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The definition and applications of Organo clays hydrophilic are wide. As a minerals drilling product aimed, also uses for grease, Ink, and in paint. When use for oil removal, it is a good filter, filtration media adsorption water treatment.

Chinese organoclay bentonite | bentonita is a chemistry complex which as known as a rheological additive, bentonite thickener,organo bentonite,hectorite, organo clay thickener complex, organophilic bentonite and rheology agent.

It is our mission to provide you with high-quality prices in the market. If you need MSDS | SDS or need to buy or know something about composition, preparation,particle sizeand properties of organo clay based products ,pls contact us now. sapphire wafer also is a chemical.


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Camp Shinning Gained a Series of Certification Such As ISO 9001 and Patent.

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Camp Shinning has Their Own Raw Bentonite Ore.

Organoclay Applications



CP series thickening and water retension agent used in dry mixing mortar is made from high grade natural bentonite( the main content is montmorillonite)


Rheology Modifier Coatings

Our CP series water-borne rheological additive is a kind of natural silicate which main ingredient is hydrophilic and high purified montmorillonite.For its good properties of thixotropy and perfect thickening ability,it can be widely applied to water based coatings,emulsion paint,toothpaste,construction mortar,cosmetic,putty etc.Some grades can also be used to replace HEC,CMC and reduce the cost.

Organophilic clay for oil drilling field.

Organophilic clay oil drilling

Camp Shinning organophilic clay is a wet process improved viscosifier gelling additive.Organophilic bentonite as a thickening agent in suspension and oilfield chemicals,it could maintains suspension over a wide temperature range in the base oil of diesel oil, mineral oil based invert fluids and synthetic oil.

Organic Bentonite Clay

Organic Bentonite Clay For Ink

Camp Shinning supply organic bentonite clay for ink. As an ink thickener,the raw materials used to make ink and enhance gelling efficiency, fine thixotropy and perfect anti-settling. So if you are looking for raw material of printing ink or uv ink additives,printing ink additives,pls contact us.

Rheological Additive Grease & Lubricant

Rheological Additive Grease

Organoclay Lubricating grease with our rheological additive can produce high temperature resistance.Modified bentonite effects good working stability and water resistance to the greases. And modifier rheology gives improved metal adhesion and bleed resistance.The basic oils grease will determine which types of our organophilic clay should be selected.

Rheological additive for Paints & Coatings

Organoclay paint & coating

Camp Shinning organoclay is a paint thickener made by montmorillonite clay. These raw materials for making paint, it also named paint thickening agent. When acrylic paint thickener, our rheology modifiers in paints could imparts particle suspension, preventing hard settling of pigment and fillers.

2022 Best Organoclay Supplier with Reliable Solution

  • High efficiency
  • Consistent development of rheology and thixotropy
  • Good settlement resistance and sagging resistance
  • Maintains suspensionover a wide temperature range
  • The gel is of light color and high clarity
  • Easy to use, no need to pre gel
  • Eliminate polar activator
  • Can be used to post correct
  • Effectively suspends weighting materials and other solids
  • Eliminates the need for chemical activators
  • Is easy to disperse and rapid yielding

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Organoclay Supplier : About Camp Shinning

Watar Based Organoclays CP-EW for Waterbore Paints

Watar Based bentonite thickener CP-EW is modified bentonite.Rheology agent is mainly used in water-borne system.•High gelling effectiveness, CP-EW can form gel even at 2% in water

Watar Based Anti Sagging Agent CP-EWB

Water based organo clay rheological additive CP-EWB is water based inorgano clay rheological additive. It is mainly used in water based system.

Water Based Rheology Modifier CP-EWS

Rheology agent CP-EWS is modified bentonite. It is used in water-borne system. Compared with CP-EW, CP-EWS has better performance of thixotropy, transparence and dispersion.

2022 Best Organophilic Clay For Oil drilling Fluids

Organophilic Clay For Diesel Oil

As a professional fracking chemicals, organophilic clay bentonite has a good suspension effect in diesel oil.

Organophilic Clay For Mineral Oil

When the base oil is mineral oil, organophilic clay bentonite as a drilling product aimed has good viscosity and rheology as a fracking chemicals, which can effectively reduce the filtration.

Organophilic Clay For Synthetic Oil

Organophilic clay bentonites are used as fracking chemicals in synthetic oil, It can effectively prevent the well wall collapse.

2022 Best Anti Settling Agent for Solvent Based Paints

Pre Gel Grade Organoclays

Organo clay (modified bentonite) CP-34 is a powder coating Raw materials, designed especially for use in solvent based system. It can be used widely in solvents from low polarity to medium-high polarity.

Easy Dispersing Grade Organoclay

Organo clay (modified montmorillonite) CP-180B is an powder coating Raw materials, designed especially for use in solvent based system including intermediate and low polarity polarity range organic liquid.

Super Dispersing Grade Organoclay

Organoclay CP-APA rheology agent is produces by powder coating Raw materials manufacturer Camp Shinning, it has good suspension stability, high-temperature stability and thickening, thixotropy.


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Modified bentonite

Organophilic Clay

Camp Shinning is a organoclays | organophilic clay supplier & manufacturer in China.All grades of organophilic or organoclays series has good rheological properties.



Modified bentonite


What is Organoclay Used For?

