Organophilic clay for oil drilling purposes CP-250A

органофильная глина

Organophilic clay for oil drilling purposes CP-250A

CP-250A is an easy dispersing and self-activating organoclay (organic modified bentonite), designed especially for use  in oil drilling mud. It can be used in different base oil for drilling fuild. Especially,it is suitable for diesel oil, low aromatic mineral oil, synthetic oil and white oil.

It is valuable in low-shear mud plant operations and during completion fluid manufacture at the well site. CP-250A also possesses good low temperature incorporation properties.


Composition                       Organic derivative of a montmorillonite clay

Appearance                       Off white powder

Density                           1.4kg/l

Viscosity(3% in diesel oil,600rpm)    ≥50cp

Fineness (200 mesh)               ≥95%

Moisture content                   ≤3.5%


  • Offering rapid yield development.
  • High gelling
  • High slurrying efficiency.
  • High thermal stability
  • Eliminate external chemical activator in all-oil and revert muds.
  • Easy dispersing.

Suitable Solvent

  • Diesel oil.
  • Mineral oil.
  • Crude oil.
  • Synthetic oil.


In oil drilling mud, it can be added directly in powder and mixed with oil. Addition level should be confirmed by testing but normally 20%-25% less than conventional organoclay. In fully oil muds, small dosage of water (0.1%-0.2%) is helpful for gelling and achieving better performance.


            Organophilic clay for oil drilling purposes

            Formulation 1:

Diesel Oil 744
Lime 10
Emusifier 20
Wetting agent 9
30% CaC12 brine 189
Organoclay CP-250A 12
Gilsonite  28

Test result 1:

Plastic viscosity, mPa·s  11 11
YP,   Pa 1.5 1.5
ES, volts 1026 1058

Organophilic clay for oil drilling purposes

Formulation 2::

Mineral  Oil 3# 200
Lime 54.5
Emusifier 2.5
Wetting agent 1
Filtrate loss reducer 8
30% CaC12 brine 50
Organoclay CP-250A 8.0
Barite 750

 Test result 2:













CP-250A BHR 33 29 4 3/3.5 4/3 970
AHR 36.5 32 4.5 2.5/3.5 4/3 2.0 900


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