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Camp Shinning is your best- Acrylic Paint Thickener organoclay fabricator which is located in China. We offer you high-quality with a guaranteed competitive price, we also offer you a better solution for your acrylic paint thickener.

There are over 20 years experience and the monthly capacity is 500 tons for each grades of acrylic paint thickener organoclay, so you don’t worry about our quality and delivery time. We could reach your requirement even in the peak season.

Before producing acrylic paint thickener organoclay for you.., we will fully communicate with you. Through e-mail or video conference, we will clear your demand for the whole formula, and our R & D team will make corresponding adjustments to ensure that the acrylic paint thickener organoclay provided to you is the product with the most cost-effective and meets your quality requirements.

Get Acrylic Paint Thickener Organoclay to Support Your Customer

As a leading Acrylic Paint Thickener organoclay supplier in China, Camp Shinning has brought many high-tech types of equipment from home and abroad. In order to produce organoclay thickener organoclay in different application fields.

We could offer bentonite paint thickener organoclay with different applications like paints,coatings,inks,grease lubricant and oil drilling products.

If you want to find an organic thickener organoclay supplier for your business, Camp Shinning is your best choice.

Bentonite Thickener For Waterborne Paints   

Organic bentonite clay is a low shear thixotropic additive for water borne paint . This rheology modifier has better performance of thixotropy, transparence and dispersion in water-based coatings systems.

Bentonite Thickener For Solvent Borne Formulation 

In solvent based formulation,bentonite thickener are used in almost every paints,grease and inks to achieve desired rheological characteristics for the particular application.   

Acrylic Paint Thickener For Waterborne Paints

Camp Shinning provide free sample testing for our new customers and technical training for our dealers and end users. These are strong support provided by our technical department. Therefore, if you have any questions about the acrylic paint thickener organoclay, our technical team will fully support you in the technical aspect.

At the same time, we can also adjust the formula according to the customers’ special products and different application fields, so as to achieve the best combination of product performance and dosage.

Before delivery, all the acrylic paint thickener organoclay Camp Shinning have been strictly tested, and the video and photos of the whole loading process are taken before shipment, so that our customers can clearly know the development process of their acrylic paint thickener organoclay

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CP-EW Paint Thickening Agent

CP-EW Paint thickening agent is water based inorgano clay rheological additive. It is mainly used in water based system.

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CP-EWS Paint Thickening Agent

CP-EWS Paint thickening agent is provided by Camp Shinning,when use for water born system which has good Rheological properties and highly efficient thickener.

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CP-WBS Paint Thickening Agent

CP-WBS is an economical Paint thickening agent . It is mainly used in water-borne system with good anti settling and thixotropic rheology .

Why Choose Camp Shinning

Organophilic Bentonite

The Best Selling Acrylic Paint Thickener

Why Choose Camp Shinning for Your  Paint Thickener Projects

Camp Shinning is the trusted paint thickener organoclay manufacturer in China. For over 20 years in this industry, we could ensure you have satisfaction with our products since we have plenty of experience in manufacturing.

Latex paint thickener organoclay products are very popular and could provide better thickening and rheology, and thixotropy is also a very prominent advantage. Paint thickener additive is the main raw material for producing paint., Camp Shinning could help you to produce  latex paint thickener organoclay and also solve all quality issues for you.

As an ISO 9001 certificated factory, Camp Shinning strictly controls the quality of products and provides customers’ high-quality acrylic paint thickener organoclay. We also make sure to deliver the product within the scheduled delivery time.

Camp Shinning assures the perfect product to our customers since we use our latest machinery equipment.

If you are looking for an  paint thickener powder supplier for your business purpose, Camp Shinning is your best manufacturer and supplier for that.

For further questions or any inquiries with regards to acrylic paint thickener organoclay, please message us to get a quick response from us.

Acrylic Paint Thickener Organoclay

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Acrylic Paint Thickener

Acrylic paint thickener organoclay  is an organic derivative of a hectorite clay. This highly efficient rheological additive is designed for low to intermediate polarity organic systems. 

