Wetting Agent for oil base mud

Organoclay Bentonite

Wetting Agent CP-WET for oil base mud,Wetting Agent is mainly made from oil fatty acid and its poly amine salt.Wetting Agent is a powerful oil wetting agent for oil-base mud. Wetting Agent is effective in oil-wetting barite and drill solids, and in reducing the adverse effects of water contamination.


Appearance:                dark liquid

Odor:                     Slightly mineral oil

Specific Gravity (20℃):      0.88 ~ 1.00

Flush Point (PMCC):         > 70℃ (158℉)

Pour Point:                 < 0℃

Solubility:                  Soluble in oil.


  • Improves emulsion stability             
  • Functions as a wetting agent
  • Improves thermal stability and contamination resistance 


CP-WET can effectively oil-wet barite and drill solids, so as to incorporate those water-wet or dry solids into the oil phase of invert emulsion. It also has a marked thinning action in cases where high mud rheology has been created by drill solids and weighting agents. Normal treatments range from 0.5~3.0%, depending upon the wetting requirement

Packaging and Storage

The product is usually packaged in 55gal drums, and other sizes are available upon request.

Store product in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area. Keep away from heat, sparks and flames. Store away from incompatibles.

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