Organoclays | suspension agent for polymer slurries

organic bentonite clay

Organoclays | suspension agent for polymer slurries

Organoclays is an effective suspension additive for polymer slurries.Organoclay suitable for use in mineral oil and synthetic based drilling to improves sag resistance and  increase the carrying capacity and hole cleaning capabilities.

Organophilic bentonite clay is used as a suspension agent for polymer slurries, like as Xuanthan  or Guar gum.

 Organoclays as suspension agent use for polymer slurries with high YP ratio, wet processed,and filtration control and emulsion stability.

Organophilic clay us recommended for base oil– mineral oil and synthetic oil.The temperatures is within 170°C.

When test our organophilic bentonite clay,pls use a small stream of water,it can reduce yield time and improve dispersed. So water use in organoclay could improve polar activation.

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