Organoclay tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite

Organic modified clay THICKENT W(HPMC)

THICKENT W series is a special organic modified clay. It can be dispered both in aqueous system and solvent system. Especially, it has excellent behavior in water-borne system. It can replace cellulose such as HEC and HPMC in water-borne coatings, construction mortar, ceramics.

Typical Properties:

*Execllent water rentention (Superior water retention to HEC and HPMC).

*Wide viscosity range (Cover all viscosity range of cellulose).

*Fine temperature tolerance. It can disperse in cold water or in hot water.

*High adhesion and strengthening, it can be used as adhesive agent in printing and dyeing in textile industry.

*High thixotropy.

*THICKENT W has good coordination with cellulose, it can be used together with HEC or HPMC. Normally, the ratio of THICKENT W and cellulose is 80%:20%.


Item Index Type Concent


Appearance White powder  THICKENT W3






2% 5500-9000
Particle size, 200mesh ≥95% 10000-18000
Moisture content ≤12% 20000-28000
Bulk density,kg/m3 430 30000-38000
PH(solution) 8.0~10.0 55000-65000


  1. Cement-based mortar
  • THICKENT W has good thickening performance in mortar can improve mortar’s rheology. With THICKENT W, mortar is more slippy and easier for workers to coat on wall. It can prolong construction time of mortar, and create higher working efficiency. It is helpful for mortar to form high intension during solidification.
  1. Putty
  • THICKENT W has good water-retention performance in putty, and it can prolong construction time of putty and lift construction efficiency.THICKENT W has anti-skinning performance and is helpful for putty to have high intension during solidification.
  1. Thermal insulation mortar (mainly for Bonding mortar and overlay mortar)
  2. ◆  With its high water-retention, THICKENT W can prolong construction time of mortar and create higher working efficiency. It gives fine surface and slippery feeling of the mortar and improve surface quality by its shrinkability and anticracking. It is helpful for mortar to form high intension during solidification. And improve bond strength.
  3. Interface treatment binder

THICKENT W is good thickening agent for surface treatment binder. It can                  increase tensile strength and anti-shear strength, and make the binder to have better adhesion and binding strength.

Ceramic tile ◆ With its high thickening and thixotropy, it can be used to replace HEC in Emulsion coatings and other water-borne paint as rheological additive, film-forming agent, adhesive, emulsifier and stabilizer, it also can be used together with HEC in a proper ratio.

6    Emulsion coatings and other water-borne paint.

◆ THICKENT W can be used in ceramic tile as water retention agent, adhesive. With its perfect water retention and adhesion, ceramic tile can be strength enough to avoid crack and easier to be constructed.

7    Printing and dyeing in textile.


Kraft paper bag with PE liner.

The weight of each package is 20kg or 25kgesive