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Camp Shinning organoclay provides emulsifier for oil drilling, which is divided into primary emulsifier and secondary emulsifier, with competitive price and  bulk inventory. And the primary emulsifier is highly recommended to be used along with secondary emulsifer.

Primary Emulsifier

Camp Shinning emulsifier is made of fatty acid and amine which is a kind of oil based emulsifier. Primary emulsifier is recommended to be used along with secondary emulsifier to produce a very stable, high performance oil based invert emulsion drilling fluids. It provides excellent emulsion stability and good control over the rheological parameters.

Primary Emulsifying Agent
invert oil mud

Secondary Emulsifier

Secondary Emulsifier is a type of obm emulsifier, as a wetting agent for the preparation of diesel oil-based or invert drilling mud emulsions of water/ brine, in a base oil or carrier fluid. Secondary Emulsifier can maintain high ES (electrical stability), low HTHP filtrate and desired rheological property.



Camp Shinning

The primary emulsifier is designed for oil-based drilling muds (Invert Emulsion). It develops highly stable water in oil emulsifiers and can be safely used for formulating high-performance invert emulsion oil-based mud.

Mud Drilling Chemicals
Mud Drilling Chemicals
Water In Oil Emulsifiers
Water In Oil Emulsifiers
Primary and secondary emulsifier differences
Primary and secondary emulsifier differences
invert oil mud
invert oil mud


Camp Shinning has our own bentonite mine, and the R & D laboratory of organoclay, can provide quality rheological additive products at the competitive price.  About customs clearance, Camp Shinning has an ISO certificate for our organoclay additive products, so that all of our products can be allowed to ship to your country, if no ISO certification, you will be not allowed to ship the chemical material passing the customs clearance.

R & D Ability

Camp Shinning has a professional R & D team, specialized in the research and development of organoclay's chemical composition, ensure the rheological additive work well in the different applications. The composition of organophilic clay has a little different in different applications, such as paints, coating, ink, oil drilling, etc.

Bentonite Suspending Agent

Bentonite Mine

Camp Shinning has our own bentonite mine, produces organic bentonite clay by our raw material, spend less cost than other organoclay suppliers during the manufacturing process, can provide organophilic clay at a competitive price, and we can promise a quick delivery time for our customers.

5 ways choose organoclay bentonite additive for your paint

Big Inventory

Camp Shinning always prepare organoclay products in the warehouse, to prevent some urgent situation, or sometimes, we can arrange fast shipment for our urgent customers, no need long time production. Big Inventory can help you ship the rheological additive successfully in urgent situation.​

ISO Certification From Camp Shinning

ISO Cetificate

Camp Shinning has ISO certificate, all our our product comply with the internetional standard, and our ISO certifite can help you ship the rheological additive successfully, no need to worry about customs obstruction.

organoclay supplier

Decades Experience

Camp Shinning has decades experience in organoclay industry, we are familiar with production of organophilic clay, organophilic lignite and emulsifier, specialized in oill drilling application.

rheology modifier supplier

Quality Control &Tracking

Camp Shinning will check quality of our rheology modifier products every batch, more, we leave and mark the modified bentonite sample every batch, so that you can track the organoclay quality even you order them for a long time. Camp Shinning will give you best after service experience and promise quality every order.

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