Organoclay to remove oil from water which is one of the application. Suspending agent is one of the most common bentonite clay minerals. Bentonite thickener is derived from volcanic ash and is commonly used as an additive and as a filler in a wide variety of applications.

Organo bentonite is also an excellent choice for paint formulations and is a commonly used coating. Its unique properties allow it to serve as an effective and cost-effective hectorite organoclay.

Listed below are a few of the most common applications for organoclays.

  • Paint thickening agent is a free-flowing solid powder that is insoluble in water and organic solvents.
  • Under ambient conditions,organo clay thickener does not degrade.However, in high-temperature conditions, It has high temperature stability. It does not boil, melt, or vaporize, making it an inert substance.
  • self activating organoclay grease gellant.
  • In addition to its adsorbent properties, organophilic bentonite is extremely fine and has a particle size distribution of 0.1 to 40 microns.
  • The chemical composition of Chinese Organo clays is not fully understood. Although the material itself is natural, synthetically synthesized products contain organic components such as silicone. This allows the product to be used as a substitute for natural mineral pigments. It is also an alternative to mineral pigments for a variety of applications. 
  • Depending on the application, this versatile mineral can be a valuable addition to a range of products. In addition to its use in cosmetics, it is used for a variety of industrial applications.
  • Despite its widespread use in the chemical industry, it is not well understood whether organoclays is a viable alternative to other clay materials.

Nevertheless, it is a natural product that offers many advantages. Because it has large surface area and high-quality adsorbent properties, rheologieadditive is often considered a viable alternative to conventional clays. The ability to absorb oil from water and be a viscosifier in oil-based drilling fluids has made it a popular adsorbent.

  • The use of thixotropic clay in paint formulations is limited to cosmetics. It is used as a solvent-based additive in oil paints.

Its rheological properties allow it to blend easily with oil paints, and it reduces the sagging of coatings on vertical surfaces. The organic nature of organoclays allows it to be incorporated into organic coatings without the need for a chemical activator.

  • Organoclay is a versatile material that is widely used for various applications. Its high surface area makes it an excellent adsorbent for oil and water.

Furthermore, organoclay is also used as a viscosifier in oil-based drilling fluids. Besides being an important component in polymer chemistry, organoclay also has a wide range of applications in paint formulations.

  • Organoclays is a versatile material, which can be used in many applications. Its high surface area allows it to trap oil and other organic molecules, making it a suitable adsorbent for oil and water.

It can also be used as a viscosifier in oil-based drilling fluids. This means that it can effectively filter wastewater while reducing the amount of contaminants it contains. Bentonita organo clay high surface area also makes it a useful adsorbent in a variety of applications.

  • Organoclay complex is a free-flowing solid powder that is insoluble in liquids, organic solvents, and water. The structure of organoclay rheology agent remains similar to that of the parent phyllosilicate.

It can be used as an media adsorption and filtration in oil-based drilling fluids and in paint formulations, and can also act as a viscosifier in polymer chemistry.

  • The surface area of organoclay chemistry is high, allowing the particles to absorb oil and other organic substances from water. It can be used in paint formulations and as a viscosifier for oil-based drilling fluids.

Likewise, it has applications in polymer chemistry. Its production is a complex process that requires high-quality crystalline forms. This clay is made from hydrated carbonates. In addition to using adsorbents in paint formulations, it can be added to food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Chinese organoclay is available in a variety of packing sizes and has a number of applications. Its hydrophobic surface allows it to easily absorb oil and other liquids.

The mineral organoclay for oil removal from water as a filter. Rheological additive is often used as a viscosifier drilling product aimed for drilling fluids and as a filter media for wastewater treatment. Its availability and high-purity characteristics make it a highly efficient organic compound for chemical manufacturing. 

Organoclay supplier : Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Material Co.Ltd is a manufacturers in China.We would like to share you more valuable info and price about organoclay.

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We hope we have answered your question about what is organoclay used for?

Camp Shinning provides organophilic clay | bentonite drilling mud, which can be used in different industries, oil drilling, rheology modifier paint & coating, rheological additive grease, Rheology modifier coatings, organic bentonite clay for ink, and dry mortar, etc.

It is a good organoclay thickener, rheological agent and suspension agent no matter it is applied in any industrial field. those are main uses.

Please contact us now to let us know your applications or email us the specific of the suspending agent | organophilic clay you have used.

We will recommend to you with the most cost-effective gelling agent organophilic clay  according to your application field and the technical instructions provided to us.

Please don’t worry about finding additives for paints and coatings.Please be bold to use Camp Shinning’s latex thickening agent and Pu thickener, and we are willing to be your best acid thickener suppliers.

Organoclay price,it has always been a major advantage of Camp Shinning, because it has its own bentonite ore, organoclay manufacturers,such as Camp Shinning has been committed to controlling the cost of raw materials and has made great progress.

This also makes the market competitive for our end users.

Reliable Organoclay Supplier & Manufacturer in China : Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Material Co.Ltd


What is Organo Bentonite?

After modification. the organoclay bentonite will become hydrophobic. At this time, the suspension and viscosity will be added to the emulsifications. There is Organoclay  that is the core component of paint, coating, lubricant and other oil drilling mud industries.  

