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  • polyethylene powder

     pe powder is a thermoplastic polyethylene micro powder produced using a unique process, with spherical particles used as an adhesive in the emergency production of alkaline batteries.Polyethylene powder has essential properties different from organoclay bentonite.

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  • zddp additive 202, 203

    zddp additive

    We are the main supplier of this product in China. His delivery time is usually 7 working days. We will propose products with higher zinc content based on the needs of end users.Our zinc content averages between 8.5 and 10 %.

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  • Hollow Glass Microspheres

    Hollow Glass Microspheres : We have extensive experience in providing Hollow Glass Microspheres. Glass microspheres | micro glass beads can be widely applied to  5 G communication and transportation vehicles, lightweight buildings, energy-saving oil fields, cementing rubber and plastic, elastomers, industrial anti-corrosion cosmetics, adhesives, and other fields in the ocean, aviation, aerospace, etc.

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