Bentonite Drilling Mud Suppliers

Bentonite Drilling Mud Suppliers,  There are many suppliers of organic bentonite in China and even around the world, and choosing the supplier with the most quality and price advantages is a great challenge for our organic bentonite purchaser. Therefore,  As a professional supplier of organic bentonite, we are willing to provide you with the most direct support and assistance here, guiding you to obtain better quality organic bentonite and competitive products with more price advantages.

Bentonite Drilling Mud Suppliers

Bentonite Drilling Mud Suppliers

Bentonite Drilling Mud Suppliers

 From a packaging perspective, our organic bentonite can be customized according to customer requirements. The most common packaging method is 25 kilograms per package or 50, and each package also comes in one ton per package. In summary, we can customize our packaging method according to customer needs.

From the perspective of container loading, a 20 foot container can generally hold 16 tons of pallets. If there is no pallet, it can hold 18 tons. In a 40 foot container, it can hold 25 tons. The space is sufficient, mainly depending on the weight status of the shipping company. We can provide palletized packaging for all products to provide goods.

Organic bentonite is an efficient brightening agent that can be used in different types of base oils. It also has good compatibility and greatly reduces the dosage. It can quickly disperse and mix to achieve the desired performance. Currently, its biggest feature is its good suspension performance, which can carry some of its liquid to the ground in mud with low solid content, reducing its liquid loss, The stability of drilling can be greatly improved, and at the same time, it can clean the drilling, so it is a reliable type for you. Please use chemical additives.

Who manufactures bentonite?

At present, there are many factories producing bentonite in China, but according to different application fields, the direction of their products is also different. Kangmin people focus more on the application of organic bentonite to paints, coatings, grease inks, oilfield drilling and cosmetics. They are designed to help you improve the Thixotropy, rheological suspension performance, anti settling performance and anti sagging performance of the entire formula, And some organic bentonite suppliers mainly provide bentonite for manufacturing and other purposes, so when you choose. When it comes to ideal suppliers, it is crucial to first ask if they can provide and meet the direction of your application field with organic bentonite.

At the same time, we suggest that you inquire with the supplier about their years of production experience and market competitiveness in which markets they have comparative advantages. If they can provide free samples for you to test and guide you to complete the entire test, it will be very helpful for you, as they can meet your rights and requirements for samples and technical guidance in these aspects.

In fact, in the application of oilfield drilling, you need to be very careful to know what your foundation is. If your base oil is diesel mineral oil or synthetic oil, you need to clearly indicate to the supplier which type of base oil you have. This will enable the supplier to directly recommend the targeted organic bentonite model to you, because different base oils require different types of organic bentonite, This is very important.

We emphasize once again that in the application of organic bentonite, whether you are using oilfield drilling and different base oils, or using paint coatings, whether you are water-based or oil-based, we will have targeted paint coatings. Organic bentonite is provided to you, and the same applies to lubricants and inks. A lot of experience has accumulated a wealth of experience in the process of over 20 years, It will be very meaningful for you to provide the most direct and powerful support in helping you and supporting your project.