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Camp Shinning FAQ

Camp Shinning is a professional organoclay bentonite supplier, organophilic clay and rheology modifier manufacturer, specializing in the development and research of bentonite materials with ISO9001, mainly manufactures and provides rheological additive, organophilic clay, hectorite organoclay, organic clay, organoclay bentonite etc.

Here are FAQ guide about Camp Shinning organoclay factory, if you want to know more information about Camp Shinning, you can contact us for more details.

Yes, we are a professional organophilic clay supplier in China.

Our annual capacity of organo bentonite is 20000MT. The bentonite powder is 15000MT.

Yes, Camp Shinning organoclay has own bentonite clay powder mine in the North of China. It can better ensure the quality of our organic bentonite clay raw materials.

Yes, Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Material Co.Ltd have Certificate of ISO9001:2015 and Certification for safe transport of Chemical Goods.

 Camp Shinning organoclay is authorized as a certified supplier by the website of Made in China.

Camp Shinning organophilic bentonite have 20 years experience in the field of rheology modifier.

Camp Shinning organoclay mainly export to Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, UAE,Saudi Arabia and Kuwait etc.

Because our organoclay applications are mainly used in oil fields, there are successful cases of our organic clay bentonite powder in those markets where is a large demand for drilling fluid chemicals.

Camp Shinning companies includes

Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co.Ltd (specialized in exporting rheology modifiers),

Chaoyang AutoFuLL Bentonite Co.Ltd (professional organoclay manufacturers in China) ,

 Hangzhou Camp-Shinning Co.Ltd (Focus on domestic sales of rheology additive)

  Zhejiang Camp-Shinning Electronic Co.Ltd. (An independent electronics company)

Yes,we welcome you to join our bentonite organoclay sales

Yes,our technical department and after-sales service department will provide you with professional training and services for organoclay rheological additive.

Our oilfield chemicals include organophilic clay ,organophilic lignite , emusifier ( primary and secondary emulsifiers)

We mainly participate China Coating Show. OTC USA,

Yes,we can supply free organoclay samples. The freight should from yourside.So we need you supply us your DHL account or fedex account.

Our min order is 1MT.

The delivery time about 7 to 10 working days after we receive your deposit.

Our payment terms are LC at sight or 30% TT in advance and 70% against copy BL.

The package:  Kraft bag or kraft complex interior with PE or customized

Packing size:  25kg/bag or 500kg/bag or customize

 16MT/20FCL with pallet, 18MT/20FCL without pallet,  25MT/40FCL with pallet.

Products should be stored in ventilated cool and dry place

Organoclay also named organophilic clay,rheology modifier ,rheological additive , Organic bentonite clay and organo bentonite etc.

Organoclay CAS is 68953 – 58 -2,composition of organoclay is Organic derivative of hectorite clay.

Organoclay is a bentonite montmorillonite clay,it is good gelling agent and thixotropic agent when as paint thickener and grease thickener.When as oilfield chemicals,

 organophilic clay thickener powder is an important suspending agent and thickening agent . The rheological properties is very stable in oil drilling mud.

In terms of efficacy, organoclay can be called paint thickener, grease additive, ink additive and drilling additives and suspension agent etc.

organoclay where to buy? Contact us is your best choice,Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co.Ltd is located in Zhejiang China.Our sales Dept:   

[email protected]

Mob(Whatsapp) : 0086-19817158171

Our sales representatives will reply you in 24 hours about your requirements.

Our organoclay applications includes organoclay for coatings,paints,organoclay grease, organoclay for oil drilling mud etc.

Organoclay CAS 68953 – 58 -2

organoclay hs code 2508.0000

Types of organoclay include water based organoclay (Water borne organoclay or inorganic clay ) and solvent based organoclay.

From an application perspective,it includes organic bentonite grease, rheological additives in cosmetics,rheology modifiers for waterborne paints, bentonite slurry,ink thickener (uv ink additives / printing ink additives / screen printing ink additives ) etc.

Composition of organoclay is montmorillonite clay quaternary ammonium salt.

We have many grades of rheology modifiers, the range of organoclay price is USD1500/MT to USD2500/MT. Different application need use different organic bentonite clay.

The organoclay manufacturing process and quality control process of organic clay is in the table as follows:


Crude bentonite ore from our mine (Pumping with water)→Bentonite slurry(purifying) → Purified bentonite slurry(Adding ammonium &other additive) → Modified bentonite slurry(filter press)→ Organoclay filter cake (drying)→ Organoclay powder (grinding)→ Organoclay powder→ Organoclay powder( packing)→ Final products organic bentonite clay

Organoclay activator, we recommend you: Methanol, ethanol, propylene carbonate, water etc.

In order to make good gelling agent and thixotropic agent,when use rheological additive,we suggest you make a pre gel firstly. It could keep the stable rheological properties in paint industry or grease industry or ink industry.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Make a pre gel

A ,Add 85-87% sovents or mixed solvents(mix)

B,Add 5-10% Camp Shinning organoclay (Dispersing at high speed(2500rpm) for 5-10 minutes)

C, Add polar actvartor, 3-5%(Dspersing at high speed(2500rpm) for 15-20 minutes


2 Addition method of pre- gel

A, For poor-wetting capacity resin systems(epoxy, polyester, short-oil alkyd,acrylic resin atc)

 in combination with surfactant. if it can develop thixotropy structure under shear, additon process is as follows:

  1. Charge resin and solents(mix)

2 Camp Shinning organoclay pre gel (mix)

3 Surfactant

  1. Pigment (disperse)
  2. Dilute to desired viscosity


  1. For poor wetting capacity resin, non-thixotropic grind materials. if using surfactant, addition process is as follows:

1,Charge resin and solvents (mix)

  1. Surfactant (if required)

3 Pigment

  1. Disperse to desired fineness with grinding
  2. Camp Shinning organoclay pre-gel

6 Disperse completely to desired fineness

7 Dilute to desired viscosity

Yes,we can.Pls tell us your test method and your organoclay applications,our technical team will make an adjustment at our laboratories. Then we will supply you a full recommendation.

Pls mail to Camp Shinning organoclay sellers : [email protected]

Mob ( Whatsapp): 0086-19817158171

Our sales representatives will reply you in 24 hours about your requirements.

Pls mail to Camp Shinning organoclay sellers : [email protected]

Mob ( Whatsapp): 0086-19817158171

Our sales representatives will reply you in 24 hours about your requirements.