Oilfield Chemicals | Camp Shinning Organophilic clay CP-982

Oilfield Chemicals include many, among which the most important raw material is organophilic clay bentonite. CP 982, CP 992 and CP-2 produced by Camp Shinning is widely used in oil field drilling.

At present, it is sold in large quantities in Russia,UAE,  Canada, and locally.

At the same time, there is also a large amount of organoclay bentonite purchased by Kuwait market for use as a chemical in oil field drilling.

Oilfield chemicals | Camp Shinning Organophilic clay

Product Name :   Oilfield chemicals Organophilic clay

Color :                  Off – White Organoclay Powder

Application:        Thixotropic Uses Paints | Coatings | Grease | Oil drilling Mud   

Materials :            Alkyl Quaternary Ammonium bentonite

Certificate:           ISO 9001

Packing:               25Kg/Bag,22.68 (50lb)/Bag Or Customize  

                             16MT/20FCL With Pallet, 22MT/40FCL With Pallet.

Features :            Thixotropy, Thickening, Anti-Settling, Anti-Sagging,   

Sample Service :   Oilfield chemicals Organophilic clay Sample Available.

Brand :                    Camp – Shinning Organoclay

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