Coalescing agent | Ester Alcohol

Coalescing agent | Ester Alcohol

Coalescing agent is an Ester Alcohol in decorating paint.As a highly trusted chemical additive in the construction industry and coatings.Ester Alcohol is a very versatile, efficient and compatible additive with all types of lotion.Coalescing agent demonstrated stable performance and consistently maintained consistent results.

Coalescing agent | Ester Alcohol Advantage one, non flammability. Low flammability

The solubility in water is very low, and the freezing point is particularly low. Regardless of the construction conditions or the porosity of the substrate,Ester Alcohol can better enter the latex particles, thus achieving the maximum film-forming effect.


Coalescing agent

Advantage 2: It is particularly convenient to use While working

The risk of coating crystallization is very low, as Coalescing agent belongs to a non hazardous chemical substance, which means it is a non micro product.

Has extremely high efficiency.

When you use Ester Alcohol , as long as you add a small amount of additives, you can achieve good film-forming properties, which are repairable and very resistant to scrubbing.

High versatility, film forming agent can match with most lotion.

For latex paints with different pH values, their chemical stability is particularly evident, and their evaporation rate is particularly suitable for water-based coatings.

In addition to being used in some water-based coatings and paints, Coalescing agent is also widely used in some inks, resulting in excellent film-forming properties.

Coalescing agent

Here we will elaborate on the role of film forming aids.

The so-called silence means that latex particles coagulate into a continuous and uniform coating process during contact. In another word, lotion is a well dispersed high molecular weight polymer.

When Ester Alcohol evaporates in water, it forces latex particles to contact each other. In order to achieve continuous coating, latex particles must fuse and coagulate with each other. Of course, the film-forming property of latex particles is also affected by construction conditions.

In order to make the silent lotion polymer of the paint have fluidity under various temperature and humidity conditions, the film forming agent can temporarily soften.

The latex particles are some molecules of the polymer latex, which are reduced to below the drying temperature of the paint film, so that the latex particles can blend to form a continuous paint film.

Increasing the amount of film forming agent will make its effect more close to your expectations.

After using film forming aids, the performance of the application can be greatly improved, such as its scrub resistance, washability, and glossiness.

We also want to point out that in addition to using a paper layer in water-based latex paint, we can also use Ester Alcohol in wood preservatives, floor wax, intermediates of synthetic ester derivatives, mineral suspension agents and ink removers, as well as petroleum mud drilling.

This film forming agent is also widely used in adhesives, and Coalescing agent  can make product storage more stable, leveling and adhesion, and improve glossiness.

We use this film forming agent in water-based silk screen printing ink, water-based gravure printing ink, water-based flexographic printing ink, UV water-based coating ink, as well as water-based coil and steel coatings, water-based wood coatings, water-based adhesives for coatings.

water-based industrial coatings, water-based container coatings, water-based anti-corrosion coatings, water-based ship coatings, water-based electrophoretic coatings, as well as some water-based automotive coatings and repair coatings.

So far, film forming agent has not only improved the film forming performance of latex paint, but also lowered the minimum film forming temperature of latex paint, making film forming agent have the scrub resistance and improved the color development of latex paint.

Our packaging is 200 kilograms per barrel, and general protection measures can be taken during use for work-related injuries without special requirements.

Of course, when you store Coalescing agent, we recommend placing Coalescing agent in a cool, dry, and ventilated place to avoid storing it in some humid environments.

Our film forming aids have many different names, such as Coagulant, coalescing agent and film forming cosolvent. In short, they can make polymer particles in lotion dissolve and swell.They mainly play important film-forming properties in aqueous systems.