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Organophilic Clay Use Oil Drilling Mud 

Considering different geological conditions and depth of a oil drilling well, Oil drilling company may choose different oil for drilling fluid, such as diesel, mineral oil, synthetic oil and crude oil.

Organophilic Clay Use Oil Drilling Mud , Normally, our CP-169, CP-EZ and CP-982 are recommended for diesel

and CP 250A and CP992 can be applied  in not only diesel, but also in synthetic oil, mineral oil and crude oil.

CP169 is a economical grade for diesel. Its performance can be enhanced when polar activator in moderation is added. So, especially it is recommended for water-in-oil drilling fluid because small dosage of water can act as polar activator.

*CP-EZ and CP-982 are self-activated grades and can be disperse without polar activator. They are recommended when diesel based drilling fluid contain no water or other external polar activator.

A small amount of water (0.1 0.2% by weight  of total formula) added to mud further speeds the gelation process and optimizes organoclay use

*CP-250A and CP 992 have better temperature stability and gelation efficiency in not only diesel, but also synthetic oil, mineral oil and crude oil. They effect rapid dispersibility and contribute initial viscosity,and require no external polar activator.   

CP- 250A has better YP value and temperature stability than CP-992.


Composition                                 Organically modified bentonite clay

Appearance                                  Off white to tan finely divided powder,

Moisture content (105℃,2hr)         ≤3.5%

Specific Gravity                            1.7

Bulk density                                  0.40~0.60g/cm³


  • Effectively suspends weighting materials and other solids
  • Maintains suspension over a wide temperature range
  • Eliminates need for chemical activators
  • Is easy to disperse and rapid yielding
  • Suspends weighting materials and other solids
  • Maintains suspension over a wide temperature range

  grades of organophilic clay in oil drilling fluids. 

 CP-250A  /  CP-982  /  CP-992 /CP-169 / CP-EZ / CP-150

 Organophilic clay is a wet process improved viscosifier and gelling additive.As an organoclay bentonite,it has good performance efficiency in diesel,mineral oil and synthetic Oil.

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Organoclay grease Lubricating as thickening agent

Grease with our Rheological additive can produce high temperature resistance. it gives improved metal adhesion and bleed resistance. And It effects good working stability and water resistance to the greases. The basic oils lubricanting will determine which types of our organoclay should be selected.

  • Organoclay CP-250Adesigned especially for using in Grease based on synthetic oils | Mineral oil | Medium,high viscosity lubricating oil.
  • Organoclay CP-40designed especially for using in Grease based on Diesel Oils.
  • Organobentonite CP-MP is designed especially for using in Grease based on  Mineral oil.  


  • High efficiency
  • The gel is of light colour and high clarity
  • Easy to use, no need to pregel
  • Eliminate polar activator
  • Consistent development of rheology
  • Can be used to post correct


When it is used in Grease Lubricant, polar activator is needed. Polar activator is acetone/water(95/5). The dosage of activator is 20%-30% of the weight of YN-052A. And also high shear can promote the dispersing of YN-052A.

Adding procedure as follows:

  1. If condition permits, heat the base oil to 60~70℃
  2. Add YN-052A while stirring, addition level is 7%-10% of the total formulation. Stir  5~10minutes
  3. Add polar activator, addition level is 2%-3% of the total formulation. Then add other additives, stir 25~30m
  4. Use pump to help it pass colloid grinding and homogenizer.
  5. Deair, filtrate, pack.

Note: With High-speed dispersant of grinding machine, and properly prolong the dispersing time, better gelatin performance can be reached.

The Lubricanting grease which uses organoclay as thickener will own high dropping point, thus can be used under high temperature and presents good impermeability and water resistance.

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5 ways choose organoclay bentonite additive

We list 5 factors for you to make a correct option.

