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If you have trouble finding coating additives manufacturer, Camp Shinning is the right place to be! Camp Shinning focuses on serving as your one-stop coating additives manufacturer in China.

It is been twenty years of experience in exporting and supplying  organoclay coating additives, including water based organoclay. Camp Shinning covers a series of products like matting agent. 

You can have ISO approved organoclay coating additives from us and other coating additives.  Camp Shinning your trusted  coating additives manufacturer  that has been through the modified bentonite process.

As an organoclay coating additives manufacturer, our organoclay are at a lower cost. You can use it for your paint,coating production alternative to world famous organoclay coating additives to achieve anti settling protection.

Choosing Camp Shinning as your coating additives manufacturer,   You will experience the stability of your whole formula, as well as excellent thixotropy and rheology.

Camp Shinning is your premier organoclay coating additives manufacturer!

Solvent Based Organoclay | Coating Additives

Pre Gel Grade Organoclay | Coating Additive

Organo clay (modified bentonite) CP-34 is a coating additive, designed especially for use in solvent based system. It can be used widely in solvents from low polarity to medium-high polarity.

Easy Dispersing Grade Organoclay | Coating Additives

Organo clay (modified montmorillonite) CP-180B is an coating additive, designed especially for use in solvent based system including intermediate and low polarity polarity range organic liquid.

Super Dispersing Grade Organoclay | Coating Additives

Organoclay CP-APA is produces by coating additives manufacturer Camp Shinning, it has good suspension stability, high-temperature stability and thickening, thixotropy.

Water Based Organoclay | Coating Additives

Watar Based Organoclay CP-EW | Coating Additives

Watar Based Organoclay CP-EW is modified bentonite. It is mainly used in water-borne system.•High gelling effectiveness, CP-EW can form gel even at 2% in water

Watar Based Organoclay CP-EWB | Coating Additives

Water based organoclay rheological additive CP-EWB is water based inorgano clay rheological additive. It is mainly used in water based system.

Water based organoclay CP-EWS | Coating Additives

CP-EWS is modified bentonite. It is used in water-borne system. Compared with CP-EW, CP-EWS has better performance of thixotropy, transparence and dispersion.

Advantage Of Thixotropic Additive In Paint | Organoclay

  • High gelling effectiveness

  • Good sag resistance

  • Increases anti settling ability in paint  (Prevents pigment Settling)

  • High thixotropy when Thixotropic Additive (Solvent based paints)

  • Confers temperature stability 

  • Imparts particle suspension

thixotropic additive

Camp Shinning | Organoclay Coating Additives Manufacturer

Find your organoclay coating additives easily at Camp Shinning. Our company has passed ISO9001 and organoclay patents.

 Camp Shinning is an organoclay coating additives manufacturer which manufactured a variety of organoclay that offers organoclay rheological additives for your paints, coatings projects. Our company mainly produce with low price but good quality all kinds of organoclay coating additives in China.  

thixotropic additive

Thixotropic Additive

Camp Shinning offer thixotropic additive for solvent based paints and water based paints.

Thixotropic Agent

Highly efficient organo bentonite based on a Thixotropic Agent especially for medium-polarity to high-polarity systems to generate anti settling and thixotropic flow behavior.
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Trusted Organoclay Coating Additives Manufacturer.

Camp Shinning offers a wide selection and viable solutions of organoclay coating additives, matting agents, and etc. If your project requires a larger quantity of organoclay coating additives, you can contact Camp Shinning as your organoclay coating additives manufacturer.


You may also give us specifications of your organoclay coating additives as we provide adjusting formulation. Camp Shinning’s organoclay coating additives are perfectly used for your coating and paints projects. 


Camp Shinning, as an organoclay coating additives manufacturer the organoclay is also widely used in fields other than coating and paint, such as lubricating grease, ink, oil field drilling, sealant, and so on.


Organoclay coating additives manufacturer, Camp Shinning’s coating additive mainly refers to organoclay bentonite. When it is used in your paint coatings formula, it makes the whole production have good thixotropic and rheological properties, and has strong anti sagging performance and anti sedimentation. The use of high-quality organoclay coating additives will make your coating play a role in the whole industry for a long time.


The raw bentonite ore is necessary for the production of organoclay coating additives is owned by Camp Shinning. The raw ore is owned by Camp Shinning. It can efficiently ensure your delivery time and production time, and the improvement of purity has also played a great role.


Camp Shinning provides various types of organoclay as a necessity for your coating additives. Whether it is the requirements of the water based coatings or the needs of solvent coatings.

Our staff, especially those from the technology department and the sales department, have worked in Camp Shinning for about 15 years, which is due to the good reputation of Camp Shinning in the industry.

Camp Shinning looks forward to becoming your best organoclay coating additives manufacturer.

To learn more about our organoclay coating additives, get a quote right here, right now!

thixotropic additive
Organo Bentonite For Inks
thixotropic additive

Coating Additives Manufacturer | Camp Shinning Organoclay


  This FAQ document aims to guide and help you find out your ideal paint coating manufacturers, to assist dealers, engineers and consultants to learn more about the advantages of the organoclay bentonite produced. 


