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Camp Shinning Organoclay


Rheological Additive

Camp Shinning organoclay is divided into solvent-based organoclay and water-based organoclay (water-borne organoclay) according to the different applications.

Solvent Based Organoclay​

Solvent-based organoclay has features of high gelling efficiency and strong film reinforcing action in organic binder systems,as a gelling agent and thickening agent,mainly applied for paints,coatings,grease lubricant,inks,oil drilling mud and the usage is very big once, so the user is always looking for a good organoclay price & good quality bulk organic bentonite clay, so that they can reduce the whole cost for paints application,coatings application and bentonite grease application and drilling application. Luckily, Camp Shinning is an organoclay supplier and manufacturer in China with our own organophilic clay mine, and manufactures the organophilic clay from our own factory, no need another factory to join us, thus Camp Shinning can provide you both good price and quality organic clay products, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Bentonite Clay Grease
Bentonite Clay Grease

Water Based Organoclay

 Water-based organoclay also named water borne rheological additive (Commen name inorganic clay).Camp Shinning water-borne rheological additive is a kind of natural silicate which main ingredient is hydrophilic and high purified montmorillonite clay.Rheology modifiers for waterborne paints,water based ink and water based silicone grease has features of easy dispersing and high thixotropy, good anti-sag property. As a water based paint additives and inorganic grease thickeners, the usage is very big once, so the user is always looking for a good water based organoclay price & good quality bulk organic bentonite clay, so that they can reduce the whole cost for water-based paints application, water-based printing ink and water-based lubricant application. As a water-based paint additives, rheology modifiers for waterborne paints has good performance of thixotropy, transparence and dispersion.If you are looking for rheology modifiers in paints to as water based paint raw materials,pls contact us now.

Camp Shinning Organoclay


Modified bentonite

Applications of Organoclay


Modified bentonite



CP series thickening and water retension agent used in dry mixing mortar is made from high grade natural bentonite( the main content is montmorillonite)


Rheology Modifier Coatings

Our CP series water-borne rheological additive is a kind of natural silicate which main ingredient is hydrophilic and high purified montmorillonite.For its good properties of thixotropy and perfect thickening ability,it can be widely applied to water based coatings,emulsion paint,toothpaste,construction mortar,cosmetic,putty etc.Some grades can also be used to replace HEC,CMC and reduce the cost.

Organophilic clay for oil drilling field.

Organophilic clay oil drilling

Camp Shinning organophilic clay is a wet process improved viscosifier gelling additive.Organophilic bentonite as a thickening agent in suspension and oilfield chemicals,it could maintains suspension over a wide temperature range in the base oil of diesel oil, mineral oil based invert fluids and synthetic oil.

Organic Bentonite Clay

Organic Bentonite Clay For Ink

Camp Shinning supply organic bentonite clay for ink. As an ink thickener,the raw materials used to make ink and enhance gelling efficiency, fine thixotropy and perfect anti-settling. So if you are looking for raw material of printing ink or uv ink additives,printing ink additives,pls contact us.

Rheological Additive Grease & Lubricant

Rheological Additive Grease

Organoclay Lubricating grease with our rheological additive can produce high temperature resistance.Modified bentonite effects good working stability and water resistance to the greases. And modifier rheology gives improved metal adhesion and bleed resistance.The basic oils grease will determine which types of our organophilic clay should be selected.

Rheological additive for Paints & Coatings

Organoclay paint & coating

Camp Shinning organoclay is a paint thickener made by montmorillonite clay. These raw materials for making paint, it also named paint thickening agent. When acrylic paint thickener, our rheology modifiers in paints could imparts particle suspension, preventing hard settling of pigment and fillers.


ISO Certification From Camp Shinning

ISO Cetificate

Camp Shinning has ISO certificate, all our our product comply with the internetional standard, and our ISO certifite can help you ship the rheological additive successfully, no need to worry about customs obstruction.

organoclay supplier

Decades Experience

Camp Shinning has decades experience in organoclay industry, we are familiar with production of organophilic clay, organophilic lignite and emulsifier, specialized in oill drilling application.

rheology modifier supplier

Quality Control &Tracking

Camp Shinning will check quality of our rheology modifier products every batch, more, we leave and mark the modified bentonite sample every batch, so that you can track the organoclay quality even you order them for a long time. Camp Shinning will give you best after service experience and promise quality every order.

R & D Ability

Camp Shinning has a professional R & D team, specialized in the research and development of organoclay's chemical composition, ensure the rheological additive work well in the different applications. The composition of organophilic clay has a little different in different applications, such as paints, coating, ink, oil drilling, etc.

Bentonite Suspending Agent

Bentonite Mine

Camp Shinning has our own bentonite mine, produces organic bentonite clay by our raw material, spend less cost than other organoclay suppliers during the manufacturing process, can provide organophilic clay at a competitive price, and we can promise a quick delivery time for our customers.

5 ways choose organoclay bentonite additive for your paint

Big Inventory

Camp Shinning always prepare organoclay products in the warehouse, to prevent some urgent situation, or sometimes, we can arrange fast shipment for our urgent customers, no need long time production. Big Inventory can help you ship the rheological additive successfully in urgent situation.​

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