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Water based organoclay : Waterborne organoclay bentonite is widely used in water based paints, coatings and ink greases. It can effectively thicken and thixotropic. At the same time, it has better environmental protection characteristics than traditional solvent based organic clay bentonite.The gel effect of water based organo bentonite is also particularly good.

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Water Based Organoclay For Water based Paints

water based organoclay

Water Based Organo clay For Water based Paints

In terms of environmental protection, water based organic bentonite has a very prominent advantage. It can effectively remove pollutants in water. This is because it has good hydrophobicity and can attract some organic compounds. It is an adsorbent. Of course, the most important thing is that it is used as a suspending agent and anti settlement agent in water–ased paint coatings.

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CP-EW Rheology modifier

CP-EW Rheology modifier is water based inorgano clay rheological additive. It is mainly used in water based system.

organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

CP-WBS Rheology Modifier

CP-WBS is an economical rheology modifier. It is mainly used in water-borne system with good anti settling and thixotropic rheology .

organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

CP-EWS Rheology Modifier

CP-EWS Rheology modifier is provided by Camp Shinning,when use for water born system which has good Rheological properties and highly efficient thickener.

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Water based organoclay is modified bentonite. It is mainly used in water-borne system.Compared with other water grades, CP-EW has better performance of thixotropy, transparence and dispersion.

The most special advantage of the water based organoclay is that it can improve the comprehensive performance of paints and coatings in the water based system.

By adding organic clay to the overall formula, it can improve its thickening, rheological properties and thixotropic properties, and its settlement resistance can be significant. We recommend users to obtain the desired results through testing.

Water Based Organoclay

 Water Based Organoclay rheological additive for water based coatings,paints.


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