Camp Shinning New Materials is one of the major suppliers of organo clay in the oil and gas drilling industry. We provide oilfield drilling solutions | drilling product aimed.

Camp Shinning design solutions for organophilic clay bentonite. In the whole process, we not only produce organo clay bentonite, but also export . We can provide one stop solutions for your applications.

Organoclay and Its Applications

Organoclay hectorite is a type of organically modified phyllosilicate derived from a naturally occurring clay mineral.

It is made by exchanging the interlayer cations for organocations, a process called a chemical modification.

It consists of covalently linked organic moieties, but its structure remains remarkably similar to that of its parent phyllosilicate.

Some of the uses of organoclay include oil separation, oil-based drilling fluid viscosifier, and polymer nucleating agent. This article will review the basic principles of organic modification of clay minerals and their applications.

Chemical modification of Organo bentonite clay

Various studies have shown that chemical modifications of bentonite clay can be effective as catalytic supports for biodiesel synthesis. used a new process to chemically modify bentonite clay.

The modified clay is approximately three percent of the total mass. In the method,  The process also involves carbonate-nitrate activity, which serves to penthiatize clay particles and increase viscosity.

It is important to note that the sorption capacities of bentonite differ depending on the type of surfactant used for the modification.

Adsorption of organic cations on the surface

The adsorption of organic cations on the surface is facilitated by the nonionic surfactants that are produced by the synthesis of organoclays tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite. Moreover, the presence of nonionic surfactants makes the adsorption process biodegradable.

The synthesis of organoclays tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite provides a variety of applications. In this regard, it is of high interest to investigate the effect of zwitterionic substances on the adsorption of organic cations.

Organoclays are often used as environmental remediation materials due to their high selectivity for organic pollutants. They are also environmentally friendly and cost effective. Organoclays are produced by modifying clays with organic compounds.

They are widely used in industrial processes and may even have useful applications in the field of biodegradation. They are traditionally made from phyllosilicates with an expanding structural cell, though they can be synthesized from other clay minerals to a limited extent.

The sorption of organic cations on the surface depends on the structure of the pollutants and the type of clay minerals present in the soil. The adsorption of HOCs occurs even in soils with low soil organic matter. The type and size of clay minerals and the adsorbents determine the extent of the sorption. This study is a first step in understanding the physics of this process.


Recent advances in the synthesis of organoclays have generated renewed interest in the use of these materials in biological and industrial processes. These materials exhibit a high degree of chemical stability and are capable of adsorption and desorption of pollutants. Their biodegradability and low toxicity make them particularly attractive candidates for a range of applications. The present review explores the various types of organoclays, their synthesis and applications.

In addition to its diverse applications, organoclays also display interesting adsorption properties. The nonionic type of organoclay gellant is very versatile and can sequester a variety of chemicals. However, it cannot reach the same adsorption extent as cationic organoclay or untreated clay minerals. This is primarily due to the fact that experimental conditions are not thoroughly studied. Moreover, experimental conditions may reduce the efficiency of adsorption.

Alternatives to organoclay 

The term “alternatives to organoclay” is quite apt, since it is a chemically modified form of clay that is used for wastewater treatment. Organoclay is composed of volcanic ash and the mineral montmorillonite, with additional chemical compounds added artificially to give it useful industrial properties, such as its ability to dissolve grease and oil. However, while this substance is a natural resource, it is still not entirely free of environmental hazards.

Although many people are opposed to the term “alternatives to organoclay,” it has numerous applications in paint formulations. For instance, organoclay gellant is an excellent solvent-based additive for oil paints. It also has rheological properties that reduce the sagging of coatings, especially those applied to vertical surfaces. Furthermore, it can be included in organic coatings without any chemical activator.

Organoclay is used for a variety of applications, ranging from oil based drilling fluids. Add some polar activator which will improve the dispersing.

What is Organoclay ? or What are Organoclays ?

Organoclay products is a synthetic clay mineral that is organically modified. It is made by exchanging interlayer cations for organocations. Its surface has covalently linked organic moieties and is highly conductive and non-reflective.

This property allows it to be used in a number of applications as a drilling product aimed. This is a great alternative to traditional clay minerals. Read on to learn more about anti settling agent in paint.

The chemical properties of thickening agent in suspension make it an excellent material for water treatment. By definition, It has the ability to absorb and disperse pollutants and organic compounds.

It can be used as a filtration medium for water. In addition to its use in water treatment, certain types of hectorite organoclay rheological additive have many other uses outside the water treatment field. They can be used to enhance the strength of plastics and increase their flame-retarding properties.

Organo clays is made by modifying phyllosilicates, which are clay minerals formed from volcanic ash. The process involves adding quaternary amines, which contain nitrogen ions, to the mixture.

These chemicals form a lipophilic surface that is similar to the parent clay mineral. It has a high water-repelling ability, which purposes it a valuable ingredient in water treatment systems, to oil removal.

what are organoclays?

Gelling agent is also known as organo clay complex. Particle size is very idealistic. and the preparation is simple.

Organophilic bentonite is a natural clay mineral that is organically modified. Organoclay based products are made by exchanging the interlayer cations in clay with organic cations.

This resulting material has a cationic charge and is a good sorbent for alkyd based paint and greases. It increases the viscosity of the paint,grease and prevents pigments from settling.