  1. Organoclayis thickener bentonite in paint and coating But too high viscosity or too low viscosity is not good for paint and coatings. So, a grade of organoclay with proper thickening ability is suitable for your paint formulation.
  2. To make pre-gel, or add thixotropic agent directly in powder?If your manufacturing procedure includes pre-gel, you can select a conventional grade; but if your producing procedure requires to add organic bentonite clay directly in powder, you should select an easy-dispersing grade.
  3. Polar activator.Normally, in low and medium solvents or solvent mixture, polar activator is required for conventional grades of organoclay rheological additive to help dispersing. Even for some easy-dispersing grades of organoclay, a small dosage of polar activator is helpful for rheological additive to optimize best performance
  4. Which solvent is used in your formulation?Each solvent has solvent polarity, non-polarity, or low polarity,or medium polarity or high polarity. Each grade of organoclay has its suitable polarity range of solvent. For example, CP-180 and CP-10 are suitable for low polaritysolvent; and CP-27 and CP-27A are suitable for medium to high polarity. Customer may read TDS of organoclay to know its suitable polarity range and then select correct grade for your formulation.
  5. Some paints,coatings, like finishing, gloss paint, have very high requirement for particle fineness. In this case, you must choose a grade of organoclay treated organobentonitewith high dispersing fineness. Customers can check organoclay’s dispersing particle size and select a grade with enough particle fineness.

Packing: 25Kg/Bag,22.68kg/bag or customised .16MT/20Pallet/20FCL with pallets or 22MT/20Pallet/40FCLwith pallets.

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5 ways choose organoclay bentonite additive

What are the advantages of organophilic clay in oil field drilling

 organophilic clay unique rheological structure suspends weighting materials and other solids with less increase in viscosity and gel strength than conventional bentonite. It is highly effective in distillate and mineral oil based invert fluids.  


  • Effectively suspends weighting materials and other solids
  • Maintains suspension over a wide temperature range
  • Eliminates need for chemical activators
  • Is easy to disperse and rapid yielding

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Organophilic bentonite clay

Organophilic bentonite clay apply to Diesel Oils, Crude Oils , Mineral Oils, Synthetic Oil.

Organophilic bentonite clay apply to viscosifying drilling Fluids include  Oil based drilling fluids ,Invert emulsion fluids,Workover fluids,Completion fluids,Casing packs,Packer fluids,Spotting fluids.

As a leading Organophilic Clay Supplier, Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co.Ltd could also supply  organophilic clay , organophilic lignite and Emulsifier | Primary  Emulsifier , Secondary Emulsifier .
Organoclay manufacturer in China

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How to choose organophilic clay in oil drilling mud

According to drilling fluid to choose the right organophilic clay.

As we mentioned it above,  You can choose our organoclay rheological additive of CP-03, CP-04, CP-05 and CP-06 for mineral oils and synthetic oils. Many people will be confused that what is the difference between these grades?The answer is that different drilling  determines which corresponding grade we choose.Different drilling fluid for the selection of different rheology modifier has very small, and specific requirements. The drilling fluid include all oil based drilling fluids,invert emulsion fluids,Workover fluid, fracturing fluid,completion fluids,casing packs,packer fluids,spotting fluids etc. Here we mainly explain that our rheology modifier CP-03 has a particularly good performance, in the heavier pressureHTHP, our rheology additive CP-04 can be mainly used in workover fluid and CP-05, rheology additive CP-06 should be applied to all oils.

Here we simply list a few of the drilling fluids for more drilling fluid applications.You can email us([email protected]) directly or send us a message. In the message, please tell us specifically  your base oil or drilling fluid and your email address. Our professional sales will get back to you in time.

As a result of most inquire of bentonite organoclay are from traders. For many different drilling fluids and base oils, they often faced with the dilemma of how to choose. Therefore, it is important to clearly inform the Bentonite organoclay supplier about your base oil or drilling fluid. This can effectively save time to help suppliers to recommend to yuo the most direct organophilic hectorite clay model.How to choose organophilic clay in oil drilling mud

Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co Ltd. as a professional supplier of organophilic hectorite clay,has accumulated rich experience in the field of oil drilling and fracturing. These experiences can help our end-users to choose the most cost-effective amine-treated Bentonite specification directly from the technical level, and give the first reminder and guidance to the problems that may occur in the application of organic bentonite | organiclay . For more organic bentonite | organiclay applications, please email us or send us a message.


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Organophilic Clay oil based for drilling fluids

Organophilic Clay oil based for drilling fluids | Diesel oil. white oil. Organophilic Clay oil based also used for fracking fludis.