Advantage :

  • Increases viscosity
  • Provides thixotropy
  • Prevents pigment settling during storage
  • Improves flow and leveling
  • Controls sagging on vertical surfaces and
  • Penetration on porous substrates
  • Prevents syneresis in thixotropic systems
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 Water Based Paint Thickening Agent

Water based paint thickening agent is a rheological additive based on a purified hectorite clay that imparts thixotropy and good anti  settling properties to water borne systems.

Advantage :

1, Imparts thixotropy

2, Prevents settling

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Solvent Based Paint Thickening Agent

Acrylic paint thickener organoclay rheological additive is an organic derivative of hectorite clay. It is specifically designed to improve thickening efficiency in synthetic and other organic fluids of medium-to high-polarity.

Advantage :

Acrylic paint thickener organoclay could resistance to oil separation

Excellent worked stability

Wide range of temperature applications

Packing:  Kraft complex  interior with PE.

The Weight:  25Kg/Bag, 22.68Kg/Bag(50lb) Or Customize.


Camp Shinning is an acrylic paint thickener organoclay company with 20 years of production and export experience. The marginal supplier has ISO certification.

All production and export processes are strictly in accordance with ISO standards.

Camp Shinning R & D department constantly improves the price competitiveness on the premise of ensuring stable and efficient product quality. Compared with other suppliers in China, Camp Shinning’s R & D department has a great advantage in price.

For all batches of acrylic paint thickener organoclay exported, we have done strict pre-pregnancy testing so far, and have the most standard samples for each batch of goods, so as to follow-up quality tracking.

We promise to make the first reply to the quality problems within 24 hours.

Why Camp Shinning Acrylic Paint Thickener

Camp Shinning’s bentonite thickener organoclay is widely used in different industrial fields, the most prominent of which is used in paints and coatings, as well as lubricant grease, ink, oilfield drilling, including the fracture fluids.


Camp Shinning’s thickener additive has great advantages in performance. Compared with other acrylic paint thickener organoclay in the same industry, the most praiseworthy performance advantages of terminal customers are thixotropy, anti sagging and anti settlement. Especially in the long-term preservation, Camp Shinning’s bentonite thickener effect is obvious.


Whether you are a paint, grease, ink supplier, or paint additive, grease additive, and ink additive wholesaler, retailer, or local distributor, Camp Shinning is the perfect service provider. We will absolutely help you with your business expansion.

Water Based Acrylic Paint Thickener Organoclay

In Camp Shinning, you can get paint thickener bentonite with good thixotropy. It is widely used in paint, coating, ink, grease in the inorganic system, which is what we call a water-based system.

Assuredly, your own customers will enjoy using our organobentonite in different applications. This is water-borne organoclay, most prefer by many.


Solvent Based Acrylic Paint Thickener Organoclay

Different options are also offered including an anti-settling agent for solvent-based paints, organic bentonite clay for solvent-based grease lubricant. organic bentonite clay for solvent-based inks.


Camp Shinning always creates new organophilic clay in the continuous research and development to ensure the stability of product performance and greatly highlights the price advantage, which makes our users occupy a favorable position in the market competition.


Having its own bentonite raw ore is also one of the fundamental reasons for Camp Shinning’s unique competitiveness. When Camp Shinning’s raw ore greatly saves the cost of raw materials and the timeliness of delivery time, our users can clearly realize the unique market advantages of Camp Shinning’s organobentonite in terms of price and performance stability.

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thixotropic additive
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thixotropic additive
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Advanced Equipment Test Acrylic Paint Thickener

  In order to ensure the stable quality of each batch of acrylic paint thickener organoclay, Camp Shinning has purchased a lot of advanced testing equipment.

Especially the testing equipment for acrylic paint thickener organoclay used in the oil field. Camp Shinning has almost led the production market in China.

 This is why Camp Shinning can maintain the stability of the quality of each batch organo clay and protect the distributor’s advantage  of acrylic paint thickener organoclay price in the market.

Acrylic Paint Thickener Certification

In order to ensure the quality stability and price advantage of the acrylic paint thickener organoclay produced by Camp Shinning in the market. In the past few years, Camp Shinning has won many certificates. ISO Certification, Audited Supplier, Certification For Safe Transport Of Chemical Goods,


Auditor Supplier​

The certified supplier issued by the website of is the best recognition of Camp Shinning. It represents that Camp Shinning is a trustworthy Chinese organophilic clay supplier and manufacturer.