If you want to buy organoclay products and receive SDS | MSDS, pls contact us now. We will help you gain a favorable position in the market.

What is OrganoClay made of?

It is a clay mineral that has been modified to dispense with hydrocarbons, including oils and grease. This clay is made by adding amines to phyllosilicates, a type of organic chemical derived from volcanic ash. 


This modification creates a lipophilic surface, or a layer of covalently linked organic moieties. Whether applied to paint, ink, grease ,coating or oil drilling field, this is one of the most important features of organoclays.


Chinese OrganoClay chemistry is a unique product that is used in many applications. It has high adsorption capacity and is a highly versatile material. In paint formulas,organophilic bentonite can be used as a additive and as a bentonite thickener for oil drilling fluids. 


Unlike other clays, it is able to remove oils and other organic compounds from water. It is also highly effective as a nucleating agent in polymer chemistry and as a component in coatings.

The properties of OrganoClay make it an ideal choice for cleaning applications that require the removal of organic contaminants. The product range includes formulations for almost any adsorption need. 


Because of its hydrophobic chain and large surface area, it can be trusted worldwide. Bentonite thickener chemistry can enhance the performance and efficiency of an oil field drilling mud. There are many applications for OrganoClay in the petroleum industry.

Organoclay supplier, organic bentonite clay , and rheology modifier manufacturer, specializing in the development and research of bentonite materials with ISO9001, mainly manufactures and provides rheological additive, organophilic clay, hectorite organoclay, organic clay, organoclay bentonite etc.

Camp Shinning has our own raw bentonite clay mine and rich trade experience, can provide the best organoclay price and service for you.

Among many organoclay suppliers, more than 20 years of export experience has accumulated solid market experience for Camp Shinning.

All organoclay bentonite | organophilic clay exported from supplier of Campshinning shall be subject to the final inspection before export, and each batch of organoclays bentonite applications shall be strictly preserved to ensure the follow-up quality traceability.

Chinese hectorite organoclay supplier & manufacturers : Camp Shinning provide organophilic bentonite thickener drilling product aimed,organo clay thickener applications,Chinese bentonite based products,organo bentonite complex, rheological additive,rheology agent.

When you buy organoclay minerals and organo clay complex in paint, you must be very concerned about the following points:   price,uses, application,properties, particle size,preparation, composition,SDS, MSDS,market, in rubber compounds.

Have you ever thought that Is bentonite an OrganoClays ? So here today you will get the answer.

Camp Shinning has applied this natural bentonite to many industrial fields after modification.Bentonite thickener is widely used in oil field drilling as a suspending agent, it is also used as an anti settling agent and rheological assistant in coatings, paints, greases and inks.In order to resist the sedimentation of pigment.


As a suspending agent,organophilic clay was applied to oil drilling fluid ,It is regarded as a kind of thickening agent.That bentonite is most suitable for producing this kind of high-quality organic bentonite clay.


We use cationic surfactants, modified natural bentonite to meet the high quality requirements of end users for bentonite.


Organoclay bentonite is an organic modified form of natural clay. As a thickener and rheological agent in the solvent system.

Its biggest features include suspended pigment and anti sedimentation of pigment .It is also widely used in the field of cosmetics.

For organo clay suppliers and manufacturers in China, Camp Shinning is your best choice. 

Diverse definitions and applications exist for Organoclay hydrophilic. 

In addition to being used for minerals drilling, it can also be used for ink, paint, and grease. This filter is an excellent oil removal filter, filtration media, and adsorption water treatment filter.

The Chinese organoclay bentonite is a chemistry complex that is used as a thickener, thickening agent, rheological additive, organic thickener, hectorite organoclay, thickening agent, hectorite, and rheological additive.

Our goal is to provide you with the most competitive prices available on the market. You can contact us for more information about the composition, preparation, particle size, and properties of organoclay-based products.

As an organoclay manufacturer and exporter, we are willing to provide efficient and stable anti sagging agent quality, and provide the most timely delivery time.

So that our end users can give full play to the best rheological properties,  thixotropy and suspension properties in the process of using our organoclay bentonite.

As an expert manufacturer, we can produce the high quality thixotropic gel additive, organophilic clay. We can also provide the best solution and products for different applications.

 In our factory, we have our own advanced bentonite clay powder , organophilic clay production facilities.

We have a professional technical team, and all engineers have about 15 years of R & D experience who will handle all your orders efficiently.

All our anti settling agent for solvent based paints, organophilic clay will be manufactured according to your specifications and requirements to fully satisfy your needs.

Most of our organoclay , organophilic clay are manufactured from premium quality materials and our own bentonite raw ore.  

We provide you with a complete set of photos and loading videos before shipment.We are willing to provide you with high quality thickening agent in suspension , organophilic clay , fast delivery, reasonable cost, and excellent services.

Please don’t hesitate. Camp Shinning’s professionalism and years of accumulation in organoclay organophilic clay will be the best choice when you choose suppliers.

Camp Shinning will also provide you with the most timely market information, so that you can make timely judgment and response to the purchase of organoclay organophilic clay in the market.

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Camp Shining is a leading and reliable supplier in the world. Over the years, we’ve supplied high quality and affordable organoclays to clients all over the world.

You can become one of our happy global clients today by contacting us for a high quality and cheaper price supply.