It covers all the main aspects of the application, performance characteristics, indicators, storage methods, and many more.

What Are Coating Additives ?

We mentioned today mainly refer to organoclay bentonite produced by coating additive manufacturers. The coating additive here is actually organoclay bentonite. It is a coating additive after long-time modification. As an economic and efficient rheological additive, it has played a good role in the organic system with low and medium polarity. 


The coating additives of carnation also include the medium and high-grade polarity of organic bentonite and the organoclay bentonite with high polarity.


 This kind of organoclay bentonite as coating additive mainly prevents the pigment from settling during storage, prevents dehydration shrinkage in the system, provides good thixotropy and increases the viscosity of the coating.

 What Are The Applications Of Organoclay Coating Additives?

Organoclay coating additives are used in a variety of applications such as:

 Organoclay bentonite produced by coating additives manufacturers is widely used in almost all common paint manufacturing projects.


 In recent years, organoclay bentonite has been welcomed by many paint manufacturers because of its functional and sustainable rheological and thixotropic properties in paint coating manufacturing, as well as its good anti settlement performance during storage, It can be widely used.


 l Aerosol paints ,Anti-corrosive paints ,Automotive finishes, primers ,Coil coating systems, Industrial paints

l Interior and exterior house paints ,Mould release agents , Plastisols, organosols

l Primers, Refinish systems, Trichlorethylene dip coatings ,wood coatings etc.

 What Are The Processes Involved In Organoclay coating additives?

The processing technology of organoclay coating additives involves a relatively complex process and steps. Here we briefly describe several important steps in the production process.  


All this information comes from the Camp Shinning’s experience in attracting investment as a professional coating additives manufacturers. 

Firstly, the montmorillonite is taken out from the raw ore and dried. Then the montmorillonite is mechanically dispersed in hot water.Then purification from the settling bucket.At this stage, purification is still our main work, so we will use centrifuge for further purification.


Further,  Then, additives such as octadecyl tertiary amine and quaternary amine salt are put into the reactor for reaction.The key step is to pressure filtration.Then flash drying.Further grinding to the final packaging.

All these processes are a summary after years of repeated practice by organoclay coating additive manufacturers.


Pre-inspection is conducted to ensure galvanized beam materials have the required design characteristics, coating quality, proper holes and bracing, etc…

The pre inspection of products is the manufacturer must compete for a procedure. Here, we need a preliminary test to determine whether the organoclay has good thixotropy performance and its water content, pH value.


These tests include the test of loss on ignition, etc. Camp Shinning is your trusted organoclay coating additives manufacturers.

Final Inspection

This is a comprehensive test, which includes a comprehensive test on the consistency of various performances from the integrity of the outer packaging to the product quality, so as to ensure that the products meet the needs of the customer’s final sales market.

What Are The Materials Used To Produce Organoclay coating additives ?

The raw materials used to produce organoclay as coating additives is bentonite, also known as montmorillonite. Its raw materials are montmorillonite, including some Octadecyl tertiary amine and octadecyl Amine, which are necessary raw materials for the production of bentonite. 


For more raw materials for manufacturing paint coating additives, you can also contact the coating additives manufacturer directly.

Why Coating additives Manufacturer Prefer To Use Organoclay as coating additive?

 The advantages of organoclay bentonite to coating production and manufacturing are very comprehensive, which is also the fundamental reason why many coatings choose organoclay as coating additives.

Firstly, as a thickener, the price of organoclay bentonite is relatively low compared with other thickeners. Therefore, many coating additive manufacturers like to recommend the application of organoclay bentonite in the production of paint coatings.

Another reason why coating additive manufacturers like to recommend organoclay bentonite to coating manufacturers is that it has better and stable thixotropic and rheological properties, which makes the whole production process and use process of coating.


even including storage process, have good rheology and  settlement resistance.

What are the Properties of Organoclay Coating Additives?

The organoclay bentonite produced by professional coating additives manufacturers often has some obvious characteristics. 


For example, its composition is composed of organic derivatives of montmorillonite clay. Their appearance is often white powder with moisture less than or equal to 3.5.When the ignition loss is tested at 1000 ℃, it is generally between 32% ~ 35%, and the bulk density is also 0.35~0.45g/cm3.    Fineness is about  (<74μm, %) ≥98%.

What Are The Common Grades Of  Organoclay Coating Additives?

We divide it into two categories, water-based organoclay and solvent based organoclay.

Solvent based organoclay include CP-34,CP-180,CP-APA,CP-180B,CP-EZ etc.

Water based organoclay include CP-EW,CP-EWS,CP-WBS etc.

 Can Coating Additives Be Adjusted?

Absolutely,  When producing organoclay bentonite, coating additive manufacturers can adjust the formula to meet the real needs of customers. 


For example, the basic appearance can also be adjusted, because it depends on what kind of bentonite raw ore we choose, followed by moisture content, loss on ignition, bulk density and fineness, which can be adjusted by Campshinning’s R & D department.