Certification For Safe Transport Of Chemical Goods

Camp Shinning has Certification For Safe Transport Of Chemical Goods​. This means that the organic soil produced by Kangbaixin is allowed to be freely transported by sea and air, and is a non-hazardous product.


ISO Certification

The ISO certificate means that the organoclay produced by Camp Shinning is strictly regulated and produced in accordance with ISO standards. ​



The strong R&D capabilities enable Camp Shinning to have its own technology patents, which is also the best proof of Camp Shinning's market competitiveness.We will continue to research and develop more market-efficient organophilic clay with good price.

Paint Thickening Agent Suppliers & Manufacturer

While developing its own main product, acrylic paint thickener organoclay,  Camp Shinning develops related products. In the application field of paint and coating, matting agent additive powder is another major product of Camp Shinning. Camp Shinning provides emulsifiers and organophilic lignite in oilfield drilling and fracturing fluid.

Therefore, if you are comparing a large number of suppliers of paint additive organoclay, but you are confused by the professional knowledge controlled by your specialty, it will be the most correct decision for you to find the technical team and sales team of Camp Shinning because they will share their years of experience with you for free.

Of course, Camp Shinning’s extensive cooperation experience with the world’s top manufacturers will also provide you with the greatest technical support and protection.

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Acrylic Paint Thickener Organoclay Exhibition

The exhibition is the best channel for buyers to understand the professionalism of Chinese acrylic paint thickener organoclay suppliers & manufacturer. Every year, Camp Shinning recommends the best selling acrylic paint thickener organoclay and new products to professional buyers, so that buyers can clearly understand the professionalism of our production and the unique organo clay price in the exhibition.

The exhibitions we participate in includes OTC USA,Global Petroleum Show and China Coat Show etc.

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FAQ GUIDE for Acrylic Paint Thickener

Are you looking for a supplier of high quality Acrylic Paint Thickener Organoclay?If your answer is yes, then you are the right choice to be the website of Camp Shinning.Here you will get some necessary information about selection and organoclay thickener organoclay suppliers.Let’s see, what kind of standard is higher quality acrylic paint thickener organoclay? what kind of suspending agent Organoclay supplier is your trusted partner.

How Acrylic Paint Thickener help paint suppliers produce the paints they need?

Paint and coating suppliers can effectively achieve thixotropy and thickening effect through the use of suspending agent organoclay produced by Camp Shinning. Of course, rheological properties are also a major feature.

What are the Applications of Acrylic Paint Thickener?

In fact, this kind of thickening gel for acrylic paint can be used in the production of paints and coatings. Of course, in addition to the application in coatings, this kind of thickener will be widely used in grease, inks, including oil field drilling.

What are the Types of Acrylic Paint Thickener?

Acrylic paint thickener organoclay include water based thickening agent in suspension,solvent based acrylic paint thickener, easy to disperse acrylic paint thickener and pre gel acrylic paint thickener , also has low polarity ink thickener and middle polarity acrylic paint thickener organoclay and high polarity acrylic ink thickener.

No matter which type of rheologieadditive you choose, the first thing we need to know what is your application ?

Low polarity rheologieadditive include our CP-34,CP-180 etc

Middle polarity acrylic thickener organoclay include our CP-10,CP-180B etc

High polarity acrylic thickener organoclay include our CP-APA,CP-EZ etc

 What is the Average Price of Acrylic Paint Thickener?

The average price of a rheology modifier ranges from $1500/MT to $3000/MT.

Before you buy rheology modifier organoclay wholesale, we suggest you conduct a lot of market research to find out the suppliers with the most competitive price advantage after comparing the quality.

 Do not only focus on low-quality organic bentonite clay , low-quality and low price thickeners can not play a good thixotropic and rheological properties in actual production.This will affect the product quality of your whole formula.

 Therefore, the price is only one aspect of your reference. We suggest you analyze and judge whether a supplier has the conditions for you to choose from the perspective of quality.