Campshinning’s rheologieadditive , organophilic clay has a lot of experience in cooperating with world-class manufacturers.

They include paint manufacturers, coating manufacturers, grease manufacturers, ink manufacturers, as well as oil service companies for oil field drilling.

In this process, the quality of Campshinning’s thixotropic additive , organophilic clay has been greatly improved.

You can hear more stories about our anti settling agent in paint, organophilic clay from our partners. Many of them have cooperated with us for more than 20 years.

In order to support our distributors go all out to promote Camp Shinning’s organo bentonite, organophilic clay. We can provide you with free technical training and free samples.

All bentonite thickener prices will be replied in time within 12 hours. Camp Shinning also accept the cooperation of OEM for all organoclays , organophilic clays.

Bentonita organoclay drilling product aimed is chemistry filtration media adsorption.There are many organo clay thickener minerals Bentonita manufacturers in china.but Camp Shinning must be your best partner.   

We can use your brand to process and produce rheology modifiers for waterborne paints, organophilic clay for you to ensure that your brand effect can be brought into full play in the market.

As a result, locating a reputable organoclay supplier can be critical to the success of your project. You should be able to locate a supplier who can meet your specific requirements. The following are some pointers to assist you in locating a reputable provider. By requesting a sample of the organophilic clay you require, you can also ascertain whether the company is a good fit for your project.

The initial step is to locate a reputable supplier. It is recommended to avoid testing the organoclay’s pregel viscosity, as this may not accurately reflect the product’s quality. A more accurate test is to determine its performance in a complete paint formulation. organophilic clay is a clay mineral that has been organically modified and has a hydrophobic surface. The best suppliers of organoclay will offer a variety of packaging options.

If you require a consistent supply of high-quality organoclay, look for a supplier that offers a variety of packaging options. Ascertain that the supplier can provide a variety of packaging sizes to facilitate transportation. Ascertain that the packaging is of the highest quality to ensure that the material you receive is of the highest quality. Additionally, you should verify the product’s purity. If the organophilic clay has not been organically modified, it may contain contaminants.

If you’re looking for an organophilic clay supplier, it’s important to consider the products they produce. For instance, a relatively inefficient organophilic clay is frequently used in drilling fluids and traffic paints. These applications require that the pigments remain suspended during storage. Other properties are less critical, but they are still necessary for these applications. In comparison, high-performance organoclays are required in inks, industrial coatings, and cosmetics. These applications require high purity, consistent particle size, and ease of dispersion.

The quality of organoclay products is application-dependent. ORGANOCLAY is the ideal product for removing organic contaminants from wastewater. The variety of formulations available enables you to select the optimal material for any adsorption process. Due to its superior performance, it is the adsorbent of choice for the cosmetic industry. A reputable supplier will be able to supply this in a variety of packaging sizes.

Consider the types of products that organophilic clay can process when making a purchase. A low-performance organoclay is typically used in traffic paints and drilling fluids. The high-performance organoclays, on the other hand, are used in industrial coatings, ink, and other products that require consistency. Additionally, cosmetic and industrial applications require high purity and efficiency. 

When purchasing | buy organoclay based products, price is an important consideration. While you’ll want to find the best price for your application, you’ll also need to consider the material’s cost.

Organo clay is one of the more expensive materials available. However, it is an excellent choice for your applications due to its high efficiency. It does, however, come at a high cost. Therefore, how much money should you invest in this mineral?

The primary distinction between high-performance and standard organo clays bentonite is its performance. Certain types of organoclay are more effective than others, and will ultimately save you money.

These advanced materials are designed for a variety of applications, including drilling fluids and traffic paints. These materials should be consistent, possess a high degree of purity, and be easily dispersed. These factors will assist you in determining the most competitive price for your project.

Organo clay is available at a wide range of prices. Organoclays with modest performance can be used in traffic paints, drilling fluids, and similar applications. The primary requirement for traffic paints is that the pigments remain suspended during storage; the remaining characteristics are secondary.

In comparison, advanced organo clays are used in cosmetics, industrial coatings, and printing ink. They are preferred for these applications due to their consistency, purity, and ease of dispersion.

Rheology modifier with exceptional performance require unique processing techniques.

While these products are more expensive per pound, they require fewer additives. Additionally, high-performance rheology modifiers are used in a variety of industries, including cosmetics and ink printing.

They must adhere to a set of specific criteria, including ease of dispersion, efficacy, and consistency. If you’re considering purchasing China organo clay, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The most critical tip to remember when purchasing organoclay is to consider the material’s price. Organoclay, which is more affordable, is more expensive.

You must know the labor cost and the material cost. Additionally, it can be difficult to find high quality organoclay based products, so you should be aware of the cost before purchasing. As a result, you should inquire about pricing before making a final decision.

When you purchase, no matter what price problems you face, looking for the help of Camp Shinning is your most direct partner who can solve the problems of price and quality. Based on 20 years of production and marketing experience, Camp Shinning can become your best Chinese supplier and manufacturer.

