Organophilic clay use for oil drilling mud CP-982S

Organophilic clay

Organophilic clay use for oil drilling mud CP-982S

CP-982S Organophilic Clay is a moderate temperature performance amine treated Bentonite. It is a cost effective product, in all-oil, invert diesel and mineral oil based fluids, where sufficient shear is available to achieve full dispersion. CP-982S viscosifier is used to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties, providing support for weight materials and improved cutting removal.

Organophilic clay


Composition                       Organically modified bentonite clay

Appearance                       Off white to tan free-flowing powder

Moisture content (105℃,2hr)         ≤4%

Particle size (150 mesh)              ≥98%

Specific Gravity                     1.7

Bulk Density, kg/m3                           500

30% Diesel Oil Gel, 600rpm, CP       ≥30

30% Diesel Oil Gel, Yield Point        About 8


  • Effective viscosifier and gellant
  • Aids control of fluid loss to the formation
  • Increases emulsion stability
  • Improves cuttings carrying and hole cleaning capacity
  • Suspends weighting materials and other solids
  • Confers temperature stability to the fluid
  • Organophilic Clay Application
  •  Base oil:
  • Diesel Oils
  • CrudeOils
  • Mineral Oils
  • Synthetic Oil


  • Viscosifying drilling Fluids:
  • Oil based drilling fluids
  • Invert emulsion fluids
  • Workover fluids
  • Completion fluids
  • Organophilic Clay Package

Kraft paper bag with PE liner or multi-wall paper sacks or customized. 25kg/bag or 50LB/Sack or customized


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