 What Guarantees the high-quality Rheological Properties of Acrylic Paint Thickener?

 First of all, we suggest that you conduct repeated tests before purchasing a large number of anti settling agent in paint, and see whether the indicators of the comment chart meet the needs of your whole formula based on the experimental results, especially its rheological properties, its moisture content and bentonite content.

Secondly, you also need to ask how basic suppliers ensure that the sample  they provide are produced in large quantities and maintain consistent quality.

Camp Shinning company is strict on this point and controls it well. For example, all samples are strictly stored according to the batch number, so as to carry out consistent production in strict accordance with the retained samples in the subsequent production process, so as to ensure that the data is consistent and the performance remains unchanged in the final experimental comparison.  Therefore, Camp Shinning’s anti settling agent in paint is worth your choice.

What is the Best Raw Material for Acrylic Paint Thickener?

The quality of rheology modifiers for waterborne paints largely depends on the selected bentonite raw ore. acrylic thickener rheology and suppliers need to be very cautious in selecting raw materials. Camp Shining company is relatively advanced in this regard because Camp Shinning has its own bentonite raw ore, which is greatly reduced risk of raw material procurement, cost control and shortening of delivery time.

 How Much Acrylic Paint Thickener should be Used in the Formula?

 The amount of rheology modifiers for waterborne paints we usually recommend is between 2% ~ 5%.For the specific dosage, we suggest you conduct repeated experiments according to different formulas to find the dosage suitable for you.

Acrylic Paint Thickener could apply to all paints and greases?

In principle, Camp Shinning have many different types and models of anti sagging agent. According to different applications,we have the corresponding model and recommend it to you. Therefore, no fixed model can be used in all application fields. We will give you the most cost-effective recommended model according to the application direction you told us.

How to Store Acrylic Paint Thickener?

In order to reduce the risk of storing acrylic paint thickener organoclay, as a professional additives for paints and coatings manufacturer, we give your most professional suggestions. First, we must put it in a dry and cool place and use our acrylic paint thickener organoclay within the validity period as far as possible.

How to find a reliable supplier of Acrylic Paint Thickener?

Looking for a high-quality and reliable additives for paints and coatings supplier is a troublesome thing. Here we give some simple suggestions for your reference in purchasing acrylic paint thickener organoclay.

The first is to look at how many years they have worked in paint thickener  industry.

For example, Camp Shinning company has more than 20 years of experience in the production of additives for paints and coatings. They have been exporting high-quality paint organoclay thickeners at affordable prices.

You will get affordable acrylic paint thickener organoclay. It is stable quality and has disease treatment. Our acrylic paint thickener organoclay could meets the industry standards in China. Our acrylic paint thickener organoclay can withstand strict professional tests.

Can you provide corresponding Acrylic Paint Thickener to the overall formula of our coatings?

The answer is yes. In the process of R & D and production for more than 20 years, Camp Shinning has independently realized the experience of providing different acrylic paint thickener organoclay with different formulas.

If you want to get a high-quality acrylic paint thickener organoclay, please contact us now.


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 Are There Any Particular Requirements for the Use Acrylic Paint Thickener?

According to our many years of experience, we pay attention to the order when using acrylic paint thickener organoclay. Generally, we require bentonite to be added to the formula first so that it will not react with other additives. If the order of acrylic paint thickener organoclay is later, other additives will weaken the performance of rheological additives themselves.

What certifications should I check before buying Acrylic Paint Thickener?

Before purchasing acrylic paint thickener organoclay, we hope you and your suppliers to confirm whether they have ISO certification and whether they have the certificate for goods transportation of chemical goods. If you want to find a special professional supplier of acrylic paint thickener organoclay, you need to consult them whether they have the patent of organic bentonite clay.

These are the most widely accepted standards to ensure the quality of acrylic paint thickener organoclay.


Before you purchase acrylic paint thickener organoclay, we have explained all the necessary information you may want to know. If you still have questions about acrylic paint thickener organoclay, please contact our sales team or our R & D department.

If you want to import in large quantities, please contact us now.

Your best acrylic paint thickener organoclay supplier is waiting for your cooperation.


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