Drilling Lubricant

Drilling Lubricant : Camp Shinning provides professional lubricants for oil field drilling, which are mainly used to lubricate the drill bit and achieve a lubrication effect on the surface and bearings of the drill bit.

Drilling Lubricant also helps to reduce wear and tear caused by the friction of the drill bit, especially in environments with high temperature and high-pressure requirements. When the oil field drilling high-temperature lubricants produced by the common people are very suitable for such high-temperature operations.It is also called drill bit lubricant or lubricant for drilling metal.

Drilling Lubricant

Drilling Lubricant

Drilling Lubricant CP-LUBER | Oil field lubricants

Lubricant for drilling metal CP-LUBER is an excellent lubricant with the main components being aliphatic derivatives. Drill bit lubricant is a Rate of Penetration (ROP) Enhancer and plays an important role in a high performance water-base mud. It is better to reduce friction coefficient and torque which also can be used as drilling fluid lubricant for various kinds of well, especially for highly deviated wells or deep wells.

Drilling Lubricant Specifications

Physical appearance …………….……Light yellow to brown liquid

Density(g/cm3) …………………………………………….0.80-1.0

Density change increase. value(g/cm3) …………………… ≤±0.08

Apparent viscosity change value(mPa·s)……………………≤5

Lubrication coeff. reduction…………………………………… ≥70%


Normal concentrations of drill lubricant CP-LUBER range from 1 to 3%, depending on the mud density, coefficient of friction and the mud system. After the initial treatment, periodic treatments should be made to maintain the desired concentration. Higher concentrations may be required for pills and special applications. Treatment levels and product usage depend on the rate of penetration, solids-control equipment and dilution rates.

One suggested application method consists of maintaining a small, constant stream, added directly into the suction pit. Drill lubricant CP-LUBER is compatible with common water base mud additives and is a low-fluorescent additive.

Packaging and Storage

The product Drilling Lubricant is usually packaged in 55-gallon drums, and other packages are available upon request.

Store product in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area.


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We welcome more people to inquire about our oilfield lubricant. As a liquid product, its color is light yellow. When applied to drilling mud, it can effectively lubricate the drill bit, making it better cooled. During this friction process, it protects the drill bit and allows the entire moneymaking process to proceed smoothly.

Drilling Lubricant

 If you are looking for lubricating grease for oil-based mud, please contact our sales department now to obtain the product manual provided by the sales department. At the same time, we also provide free samples for our users to test. We hope that our stable quality and highly competitive price can help your project.

If you have specific specifications for lubricating oil in use, you can send us the manual of the product you have used before, or provide us with corresponding samples. We will choose a model that matches your use and recommend it to you. This will effectively shorten the entire procurement process and more directly select the model that suits you.

Drilling Lubricant
Drilling Lubricant

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