Micro Glass Beads | Hollow Glass Sphere

Micro Glass Beads | Hollow Glass Sphere

Micro Glass Beads with high performance are a type of micrometer-level hollow Glass Sphere. Glass bubbles have good insulation, and fire resistance, and do not absorb water. It also has excellent corrosion resistance.

At present, high-performance Micro Glass Beads can be widely used in petroleum exploration and electronic communication.The wide application field of Glass bubbles is due to the high strength, low thermal conductivity, good dispersibility, strong flowability, and excellent stability of hollow glass microspheres. Glass bubbles are lightweight.

In the industry, people call microbeads glass the king of composite materials.

Now we will conduct a specific analysis of the application fields of hollow glass microspheres.

Reflective glass beads for traffic paint

Glass beads for paint

Glass beads for traffic paint 

Glass microspheres | glass bubbles are widely used in paint coatings. because of their excellent corrosion resistance and anti UV and anti-yellow properties.Hollow glass microspheres reflective glass beads for traffic paint are closely arranged and have a very low thermal conductivity for thin gases.Due to this reason, glass spheres has excellent insulation and heat shrinkage properties.glass beads for traffic paint could enhances the elasticity of the coating and reduces the detachment or cracking of the coating caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Another reason for using glass microspheres | glass beads for traffic paint is that they have a good reflective effect on coatings, so they are widely used in road coatings, decorative coatings, and other fields.reflective glass beads for traffic paint.

Hollow Micro Glass Beads can also be applied to the fields of plastics and rubber.

Microbeads glass  can be applied to the interior electrical components of automobiles, consumer goods and sporting goods in polymer composites, and can be used to synthesize lightweight shoes made of foam plastic blocks. Glass spheres can represent the improvement of material stiffness and strength, as well as the improvement of dimensional stability, and insulation is also particularly prominent.At the same time, glass microbeads also reduces the density of the material.

Hollow Micro Glass Beads are applied in the field of transportation.

Because microbeads glass is an excellent lightweight filler, glass spheres can modify plastics and some composite materials to give the material an excellent performance, such as reducing its specific gravity, improving material processing performance, reducing shrinkage and warping, and also improving material rigidity, heat insulation and noise resistance. glass microballoons can also reduce the amount of resin used, making it a relatively economical raw material. glass microbeadscan also reduce VOC, improve its flame retardancy, and reduce hollow glass sphere’s smoke volume.

Hollow glass microspheres are used in the field of petroleum exploration.

Hollow glass microspheres can be added to cement slurry and drilling fluid because they are an inorganic non-metallic oxide that exhibits a weak alkalinity. Their performance is stable and can ensure the chemical stability of the drilling fluid.glass microbeadspresents a spherical shape, with excellent fluidity and excellent lubrication. Microbeads glass can reduce friction during drilling and greatly improve drilling speed.

The prepared cementing cement slurry has good flowability and is easy to mix and deliver. The inorganic components are resistant to high temperature and high pressure, making the slurry performance more stable. At the same time, glass microballoons can control water absorption, prevent pollution, and have low paste density and high compressive strength.

Micro Glass Beads Applied to the aerospace field.

Due to its excellent thermal insulation effect and relatively light material weight, some products are not easily deformed and have excellent dimensional stability. Therefore, glass microbeads has been applied in the aerospace field and is widely used as an important advanced thermal protection material in this aerospace re-entry and return technology.

In some other aircraft that are used for high cold, low heat flux, and long-term use conditions, it can also prevent and reduce the specific gravity of materials, and has good insulation and insulation effects.

Micro Glass Beads  Applied to the field of deep-sea exploration.

Because the hollow glass bead has good solid buoyancy, it is a solid buoyancy material. It has been used in zero buoyancy cables. It has the characteristics of high strength and low density. glass microbeads can not only improve welfare by reducing the density of composite foam materials, but also improve the strength of composite materials by dispersing stress and bearing lilies,glass microballoons is precisely because of these excellent characteristics that it has become a popular raw material in deep-sea exploration.

Micro Glass Beads Applied to the field of electronic communication.

Microballoons can be used as a low density and low dielectric material, with materials such as electronic sealant, electronic substrate, and heat dissipation board playing a role in   lightweight electrical engineering. micro balloons has also been applied to composite materials for some level 5 devices and components, such as level 5 base stations and radomes, level 5 mobile phone frames and backboards, and IoT devices. Compared with other raw materials, it better achieves the reduction of power loss during signal transmission, And it reduces communication interference.

Applied to adhesives.

Hollow glass microspheres can replace fillers in adhesives, such as talc powder and heavy calcium carbonate, in the process of adjusting the adhesive formula system. This not only maintains the mechanical properties of the adhesive, but also reduces its density, making the adhesive lighter in weight, low in heat, and low in thermal conductivity, which improves wear resistance and flowability. micro balloons can be applied to training machines such as epoxy resin, polyurethane, silicone, acrylic, and  Some adhesive for synthetic rubber.

Applied to wind turbine blades.

Usually, the density of hollow Micro Glass Beads microspheres is less than or equal to 0.15 grams per cubic meter. When microballoons is added to the synthetic material of resin, the minimum density can reach 0.2 grams per cubic meter. It can be used for blade body materials, blade coatings, blade internal filling materials, blade molds, and other aspects.

Hollow glass microspheres are applied in the field of civil explosives.
Due to microballoons ‘ s nature as a small sphere that must be kept closed, a certain amount of gas enclosed within the sphere has superior properties such as low density, low thermal conductivity, low oil absorption, controllable strength and chemical composition, making micro balloons very suitable for use as a sensitizer for emulsion explosives. Micro Glass Beads has the characteristics of low dosage, greatly improving storm performance, extending the storage capacity and stability of emulsion explosives.

In addition to providing hollow glass microspheres, we also provide solid glass microspheres.If you have any needs in this Micro Glass Beads , you can contact us and we will provide you with corresponding product descriptions and prices.