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Aqueous Rheology Modifiers are also known as rheology modifiers for waterborne paints or additive for water based paint.

This kind of anti settling agent for water based paints , grease,lubricant and inks.

Thixotropic property, rheological property and thickening property of this inorganic spraying are extremely similar to those of organoclay bentonite.If you need water-based organic bentonite clay, please contact our sales.

There is a difference of several hundred dollars between our price and the market value price, which will help you to occupy an absolute advantage in the market. And the product quality has been verified by the market for more than 20 years. This will be your biggest opportunity.

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Aqueous Rheology Modifiers

Aqueous Rheology Modifiers | Anti Settling Agent for Water Based Paints

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Anti Settling Agent for Solvent Based Paints | Aqueous Rheology Modifiers

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Organoclay Rheology Modifiers for Waterborne Paints

Anti settling agent for water based paints is a rheology modifier for Waterborne Paints. It is an excellent paint thickening agent and paint thickener as Aqueous Rheology Modifiers.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Organoclay Thickener Packing:  25Kg/Bag or 22.68Kg(50LB)/Bag, 16MT/20fcl with pallet. 18MT/20FCL without pallet.

 25MT/40FCL with pallet.

We also accept customized packaging.

 At present, organic bentonite clay exported to Russia is mainly as anti settling agent in paint and drilling oil fields.

Of course, there are also a large number of customers who use Organoclay Thickener for grease lubrication. 

We have already recommended the use of CP – 34 in diesel  systems and CP – APA and CP – MPS in mineral oil systems. In lubricants, different types of organic bentonite grease will be selected which is based on the different base oils.

Drilling bentonite : In Russia, we mainly export CP- 982 AND CP-992 , CP-982 which are mainly used in diesel system, and CP-992 which is mainly used in mineral oil and synthetic oil  . At the same time, our organic bentonite CP-2 is currently the largest sales volume in Russia, because it combines the dual absolute advantage of price and quality.

Aqueous Rheology Modifiers : CP-EW,CP-WBS.

 Firstly, we accept RMB settlement for Organoclay Thickener.This is also a requirement of many Russian customers.  

Secondly, in terms of payment method, our main payment method is 30% TT in advance and 70% against copy bill of lading.

If the shipping method you choose by railway, we require 100% TT in advance.

 We can provide free samples , and we have excellent delivery channels to quickly reach your hands. Through testing, you can select the model that best matches your formula and select the most cost-effective product to use in your project.

 Our delivery times may vary slightly in different seasons, but overall, our delivery time is between 10-15 working days for Organoclay Thickener.

If you have special delivery time requirements for your order, we can also do special processing to expedite production and arrange shipment for you.

 Regarding the advantages of selling in Russia, overall, we have nearly 20 years of experience in selling our organic bentonite in the Russian region.

We can accept RMB settlement to facilitate payment from Russian customers. At the same time, we have our own factory and raw ore, which greatly saves the cost and transportation time of raw materials, and provides source control over quality.

At the same time, we have many years of cooperation experience with some well-known giant companies in the Russian region. Our sales proportion of organic bentonite clay in Russia is a very large data, and you can check our sales strength in the Russian region through customs data.

In summary, our goal is not only to help you find models that match your formula, but also to provide you with the most cost-effective products to help you overcome your market competition.

In short, in the field of organiclay organobentonite, our Camp SHinning  New Material Co., Ltd. is a highly capable and experienced company that deserves your trust.

We choose water-based thickening oil modification, which is the application of water-based organic bentonite in paint coatings, mainly to adjust the rheological properties and viscosity of the paint and coatings, in order to improve their  Coating distribution performance.

Of course, it is also very common to use water-based organic expansive soil in sealant and adhesive to improve the rheological properties of the sealant and achieve good filling ability. This is the contribution made by water-based organo clay.

We must make one point clear: the organic bentonite produced for the people in the mud is only suitable for oily mud systems, and we do not produce or provide thickeners for water-based systems used in the water based drilling mud.

In some cosmetics such as nail polish and lotion, the needle rheostat also has the ability to stabilize and worry more about cosmetics, making its texture better and its consistency more suitable for the needs of customers’ applications. For example, some skin care products and shampoos use our thickening rheostat.

At present, thickeners used for food grade, such as organic bentonite produced by Camp Shinning, have not yet entered this application field. Therefore, we cannot provide you with food grade thickener rheological agents. We mainly provide industrial grade thickener sulfur spoilage, which includes water-based organic bentonite clay and solvent based organic cooking clay, while solvent based organic bentonite clay is the conventional oil-based bentonite clay we refer to.


As the name suggests, changing the flowability of the system and adjusting its consistency can better adjust the flow characteristics of the entire formula, achieving your requirements for flowability and some consistency.

As we usually hear about thickeners, water-based thickeners, water-based rheological machines, organic bentonite, and so on, they all refer to the same product as the organic bentonite we currently produce.

 Water-based thickening, rheological agent is composed of water and acrylic polymer, etc. It is a polymer aqueous solution with the main chemical characteristics of polymer and water as the main components, and the content of inorganic solvents is very low.

The moisture content of our basic recognition map is generally required to be below 3.5%, which is called qualified organic bentonite clay, because its moisture content will directly affect the dispersion ability of organic bentonite, and the poor dispersion ability will affect the overall performance display.

Another particularly prominent advantage is that Mercury, a cow, must have good high-temperature and high-pressure stability. Generally, water-based organic bentonite produced by Kangbaixing can be chosen below 180 ℃. It will bring you very stable performance, and in some applications with special requirements for high temperature or high pressure, you can boldly choose Kangmin’s organic bentonite.

When we mention the adhesive properties of organic bentonite, it is particularly evident in some lubricants and trainers, as it can enhance the viscosity of liquid materials and enhance their adhesion to the entire formula.

When you use our organic bentonite, we recommend that you select appropriate activator to increase its dispersion capacity. The commonly recommended activator is methanol, ethanol, and propylene carbonate. These polar activator can better reflect the due properties of organic bentonite in terms of rheological properties, thixotropic properties, and thickening properties.

  If your application field is oilfield drilling, and it is in oil-based mud systems, you can boldly consult us. We have a large number of exports around the world, and our organic cooking maps are applied to diesel based mineral oil systems and synthetic oil systems. These extensive applications and market experience will better help you expand your project.

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organophilic clay
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