Aldehyde Resin

Aldehyde Resin is a ketonic resin. polyketone resin has good solubility in solvent based paints and coatings. Ketone aldehyde resin is relatively familiar. For pigments, KETONIC RESIN can form a scratch-resistant film and is also very hard.

ketone formaldehyde resin are used in the production of pigment pastes and adhesives in the paint and printing industries. Formaldehyde resin can be used in coatings and adhesive applications due to their rapid curing and good dry bond strength.

Ketonic resin is a light yellow, aldehyde polycondensation resin. It can be dissolved in many paint solvents, but is insoluble in water. It has good resistance to yellowing and coldness, and has a strong moisturizing and wetting effect. In terms of adhesion, gloss and solid content, it is very full. It is a chemical used in coatings and paint inks. Its application is very similar to organoclay bentonite.

Aldehyde Polycondensation Resin