Organoclay Supplier

As well known professional organoclay supplier and manufacturer is the evaluation of many users in the industry on Camp Shinning Co., Ltd |  Chemical Group . After more than 20 years of R&D, production and practice, it has been exported to most countries in the world and highly recognized by some world class top users, including paint and coating manufacturers, oilfield drilling service providers, and lubricant manufacturers. It is a firm and scrupulous direction for Camp Shinning to implement production standards in strict accordance with ISO requirements when producing organo clay bentonite. As a well known supplier and manufacturer, it is responsible for all users to adhere to this point.


The organoclay bentonite produced for the Camp Shinning is used as a thickener. It is an organic derivative of hectorites clay . It mainly improves the viscosity and prevents the pigment from settling in the paint, which is also known as the anti settling property, so as to improve the brittleness of the treatment. It is used in combination with alkyd resin paint. It is a formula widely used by paint manufacturers in the market at present.

Organo clay is a rheological additive, which is also a paint coating additive widely used as a rheological agent at present. It can be extracted organically and mixed with oily, that is, volumetric or alkyd coatings. It can increase the number of years to prevent color pigment precipitation and improve the accuracy of operation. The amount of addition is usually 1% to 4% of the weight of paint coatings. The coatings provide viscosity to increase and prevent the vertical direction of the coating sagging and substances. And where the paint goes.

How to Use it?

How to use organo clays bentonite? It is a common question that users of organoclay bentonite often ask. In fact, it is flexible in practice according to different formulas and processes. Each factory of the company can flexibly handle its use methods and methods when producing its own products. Of course, as a manufacturer & supplier of organoclay bentonite, we can help our users in the process of practice, Adjust our organo bentonite clay according to their formula requirements. The target is to achieve the goal of perfect matching of our organo bentonite clay and customer’s formula.

Here we can simply mention the debt that some of the models of organic bentonite we supply can be directly added into your overall formula with dry powder, while some of the organic bentonite is recommended to make pre gel and then add it to your formula. The main goal of this action is to improve the dispersion performance of organic bentonite, The rheological properties and anti settlement properties are maximized.

You can email us directly about how to make pre gel, and our technicians and sales staff will do their best to guide you how to operate this step.


Because the surface area of the organo bentonite clay produced by the Camp Shinning and the hydrophobic chain appeared on the clay surface.The organophilic clay has the function of removing oil from water. Of course, at present, most of our products are mainly used in paint formulations or as viscosity agents |thickener for oil based drilling fluids, and also widely used as rheological additives in lubricating grease. They can be used as nucleating agents in polymer chemistry.Among them, Camp Shinning’s organo bentonite clay has made many achievements in the application of grease, coating and oil field drilling, and is widely used by many well known enterprises.

Sounds of clients 

 An organoclay distributor from Poland expressed his gratitude to us in an email. He said that the stable quality and competitive price of Camp Shinning ,Organic Bentonite clay gave him dual advantages in terms of price and quality in the promotion of the Polish market.

An oil field servicer from the United Arab Emirates injured him by saying that he contacted many organophilic clay suppliers and manufacturers, and finally got technical support and price support from Camp Shinning. Finally, he decided to cooperate with Camp Shinning in China, and based on its market advantages in the sales of organo bentonite.

All the voices from the market tell us that this is a high quality organoclay supplier and manufacturer.

Organoclay Supplier : Your First Choice

If you want to purchase high quality organo bentonite clay, the first important thing is to find a high quality organoclay supplier who not only has the ability to manufacture organophilic clay bentonite, but also has the ability to develop new grades, which is also important for your technical support and guidance in market promotion, So what kind of organo bentonite supplier you will choose to cooperate with determines your advantage in the market.


All organo clay bentonite made by the Camp Shinning are made in China, and every process from raw materials to production are all completed in China.

So if you want to find suppliers and manufacturers of Chinese organoclay bentonite, Camp Shinning are the partners you are looking for. We will also clearly indicate on your package that the organoclays are made in China.

Buy Organoclay From China : Do You Experience The Issues?

Do you have enough experience in purchasing organoclay bentonite in China, and have enough ability to identify whether an organoclay supplier is of high quality? If you are not sure, this will cause you to encounter many problems when purchasing organophilic clay.

 Here are some problems you may face when purchasing organo clays.

  • , The supplier cannot provide free samples.
  • ,The quality of the samples provided by the supplier is inconsistent with that of the actual order.
  • ,The supplier cannot provide technical guidance to you and your customers.
  • ,The packaging bag provided by the supplier is not firm, and even the entire package, pallet, etc. Are easy to be broken.
  • , As the raw materials are purchased, the cost of organo bentonite clay suppliers will rise, and the price they will quote you will rise accordingly.
  • ,The supplier does not have its own R&D team and only produces some old models.
  • ,The supplier does not have much experience in cooperating with the world’s top companies.
  • ,The supplier’s reply was not timely.
  • ,The supplier does not have ISO certification.
  • ,Suppliers cannot make timely judgments on market changes, nor can they provide you with the most valuable market information.

 As a well known professional organoclay manufacturer, supplier and exporter, Camp Shinning have such confidence in organoclay bentonite.We tell you that the above problems will not exist in Camp Shinning, because we have more than 20 years of market experience to ensure your smooth sales.

Please contact us now.     [email protected]


The shelf life of organoclay rheological additive is 24 months.

