Ester Alcohol

Ester Alcohol

Ester alcohol 12 is a film forming auxiliary in lubricant which the CAS No. is 25265-77-4.
 Esters liquor is 2,2,4-TRIMETHYL-1,3-PENTANEDIOL 1-MONOISOBUTYRATE. Coalescent Agent is a lubricant agent and decorative paint additive. ALCOHOL ESTER can be applied to lubricating greases and paint coatings, just like our main product organo clay bentonite.

Ester Alcohol

ALCOHOL ESTER 12 | Film Forming Agent

What is Esterification?

Ester alcohol as a solvent in paints and coatings

ALCOHOL ESTER as a Film forming agent in In different games, such as the latex paint industrial area of Qiqi, it has become a relatively high-quality and good film-forming additive in these paint coatings. Here, we first introduce the use of Ester alcohol as a solvent in paint coatings.

As a film forming agent for water-based coatings, it can produce the best silencing effect in some water-based coatings and paint systems, and has good compatibility with other chemical components. It can improve the overall performance in some paints and varnishes, and its addition amount is very small. By using a small amount of it, good film forming can be achieved.

After using this product, its biggest advantage is that it can make the product more durable, harder, and at the same time, it will not be contaminated or damaged, and the glossiness will be greatly improved.

It is a non volatile chemical additive . It is not an VOC. Under conventional thinking, it will not become a gas or vapor, because the main reason is that its floating point is above 250 ℃.

We have always been focused on continuously improving the quality of our products, and he has been providing reasoning.

As a relatively slow evaporating solvent, it can extend the opening time in some printing inks, games, and coatings on rolls, making it a popular film-forming agent.It is very important in the film forming process of some water-based coatings and water diluted materials, as it can effectively reduce the minimum film forming temperature and surface tension.

In short, its great advantage is that as long as you use a small amount of it, you can achieve relatively good thin films.It is also used particularly well in some adhesives.

Ester alcohol as a solvent in adhesives

It is not only a high-quality film forming agent for paint coatings, but also a popular solvent in some lubricants and adhesives because it can maintain a viscous liquid and make it very easy to process. It has a very good impact on some opening time, air drying time, and adhesion, which means it can. Improving the wetting effect of the adhesive and its drying time can be well affected.

It has many similarities and commonalities with organic bentonite in application fields. For example, they can be applied to paints, coatings, sealants, inks, and latex paints, which are water-based latex paints and can become additives. However, their difference is that organic bentonite clay mainly plays a role in thickening, rheological properties, and resistance to such effects, forming film additives, Its main function is to achieve a stable film-forming effect in a short period of time.

It is very incredible that it is used as both a fungicide and a preservative in cosmetics and personal care products, and these properties make it highly praised among users.

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ALCOHOL ESTER 12 | Esterification Advantages

 Its main function is to quickly form films and stably form films in water-based systems, especially in water-based coatings and paints.

Has good resistance to relatively low temperatures.

In latex paint, the minimum film forming temperature can be greatly reduced.

It can become a coalescing agents improved paint fusion.

Its stability index is very high for weather resistance, hardness, and durability, especially for improving the performance of coatings.

ester alcohol 2,2,4-trimethyl-1,3-pentandiol monoisobutyrate is a coalescing agent.

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