grinding. High shearing equipments should be adopted so as to achieve the best dispersible effect.Modified bentonite can be dispersed completely with polar activator including: carbonic acid allethrin, methanol/water (95/5), ethanol/water (95/5)or acetone. The best dosage of polar activator can be changed according to different systems, usually 30-50% of the organoclay rheological additive.
4,Dosage of organic bentonite Rheological additive
Organic modifier dosage in the system is usually 0.5-2.0% (percentage in weight).
5,Common chemical, physical properties:Organic bentonite Rheological additive
Composition Montmorillonite organic ammonium derivative
Appearance Light white fine powder
Moisture content (%) ≤3.50
Dry powder fineness(through mesh 200) ≥99.0
Loss on ignition (900℃,%) 30.0~32.5
Dry powder fineness(through mesh 200)
7,Package & Storage of Organic bentonite Rheological additive
Kraft paper bag interior with PE.
The weight : 25±0.25kg per bag.The package and weight also can be customized.
Product should be stored in ventilated, cool and dry place.
8,Storage life : two years.


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