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Rheological Additive

Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Materials Co.Ltd, a subsidiary of Camp Shinning Group, also called Camp Shinning, is a company combined with Organo Bnetonite production, research and development, and service.

Camp Shinning is a professional rheological additive manufacturer in China, specializing in the export and sales of organophilic clay for oil drilling, organophilic lignite, and emulsifier worldwide, covering different industries, oil drilling, organoclay paint & coating, rheological additive grease, Rheology modifier coatings, organic bentonite clay for ink, and dry mortar, etc.

Our Advantages

Camp Shinning has our own bentonite mine, and the R & D laboratory of organoclay, can provide quality rheological additive products at the competitive price.  About customs clearance, Camp Shinning has an ISO certificate for our organoclay additive products, so that all of our products can be allowed to ship to your country, if no ISO certification, you will be not allowed to ship the chemical material passing the customs clearance.

R & D Ability

Camp Shinning has a professional R & D team, specialized in the research and development of organoclay's chemical composition, ensure the rheological additive work well in the different applications. The composition of organophilic clay has a little different in different applications, such as paints, coating, ink, oil drilling, etc.

Bentonite Suspending Agent

Bentonite Mine

Camp Shinning has our own bentonite mine, produces organic bentonite clay by our raw material, spend less cost than other organoclay suppliers during the manufacturing process, can provide organophilic clay at a competitive price, and we can promise a quick delivery time for our customers.

5 ways choose organoclay bentonite additive for your paint

Big Inventory

Camp Shinning always prepare organoclay products in the warehouse, to prevent some urgent situation, or sometimes, we can arrange fast shipment for our urgent customers, no need long time production. Big Inventory can help you ship the rheological additive successfully in urgent situation.​

ISO Certification From Camp Shinning

ISO Cetificate

Camp Shinning has ISO certificate, all our our product comply with the internetional standard, and our ISO certifite can help you ship the rheological additive successfully, no need to worry about customs obstruction.

organoclay supplier

Decades Experience

Camp Shinning has decades experience in organoclay industry, we are familiar with production of organophilic clay, organophilic lignite and emulsifier, specialized in oill drilling application.

rheology modifier supplier

Quality Control &Tracking

Camp Shinning will check quality of our rheology modifier products every batch, more, we leave and mark the modified bentonite sample every batch, so that you can track the organoclay quality even you order them for a long time. Camp Shinning will give you best after service experience and promise quality every order.

Our Workshop & Exhibitions

Camp Shinning has our own factory, equipped with comprehensive organoclay manufacturing machines, and we also have our laboratory to do R & D for rheological additive. Camp Shinning always work for our customers at the different exhibition, introduce our organophilic clay, organophilic lignite and emulsifier.

organic bentonite clay mine
organic bentonite clay mine
organoclay flowing bagging
organoclay flowing bagging
bentonite clay organic factory
bentonite clay organic factory
organo bentonite inventory
organo bentonite inventory
European Coating Show nürnberg 2017
we attend European Coating Show nürnberg 2017.
World China Coat Show Guangzhou
We attend World China Coat Show Guangzhou .
China Coating Show 2017 Shanghai
China Coating Show 2017 Shanghai
China Coating Show 2016
China Coating Show 2016

Camp Shinning Notes

Our CP series of organoclay include solvent-based Rheology Modifier and water-based Organophilic Clay (organic bentonite thixotropic agent), oil drilling fluids viscosifierorganophilic bentonite.

The products of organoclay bentonite are widely applied in coatings, paints, inks, sealants, Lubricating Grease, and oil drilling mud, etc.

Different clay type, quaternary chemistry and manufacturing condition give various grades of Processed Bentonite Powder covering different applications, affecting thickening, rheological improving, settling and sag resistance, and system stability.


Zhejang Camp Shinning New Material CO, LTDHangzhou Camp-Shinning Co Ltd and Zhejiang Camp-Shinning Electronic Technology Co.Ltd are the members of Camp-Shinning Group. Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material focused on high value-added, high technology content of bentonite series organoclay,especialy in research,development,manufacture and sales of organic and inorganic bentonite organoclay.

We owned raw bentonite mine with excellent quality of ore and production of proprietary technology. An Organo bentonite R&D center keep the quality of all batch.

Certificate and capacity:

At present,the annual output of organic bentonite clay is 20000 Metric Tons, while refined Bentonite is 15000 Metric Tons. We are the holder of ISO 9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

Our Customer:

Our stable quality has been recognized by a group of world- class professional users and distributors, such as SUN CHEMICAL, SIEGWERK.BERGER PAINT, Lehmann & Voss and so on

Our mission is to provide excellent quality products and services to users, and work together to create success and glory with us.

Sales mail to: [email protected]