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Drilling Mud Emulsifier : The use of emulsifiers in combination with organic bentonite in oilfield drilling can result in good compatibility in organic drilling mud fluids.

They have good promoting effects on diesel, mineral oil, and synthetic oil systems. Among them, the emulsifier can reduce the tension between oil and water, which is a result. It can form a stable lotion with small droplets. We mainly have two levels of emulsifiers in combination, four routes. Of course, at present, we have also developed two in one emulsifiers. Their prices are the same.

Our emulsifiers can surround water droplets like a packaging film, while the fatty acid composition extends to the mailbox. We need to clearly emphasize that both our emulsifiers and our organic bentonite are used in oil-based slurries, while they cannot be used in water-based slurries.

Emulsifiers Used in Designing Emulsion Based Drilling Fluids

Drilling Mud Emulsifier


Drilling Mud Emulsifier can reduce interfacial tension to achieve dispersion, and Drilling Mud Emulsifier is halogenated, making it a good surfactant.

Overall, the chemical properties of halogenating agents determine the type of effort, which is a simple rule. If it can be classified, it is mainly divided into PRIMARY  Emulsifiers and SECONDARY  Emulsifiers. 

 As we all know, the Drilling Mud Emulsifier is a result of the reaction of lime and fatty acid. It can be used to emulsify water into oil, provide a stable lotion in the organic system, and can be used as a wetting agent to prevent solids from being recognized in the process of water emulsion. 

Camp Shinning supply the oil and gas industry provides organophilic clay bentonite and emulsifiers used in oil drilling systems, which are used in the preparation of drilling lubricants, reflux additives, corrosion inhibitors, mutual solvents, and gel breakers.

The stability of our organoclay bentonite and Drilling Mud Emulsifier is a significant advantage, as its stability in the oil-based mud used can help suppress corrosion and lowering of pour point , which is crucial for on-site antifreeze additives.

This emulsifier, as a surfactant, is used for flowback, slurries and acidizing additives.

Emulsifier has always played an important role in diesel oil system, synthetic oil drilling fluid and some direct lotion drilling. Our emulsifiers are popular among many companies due to their excellent lubrication performance and good stability control, especially for shale.

 Primary, Secondary and Combination   Emulsifiers

Our carefully formulated emulsifiers mainly reflect our professional knowledge of oil-based mud drilling fluids and are specifically designed to improve the stability, solid tolerance, temperature stability, and control the loss of drilling fluids.

Rheology Modifiers

Our rheological modifier is mainly used to maintain the stability of oil-based mud drilling fluid at high temperature and high pressure in low shear low temperature viscosity and some high shear high temperature viscosity, achieving a stable suspension. Therefore, it becomes a suspension agent for use.

Advantages of oil based mud emulsifiers.

Widely used, mainly for oil-based mud systems.

Control the loss of drilling fluid.

 Improve thermal stability.High temperature and high pressure stability.

It has good wetting and lubricating effect on the whole lotion.

Our oil based mud emulsifiers packaging can be customized according to customer requirements. Currently, the main packaging method is 200 kilograms per barrel, and 20fcl can load 14 tons.

Primary Emulsifier

The emulsifier can also form a stable water in oil, lotion, and give the organic fluid high temperature stability, which can be directly added to the system to resist electrolyte pollution.

Many users use emulsifiers as a wetting agent.

OBM Secondary Emulsifier 

Improving the thermal stability of oil-based mud in different mud densities and ratios of oil or water, while enhancing the resistance to pollutants, and becoming the best choice for wetting.

Drilling Mud Emulsifier