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Camp Shinning specializes in matting additive manufacturing since 2005. We provide the ultimate matting additive solution to support your business need.

  • ISO9001 certified matting additive manufacturer
  • No minimum order requirement for a new order
  • Offer 24/7 sales and engineering tech support
  • Adjust formulationaccording to your application
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Matting Additive

Whether you are looking for Matting Additive for business or direct applications, Camp Shinning is your reliable source. We have a stable professional team to manufacture matting additive base on your preference. Camp Shinning has sufficient raw material in stock to support your new product demand. The matting additive will be tested first before mass production to ensure quality.

Feel free to send us your specification now; we will offer a competitive quotation within working hours.

Applications of Matting Additive


Camp Shinning

Matting additive is a kind of high performance silica and easily dispersible matting agent without organic surface treatment. Matting additive is characterized by its outstanding matting efficiency and transparency. Matting additive is especially recommended for the application of leather coatings. High temperature (160℃-280℃) is allowed during application.


Matting Agent MT-6110 is a kind of high performance silica and easily dispersible matting agent without organic surface treatment.


Matting Additive also named matting agent. MT-6601 is a kind of high performance silica and easily dispersible matting agent without organic surface treatment.


Matting Agent MT-6602 is a kind of high performance silica and easily dispersible matting agent without organic surface treatment.


Matting Agent MT-6301 is a kind of high performance silica and easily dispersible matting agent for general applications in paints and coatings. It is non-wax-treated grade.

Why Choose Camp Shinning for Your Matting Additive

Over 20 years in the matting additive industry, Camp Shinning able to manufacture world-class matting additive. We have a high-tech production line and expert team to turn your prototype into reality. We will provide a professional matting additive solution from raw materials, testing, and delivery.

Camp Shinning can produce any matting additive for you. Please send us your inquiry now and get a better quote.

R & D Ability

Camp Shinning has a professional R & D team, specialized in the research and development of matting additive 's chemical composition, ensure the matting agent work well in the different applications. The composition of matting additive has a little different in different applications, such as paints, coating, ink, plastic, etc.

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Matting Additive

Camp Shinning has produce matting additive for many years, spend less cost than other organoclay suppliers during the manufacturing process, can provide matting additive at a competitive price, and we can promise a quick delivery time for our customers.

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Big Inventory

Camp Shinning always prepare matting additive products in the warehouse, to prevent some urgent situation, or sometimes, we can arrange fast shipment for our urgent customers, no need long time production. Big Inventory can help you ship the matting additive successfully in urgent situation.​

ISO Certification From Camp Shinning

ISO Cetificate

Camp Shinning has ISO certificate, all our our product comply with the internetional standard, and our ISO certifite can help you ship the matting additive successfully, no need to worry about customs obstruction.

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Decades Experience

Camp Shinning has decades experience in matting additive industry, we are familiar with production of matting additive, matting agent and emulsifier, specialized in coating application.

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Quality Control &Tracking

Camp Shinning will check quality of our matting additive products every batch, more, we leave and mark the matting additive sample every batch, so that you can track the matting additive quality even you order them for a long time. Camp Shinning will give you best after service experience and promise quality every order.

Your Reliable Matting Additive Supplier

Camp Shinning is one of the leading matting additive manufacturers in China. We are engaged in matting additive manufacturing for over 20 years. If you are looking for a reliable matting additive supplier and factory in China, this is your perfect place.


Camp Shinning matting additive is usable in a range of industries. The matting additive technology works efficiently in an application where better support is required. If your project involves paints,inks,plastic,leather,  this is your ideal choice.

Because we are engaged in matting additive development, we can provide you most efficient matting additive solution. We also offer customized matting additive with your specifications. Camp Shinning will offer a one-stop service for your product, from prototype to mass production.


As an expert manufacturer, we have strong capabilities to fabricate quality matting additive to support your project and business need. For some instances, we can advise helping you get satisfying results.


Camp Shinning can control quality for matting additive. Gathering rich expertise in the field, we are knowledgeable on the strategies that work best. The matting additive from Camp Shinning is one of the popular organoclay types we offer.

Can use it in paints, plastic,coatings,inks,leathers, and many more. It is beneficial for higher electronic technology and application. Due to its simplicity and basic design, it becomes a more cost-effective and affordable choice.


Camp Shinning offers leading sales and engineering tech support to ensure on-time deliveries. No matter how large or small your order might be, we will provide you the best service. Our matting additive is manufacture to conform to ISO9001 standard.


Do you have a specific need and a specific budget? Would you please let us know? We are glad to work with you and find a suitable product for your market. For any technical details, please feel free to contact our sales experts.

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