Super dispersing grade Organoclay

Camp Shinning have some grades of organoclay that are super easy to disperse, they don’t need you to be a pre gel. They can directly add dry powder to your formula, especially for the production of grease, ink, and even high quality paint,include oil drilling mud. They need some organophilic bentonite that is particularly easy to disperse to be added to the formula.Only in this way can we achieve the perfect thixotropy performance, rheological performance, suspension performance, and even anti settling performance.

Of course, different formulas and different application fields have different needs. Please contact our sales staff. We will give you one by one guidance and recommend you the most correct model, which can not only meet the performance requirements of your formula but also effectively control the price.


It is recommended to store organo bentonite clay in a cool, dry and ventilated place to avoid storing organic bentonite clay in a humid environment, which has a great impact on the shelf life.

The ORGANOCLAY product range

  • From the perspective of product scope, our products can be divided into oilfield type organophilic clay bentonite, grease type organoclay, paint type organo clays, ink organic bentonite clay and cosmetic type organoclays rheological additive according to their application fields.
  • Our products are also divided into solvent based organoclay rheology modifier and water based organoclays.
  • In terms of dispersibility, it can be divided into a easy dispersed organoclay bentonite and a pre gel organic bentonite clay.

Organophilic Clay 

 Most of the time, when we call organoclay bentonite as Organophilic Clay , it is often used in oil field drilling. It is also widely used in many fracking fluids. No matter your base oil are  diesel , mineral oil or synthetic oil. We have corresponding organophilic clay models to replace it. In Russian market ,UAE market, Canada market, We have specific models. We will guide you to choose the right organophilic clay to use in different markets and base oils.   

Please choose Camp Shinning as your organoclay supplier. This will be the first step for you to successfully promote this product in your market. Please contact us now.  This will be your right decision. We wish you success in promoting organoclays bentonite in your market.

Contact info:   jessie@camp 

Whatsapp:       +86-13185071071

See:  bentonite clay,  hectorite,  hydrophilic,  invert-emulsion oil mud,  low-colloid oil mud,  organophilic,  quaternary amine,   


Organophilic clay bentonite is a kind of mineral clay. Its surface is coated with chemicals. It is a modified bentonite. In some applications, it can make oil disperse. It is used as a suspending agent in oilfield drilling. When producing and manufacturing organo bentonite, its process is very complicated and concentrated. It requires filtering, drying, and other manufacturing steps. It can also be used for bentonite clay in dispersed water. Bentonite is used in petroleum slurry to improve its rheological properties. It is used for cutting, lifting and solid suspension. They also help to form filter cakes with low permeability. Organophilic clay bentonite can produce better.  

However, when organo clay bentonite is applied to oil drilling, it will have a relatively good gel structure. it will produce better shear and produce degraded gel structure, which may also slowly decrease with this process.


Organophilic clay bentonite is mainly used to improve the removal of cutting materials, help the formation and filtration control of  filtering  cake. , and improve the suspension performance to support the distribution system. Therefore, Organophilic clay bentonite is a kind of organo clay bentonite that has undergone security modification treatment. It is a kind of adhesive and gelling agent used in the  VERSA oil  and NOVA synthetic-based systems.


 Its appearance is usually off-white or brown-black powder, with a specific gravity of about 1.57 and bulk density, which is 33 lbm/ft3 [528 kg/m3].




In fact, Organophilic clay bentonite drilling in coring, workover and completion fluids has excellent performance, which is also quite effective in some special applications. casing packs, packer fluids and spotting fluids which need good mixing and enough shear force to complete its viscosity when using the organobentonite trainer to manufacture fresh mud.




 When using Organophilic clay bentonite, mineral oil usually requires higher concentration than diesel oil, so when you choose our organoclays bentonite, First of all, please tell us that your base oil, our organoclay bentonite cp series, is mainly aimed at shearing in the mixing of cement slurry, and will not yield completely under the effect of temperature.Please do not use organo bentonite for excessive treatment. For your entire formula, you should pay attention to the actual demand of liquid circulation in the well to arrange the use amount. At the same time, we can maintain the flow characteristics and gel strength within the expected range.



Increase viscosity, improve core cleaning capacity, improve the quality and filtration characteristics of  Filtering cake, and provide gel structure and viscosity to suspend weight materials.



Organo bentonite is generally packaged and stored in a 50 LB(22.7 kg), export standard Valve bag . We recommend that it be stored in a dry and well ventilated environment, with complete packaging and bees away from incompatible substances. Please follow safe practices, including binding shrink packaging and stacking.



By inserting 28 alkyl dimethyl ammonium ions into the product space of the modified bentonite, an organic bentonite is obtained. This is characterized by good  Whiteness . It mainly comes from the modified bentonite. At the same time, its impurity content is relatively low, and it is suitable for cosmetics, oil-based mud, coatings, grease inks, etc.

Rheology modifier is a kind of material that can change the rheological properties of components. It has a better film forming ability and is a relatively recommended rheological modifier in the paint and coating industry.

What is a rheological modifier?

When rheology modifiers are applied to paint coatings, the entire formulation can increase its viscosity and control the properties and characteristics of the entire formulation in an ideal way. Therefore, many people say that rheology modifier can change the rheological properties of materials.

What is rheological additive?

As an organo clay anti settling agent, the oil based modifier has better properties. In solvent based systems, including organic liquids in the middle or low polarity range, it also has better performance. The rheological additive in the paint is an improved organic clay.