1), Do you have grade of Organophilic Clay could meet belows requestment?  

Moisture 105 C   5.0% Max
Sieve Analysis % Through US#100 75% Min.
Loss of Ignition    :  30% Min.
 Yield Point   : 17 Min.

Answer: Yes,we have Organophilic Clay organoclay could meet your above requestment.   

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Organophilic Clay oil based for drilling fluids

Water Based Bentonite organoclay

Organoclay Rheological Additive use for water based paints,coatngs

The CP series water based Bentonite Rheological additive is the nature aluminosilicate rheplogical Additive. Which are vhiefly composed of these products are as follows:

1),Strong thixotropy:low viscosity with high speed shearing,high viscosity with low speed shearing,thixotropy,thixotropy index 6.0(CP-EW).

2),Wide PH value applicable range:good thixkening performance(PH6-12)

3),Easy to disperse:do not require pre-gel and polarity activator.

4),Stability:Perfect biochemistry stability,good heat endurance.

5),Economy: this product can substitute for traditional cellulose ethers additive.Furthermore,using with acryl acid additive can improve rheological change performance,Also the cost is reduce.

Water Based Bentonite organoclay:
CP-EW  based organoclay bentonit
CP-EWS based bentonite
CP-EWB based bentonite
The technique request of CP series water based bentonite rheological additive


CP series water based bentonite rheological agent do not require pre-gel and alkali activator.The drying powder is feed diris directly as below in emulsion paint:

1) water [PH7.0-8.0)
[2) CP-EW (high speed disperse 20-30 min)
(3) Additive (film forming additive, antifoam agent, germicidal ogent, dis
persant agent)
(4) Pigment /gasket material (mixing disperse)
5) Latex(mixing)

6)Last modification

For mechanical stability solvent,the convenient process is as below:

1) water [H7.0-8.0)
[2) CP-EW (high speed disperse 20-30 min)
(3) Mixing Additive (film forming additive, antifoam agent, germicidal ogent, dis
persant agent)
(4) Pigment /gasket motarl (mixing disperse)(generally without grinding,for interiorwall:45um,for exterior wall:70um)
5)Residual latex (mixing)

6)  modification

The input is generally 0. 2%-1% of total or determined by compounding or rheological change requirement.


1), The thickening performance of CP-EWshould be activated under high speed dispersing.If not,thickening may happen due to excessie hydro-synthesis time.

2),Excessive PH value makes hydro-synthesis too fast,small PH value reduces rheological change performance.

3),Surface activator and dibasic alcohol should be feed after CP-EW dispersing to avoid its disturbance of hydro-synthesis.

4),CP-EWS can be used independent or with other alkali swelling acrylic acid.In order to improve rheological change performance.

The experiments indicate that CP-EWS should avoid using with polyester thickening agent.

The double packing is adopted.The plastic film bag is used inside and the plastic waving bag or kraft plastic weaving composite bag is preferred outside.
Pacing bag weight 25± 0.25kg. 20±0. 2kg or as consumer’s requirement.
Keep in storage in ventilating. cool and dry place.

Due to fine thickening and thixotropy performance, the CP series water based Bentonite Rheological Agent are widely used as exterior&interior wall emulsion paint and high build emulsion paint, such as scumbling paint,mineral varnish, figured paint, elastic exterior wall paint, exterior& interior wall functional putty,graining paste, water printing ink, tooth paste pesticide, slurry etc


Recommended compounding of mineral vaenish

Component Comparison Comparison Comparison
Water 10 10 10
Latex 18 18 18
Mildew proof and antiseptic agent 0.2 0.2 0.2
film forming additive 1.0 1.0 1.0
antifoam agent 0.2 0.2 0.2
CP-EW 0.6
CP-EWS 0.5 0.4
Quartz 70 70 70


Recommended compounding of water graining paste  

 Component  Comparison
Water 30
CP-EW 10
Dispersant agent 20
Ferric oxide yellow 150

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The delivery time about 7 to 10 working days after we receive your deposit.

The min order of organoclay should be at least one pallet —– 500kgs.