Polymer Oilfield Chemicals Polymer salt tolerance for Fluid Loss Control

Polymer Oilfield Chemicals

Polymer Oilfield Chemicals Polymer salt tolerance for Fluid Loss ControlPolymer Polymer additive with white to light-yellow appearance was polymerized by heat resistance and salt tolerance allyl monomers. It provides better rheology regulation and fluid loss control.

 Polymer has some advantages as follows:

low viscosity effect in mud by special molecular structure;

superior function in fresh mud and brine mud;

Better heat resistance in fluid loss system;

Perfect anti-sloughing and clay hydration control performance.

Performance evaluation

Rheology and fluid loss

table1 rheology and fluid loss

mud type hot rolling150℃×16h AVmpa.s FLmL
4%NaCl before hot rolling 21 7.4
after hot rolling 15 10.2
saturated brine before hot rolling 22 8.0
after hot rolling 16 10.4

*Brine+10% benonite+0.3%NaCO3+2%polymer product.

Anti-sloughing and clay hydration control performance 

table2 anti-sloughing and clay hydration control performance

sample expansion coefficient reduction rate   % cuttings rolling recovery%
Acrylic acid – acrylamide copolymer 51.2 89.0
polymer productDrilling Polymer 58.4 91.4

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