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Camp Shinning is a well-known organoclay gelling agent manufacturer and supplier in China. With more than 20 years of experience, it is mainly used in paint industry, coating, lubricating, ink and oilfield drilling mud.All organophilic clay gelling agent will help you effectively improve thixotropy, thickening, anti sedimentation, sagging resistance and suspension performance in production.


  • 20+ years in organoclay gelling agent manufacturing
  • ISO approved company
  • Immediate organoclay solution
  • Provide free samples and technical guidance.
  • Camp Shinning has its own bentonite raw ore.

Paint Grade Organoclay

Good anti settling ability and perfect thickening ability over a wide range of temperatures .Excellent thixotropy.

Grease Grade Gelling Agent

Organoclay is compatible with a wide variety of grease additives. Resistance to oil separation

Inks Grade Rheology Modifier

To improve pigment settling resistance and reproducible rheology characteristics.

Drilling Grade Organoclay

With excellent suspension properties to effectively clean the wellbore and avoid sag.

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Gelling Agent is a Reliable Choice for You to Conquer Customers

We will give full consideration to your original chemical formula and your applications , including the specifications of the same products you originally used, and then recommend you the most cost-effective thickening agent that meets your needs.

Therefore, Camp Shinning’s goal is to provide all our customers with high-quality  organoclay bentonite gelling agent and cost-effective products, so that you can occupy an advantageous position in the market competition.

Why Choose Camp Shinning for Your Gelling Agent

bentonite drilling mud

 It is a wise choice to choose Camp Shinning as your main source of supply. We enjoy a good reputation all over the world in the handling of this business. We have provided very excellent organoclay bentonite gelling agent for world-famous enterprises, making all our supplier partners in the global competition in a relatively high quality, Price occupies an absolute competitive position.

  In addition, the engineers of our technical department have provided us with unique technical support. They have participated in the R & D and production of oil thickener for more than 20 years. Good humanized service and better products are the mission of our enterprise development. Therefore, we will make 100% efforts to do better R & D and production.

Please tell us your application and all requirements. Camp Shinning will fully consider the information you provide, let’s supply you with a complete organoclay gelling agent solution.

Camp Shinning promises you that everything will grant practically!

Camp Shinning- Your Premier Gelling Agent Manufacturer in China

Are you seeking a perfect foundation that resolves your organoclay gelling agent issues? Leave those worries away because Camp Shinning is right there who will provide you needed assistance. Camp Shinning acknowledges as the prominent company established so far in China that only focuses on innovating and developing comprehensive production of bentonite thickener.

Camp Shinning offers a wide types of thickening agents, They include the water based organoclay thickening agent and solvent based thickener chemical, as well as the low polarity gelling agent, middle polarity thickenning and high polarity mineral thickener.

Camp Shinning organoclay gel thickener has the highest adaptation standard that meets up the various qualifications of all the customers.

 Camp Shinning’s organoclay gelling agent is called industrial thickener. According to the requirements of different systems and applications, it can provide you with many different models. Therefore, before you purchase from us, please tell us your applications and your target requirements. We will recommend the most cost-effective organoclay thickener chemical to you according to the information you provide to meet your needs of production and market competition.

Since being founded, our organoclay thickening agent in suspension , including the aqueous gelling agent, already obtain management authentication such as the ISO9001 certifications.  

 All the organoclay bentonite thickener provided by the Camp Shinning has good settling resistance and good dispersibility. Especially when the organic thickener is used to lubricate,ink, paint and oil drilling mud, its thixotropic property and suspension performance are very significant.

 To obtain the maximum market competitiveness at the lowest cost is the biggest advantage that Camp Shinning provides you with organoclay gelling agent. You can also obtain our latest technical formula in the fierce market competition to help you realize the cost control and the benefit presentation of technical quality.

If your order is very urgent,Camp Shinning can help you solve these urgent matters, because we have our own bentonite source ore, which can solve a big problem in the section of raw materials. At the same time, our technicians are very skilled, and almost most engineering personnel have more than 20 years of R & D experience, So we can deal with your urgent gelling agent requirements at the first time.

 The success is in your hand, so leave all your worries away and trust Camp Shinning for your organoclay gelling agent . You must have better business sales and be more reproductive in this profession.

Stay connected at Camp Shinning! We are willing to share with you all the market information and technical updates about organoclay gelling agent.

There are a wide range of different types of gelling agents. The best is the one that provides the greatest level of viscosity and consistency.In addition, the best gelling agents are highly temperature-sensitive.

an organoclay-type clay was used to evaluate its gelling properties in toluene. This material contains higher alkyls than other compounds, which makes it a better gelling agent than other clays.

The present invention improves the gelling properties of bentonite-type clay. The invention further improves the gelling properties of bentonites. It produces organoclay gelling agents. This gelling agent can be used in coating products and other applications. The invention is applicable to a variety of industries. It is beneficial in the production of plastics and other materials. The present invention relates to an organoclay-based polymer. 

A gelling agent can be classified into two groups. First, it can be classified as a thickener. The thicker one is the best. The thickened gelling agent is more difficult to process. It has a high melting point, which is important for the application of plastics in an automobile. The thickened gel is more resistant to impact and will resist abrasion.  Gelling Agent is an additive worth your choice.