Gelling Agents | Organophilic Clay

Gelling Agents Organic bentonite, also known as rheological modifier, is an indispensable chemical additive in oilfield drilling. Organophilic clay bentonite is an important suspending agent in completion fluid, workover fluid and fracturing fluid.

Whether you are an oilfield service company or an end user, we welcome you to inquire about our products organoclay. Our company provides you with the high  quality organic clay bentonite and the competitive  price.

Gelling Agents

Gelling Agents Organoclay

Product Name : Gelling Agents

Color :                  Off – White Organoclay Powder

Application:        Thixotropic Uses Paints | Coatings | Grease | Oil drilling Mud   

Materials :            Alkyl Quaternary Ammonium bentonite

Certificate:           ISO 9001

Packing:               25Kg/Bag,22.68 (50lb)/Bag Or Customize  

                             16MT/20FCL With Pallet, 22MT/40FCL With Pallet.

Features :            Thixotropy, Thickening, Anti-Settling, Anti-Sagging,   

Sample Service :   Oilfield chemicals Organophilic clay Sample Available.

Brand :                    Camp – Shinning Organoclay 

Gelling Agents | Organophilic Clay

Gelling Agents | Organophilic Clay