Coating additives manufacturers can fulfill requirements for ORGANOCLAY in a special performance larger quantities.  

Is Water Based Organoclay Better Than Solvent Based Organoclay?

  The waterborne organoclay bentonite produced by coating additive manufacturers is much better than solvent based organoclay bentonite from the perspective of environmental protection. In terms of product quality and performance, they play a similar role.


For example,  Greatly improve the storage capacity of paint and anti settlement.For example, during operation, improve the value anti sagging and anti sagging performance.

Therefore, there is no difference in the use of waterborne organoclay and solvent-based organoclay . It just plays a similar role.

 How long can organoclay Coating Additives be stored?

The storage time of organoclay bentonite produced by the coating additives manufacturer is generally 24 months. 

In these 24 months, you should ensure that the place where the stored is dry and cool. Whether it will affect the performance of the whole production or depend on your final test.

 What Is The Difference Between Pre-Gel Grade Organoclay, Easy Disperse Organoclay ?

Pre-Gel Grade Organoclay

Pre gel grade organoclay bentonite which the price is cheaper than conventional organoclay bentonite , and pre gel can provide a better dispersion effect for the whole formulation.   


Because of its price advantage and many coating additive manufacturers highly recommends you.  But its disadvantage is that it requires you to do a step of operation handover, which will be cumbersome in the process.


 Easy Disperse Organoclay

 The biggest advantage of easily dispersed organoclay bentonite is that it can be directly put into the formula without any pre- gel operation steps. It is relatively simple and direct in time and tools.Then, coating additive manufacturers often consider a cost problem. 

Why do end users make it clear that the price of such easily dispersed organoclay bentonite is significantly higher than that of Pre gel grade’s organoclay bentonite .

 Are Organoclay Bentonite a Non Hazardous Products  ?

Absolutely.Organoclay bentonite produced by coating additive manufacturers is a non hazardous product.

Organoclay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning, which has been tested and issued by Shanghai Research Institute of chemical industry.After testing, the organoclay is approved and issued the certificate of goods transportation conditions.

He said that the organic bentonite produced by Kangmin can be transported safely, whether by air, sea or railway.The Certification clearly points out that organoclay bentonite is not classified in explosives, Neither classified in flammable substance, and organoclay bentonite is not classified in oxidant substance and organic peroxides.

The report also states that the organoclay is not classified in radioactive material.and it’s not classified in corrosives.

How Much Cost Organoclay In China?

Organoclay is usually produced by coating additive manufacturers. Its cost is generally between 1500 US dollars and 3000 US dollars per ton. The final price depends on the application field used by customers and the specific requirements for a certain index.

For a free quotation or consultation, contact us now.

Why To Import Organoclay From China?

Many buyers will ask, What are the advantages of purchasing from you, or what are the advantages of purchasing organoclay from China? After years of accumulated experience, we give the following reasons.

  • ,There are many coating additive manufacturer in China, buyers have a wide choice.

  • ,The price is low.As a result of the complete supply chain, the cost of coating additive manufacturers can be effectively controlled.

  • ,China is rich in resources, which provides a more convenient procurement channel for many coating additive manufacturers.

  • ,Chinese coating additivesmanufacturers and suppliers have a very good sense of service and will provide you with the best service and the most stable quality products in every detail.

How Long Does It Takes To Deliver Organoclay From China?

 If you have a reliable coating additive manufacturer in China, you can ask them how long the regular delivery time is. In Camp Shinning, the regular delivery time is 5 ~ 10 working days. Of course, in the peak season, it will be extended to 15 working days.

How Much Is The Average Shipping Cost From China?

The freight cost of organoclay bentonite is based on its volume. Usually, we pack 16 tons of organoclay bentonite in a 20 FCL with a volume 28cbm. 22MT pack in 40fcl which the valuse is 58cbm.

 Curious about Organoclay shipping cost, contact us for a free quotation.

Why Choose Camp Shinning Organoclay As Your Coating Additive Manufacturer ?

Our 20 Years of experience have made us experts in the field of organoclays R & D and manufacturing. We own state-of-the-art equipment and we utilize the latest technology CNC machinery to deliver the most cost-efficient, predictable and reliable organoclay coating additive. 


Our team is formed by highly qualified engineer and worker , They are committed to providing you with the most cost-effective organoclay bentonite, and provide you with the products with the most price advantage on the premise of ensuring the quality of the products themselves.


Camp Shinning can guide you to give full play to your greatest advantages in marketing and product application. Years of experience is a powerful guarantee for you to develop the market.


The organolay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning is not only used in paint, but also widely used in grease,ink, oilfield drilling and sealant production. We want to say that Camp Shinning is your reliable coating additive manufacturer if you are a coating manufacturer.


 Most of the bentonite comes from their own integration and fineness quality, which has very reliable control. 

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Camp Shinning produce organoclay,it is a powder coating additives, bentonite additives for paints and coatings,Its main purpose is to have anti sagging, anti settlement, good thixotropic performance .

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