What is rheology modifier in paint?

Organoclay rheology modifier, you can use for paint, coating, grease, and of course, inks. At present, the rheological modifier newly produced by Camp Shinning is widely used for oil field drilling. It can achieve ideal rheological properties. In addition to improving the required viscosity, it can also make the entire formula such as paint stable, and is also very suitable for. It is convenient in application and has good anti sagging performance.

No matter you want to apply rheology modifiers in cosmetics or rheology modifiers in paints.Our products are worth recommending to you. We have many types of  rheology modifiers, including inorganic and organic.

Our rheology modifiers can be used not only in oil systems, but also in inorganic aqueous – water based systems.

Our bleeding disease means that it can effectively reduce the falling and flying sword of the paint during the use of the roller or brush, which means that it has better anti sagging property. After being smeared, it can improve its rheological property through rapid but controllable increase in awareness.And it can effectively control the precipitation during storage and transportation, so it is an anti settling agent.

We are willing to find a suitable rheological modifier for your formula.


 We are famous for our excellent anti sagging performance and thixotropy performance.It has good rheological properties.

Rheology modifiers for water-based, solvent-based, and solvent-free formulations

Rheology modifiers for water-based systems

After fine grinding, our organobentonite can effectively form colloidal gel in ionic and non-ionic aqueous solutions, providing  thixotropic , thickening and suspension.

Rheology modifiers for solvent based systems

In the solvent based system, it has good anti settling and anti sagging properties. It is suitable for solvent based industrial coatings, architectural coatings, anti-corrosion coatings and marine coatings.

If your formula involves self prepared pigments or relatives or topcoats that need maximum gloss, we recommend you to use the rheological modifier of Kangbaixin, which is mainly used in solvent systems.

At the same time, the rheological additive has relatively stable high-temperature stability. The non-aqueous agent formula shows extremely strong anti sagging performance, and it has standard denaturation.In order to prevent the sedimentation of solvent coatings, we strongly recommend that you use the anti sedimentation agent, organic bentonite, produced by Camp Shinning.

Rheology modifiers for solvent free systems   

 In order to prevent pigment sedimentation of solvent based coatings and the formation of hard raw material precipitation, rheological modifiers can be used to achieve remarkable rheological properties after shear thinning.

Rheology modifier play an important role in every step of the main manufacturing, storage and final application, whether in aqueous systems or solvent based systems. They are worthy of use as rheological modifiers in aqueous systems and solvent based systems. They can better control viscosity and have good stability at high temperatures.  


Organoclay thickener is also named organic bentonite clay and rheological additive and so on, names are changed according to the application. Organophilic clay has thickening, thixotropy, suspension stability, high-temperature stability, lubricity, film formation, water-resistance and chemical stability, can form a gel in various organic solvents, oils, and liquid resins, mainly applied for oil drilling as drilling fluid additive, grease lubricant, paint coatings, etc.

Organophilic Lignite

Camp Shinning mainly manfactures organoclay for oil drilling, we also provides organophilic lignite for drilling too. Organophilic lignite has the good effects both reducing fluid loss and viscosity, also with better high temperature resistance up to rang 200℃ - 220℃, highly recommed material for oil drilling, mainly in oil based drilling fluids, and compatible with other oil drilling additives.


Camp Shinning provides primary emulsifier and secondary emulsifier for oil drilling in wholesale price, which are also called CPMUL-P and CPMUL-S, with good emulsification, can improve the thermal stability of the invert emulsion, low HTHP filtrate and desired rheological property during the high temperature working temperature even up to 300oF. Camp Shinning provides quantity emulsifier for oil drilling, if you are looking for oil drilling additive, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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List Of Suspending Agents | Organophilic Clay China

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модифицированный бентонит

модифицированный бентонит

модифицированный бентонит
модифицированный бентонит представляет собой новый тип реологической добавки из органоглины, изготовленной из бентонита. модифицированный бентонит используется в системах растворителей и смол, охватывающих диапазон от низкой до средней полярности.

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Suspending agent organoclay

Organo-modified bentonite | organically modified bentonite

Organo-modified bentonite is an organically Bentonite), derived from a naturally  clay mineral. The main component is bentonite,  montmorillonite clay.  
Organo-modified bentonite include solvent base organoclay and water based organoclay. as a component in paint formulations or as a OBM viscosifier for oil-based drilling fluids. Organophilic bentonite clay can be used in polymer chemistry as a suspending agent.

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Sounds From Clients


Organoclay Supplier

When you finish reading this page, I believe you have a general idea of how to select high quality organoclay supplier and manufacturers in China. We always believe that when you buy organoclay bentonite in China, not only its price but also its composition, preparation, particle size and properties of Rheological additive based products are very important. We are willing to give you the greatest help in your market, whether it is price or a lot of documents,such as MSDs, sds and TDS.

Chinese organoclay bentonite, there are many different names in different countries and markets such as rheological additive, organo clay thickener complex, bentonite thickener,organo bentonite, China hectorite organoclay chemistry and rheology agent etc.
All organo clay definitions and applications can be summarized as that it can be widely used in paint, oil field, water treatment filtration, and lubricating grease.
You are welcome to contact us now and let us use our expertise and experience to provide you with the best organoclays hydrophilic solution.


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