Hollow Glass Sphere | Glass Bubbles 65997-17-3

Hollow Glass Sphere

Hollow Glass Spheres and organoclay have a common feature in that they can both be used in coatings and in oil field drilling. Glass bubble is a powder silicate glass particle with a smooth surface and spherical characteristics, which is very suitable for liquid flow applications.

The colors include gray and gray white. Hollow glass sphere can be used in random systems and solvent based systems.


Hollow Glass Sphere is also called glass sphere,glass bubbles,glass bubble,hollow glass microspheres and micro glass beads.

We provide high-quality hollow glass balls with excellent performance, a wide range of varieties, and a wide range of size options for glass microspheres. They can be used in polymer additives, fine abrasives, conductive products, and road safety.

Glass spheres is a product that has gained market recognition.


Hollow glass microspheres provides a high-quality electrical coating.Especially providing good conductivity and shielding performance for spherical particles, as Hollow Glass Sphere has an optimized thickness of the conductive coating and the advantage of weight reduction with hollow low-density materials, with direct hooks.

These conductive microbubbles are suitable for use in some medical equipment, electronic, military applications, and biotechnology industries. They are also widely used in the coating industry and oilfield drilling.

It not only has strong advantages in high temperature stability, chemical resistance, heat resistance, and low density, but also glass microspheres must be rigid and have a lower density.The diameter range is generally between 5 meters and 186 meters, and the density range of spherical particles is very wide, from 0.06 grams to 0.80 grams per cubic meter.

We must point out that the compressive strength of a hollow ball is determined by its wall thickness. If the density of the ball is higher, then its compressive strength will also be higher. At the same time, the hollow glass ball itself has very stable chemical properties, no pores, and is waterproof, while it does not have flammability.

Hollow Glass Sphere | Glass Bubbles 65997-17-3

glass bubble,micro glass beads has the ability to sterilize at high temperatures, with outstanding inertness and chemical stability. At the same time, Hollow Glass Sphere serves as a filler to reduce weight and generate buoyancy, and has the ability to float to the surface of glass. This solution provides users with excellent performance during use.

In addition to our conventional manufacturing of its superior performance, its characteristics, as well as the accuracy of diameter and density, are also very excellent.Including its sphericity, glass microballoons is highly recognized by customers.

Hollow Glass Sphere | Glass Bubbles 65997-17-3

Glass microspheres,hollow glass microspheres’s appearance is a white flowing powder, with excellent flowability, and Hollow Glass Sphere is hollow. Its composition is sodium calcium powder silicate.

The particle size range is generally between 5-125 meter ohms.

Hollow Glass Sphere
Hollow Glass Sphere

The advantages of hollow glass balls.


  • Glass bubbles has high dispersion and good flowability.
  • Glass spheres has sound insulation and is widely used in interior paint coatings and automotive sealants.
  • Stable chemical properties.
  • The density is low, and the weight of the product will significantly decrease after use.
  • The color is pure white and can be widely used in application systems with high requirements for appearance and color.
  • High loading capacity can replace or save more fillers or numbers to reduce production costs.

In order to improve product performance while reducing production costs and reducing the weight of composite materials, due to its ultra-low density, users will choose glass microspheres for application in production. We have a variety of hollow glass ball models available for sale, allowing you to choose from.

As a kind of hollow microsphere, it is very light, and the metal powder material is very micron level. You can clearly see the foam bubbles. We put it into hollow glass, microsphere and glass bubble, which can replace some calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, talcum powder, etc.

Application of Hollow Glass Sphere

  1. Paint coating.
  2. Oilfield drilling.
  3. Putty powder.
  4. Artificial stone.
  5. Rubber plastic.
  6. Oilfield drilling mud.
  7. Adhesives and sealants.
  • Used as an additive in some low density oil well cementing, Lijiang, and drilling fluids.
  • Insulation paint and coatings.
  • Artificial marble.
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic, some composite material operations.
  • Low density adhesive and sealing intermediate.
  • Used for some signal coated circuit boards and some electronic materials.
  • hollow glass microspheres used it as a filler and additive to replace silicon carbide, talc powder, and clay.
  • Used as a lightweight material in aerospace composite materials.


We not only have hollow glass microspheres but also solid glass microspheres. No matter which field you are applying in, please inform us of your application requirements and basic parameters in large quantities, and we will make corresponding recommendations.

This high-performance hollow glass microsphere has corrosion resistance, non conductivity, chemical resistance, and so on.His lighter weight and strength characteristics are often used as a filler.

Hollow glass microspheres are a type of thin walled glass engineering with spherical bubbles.The glass type is amorphous and can depend on high purity levels.At the same time, the density is also very low.

Glass microballoons can be integrated into some polymer and digital systems, and through surface treatment, its density, strength, and chemical properties can be adjusted to meet customer requirements for strength, weight, etc., with specialized and customized adjustments.

Micro glass beads’s characteristics.

Glass microbeads has stable chemical properties and a relatively long shelf life.

High intensity, with chemical stability and acoustic properties.

The viscosity is relatively stable.

The damage rate is well controlled and the data is very low.

You can adjust and  Particle size diameter. density, filters, and layers.

Glass microspheres is a relatively lightweight, low-density high-quality chemical filler.

Does not absorb water under pressure.

Improving liquidity.And mechanical properties.

Maintain good stability within a certain range of impact strength and size.

The high temperature reached 1240 degrees.

glass bubble can reduce the density and weight of the product and is not easy to burn.

High temperature resistance is particularly outstanding, reaching around 1100 degrees Celsius.

The packaging types of hollow glass microspheres are diverse and can be customized according to different customer needs. They usually come in bags of 25 kilograms, one ton, 50 pounds, and so on. We meet the requirements of sea and air transportation, road transportation, and railway transportation in transportation.


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