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Organoclay Filter Manufacturer in China

Camp Shinning is a professional organoclay filter manufacturer for more than 20 years. We serve more than 200 clients from over 60 countries.

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Organoclay Filter CP-40

CP-40 is an organo clay (modified bentonite), designed especially for use in solvent based system. It can be used widely in solvents from low polarity to medium-high polarity.

organoclay filter CP-180

CP-180 is an organo clay (modified montmorillonite), designed especially for use in solvent based system including intermediate and low polarity range organic liquid.

Organoclay Filter is Your Best Choice for Your Project

Camp Shinning have own raw bentonite ore, it can ensure that Camp Shinning can provide a complete solution for your needs. Camp Shinning can provide you with more flexible solutions to meet your needs for organoclay filter. In addition, we also have our own controlled internal production facilities and test laboratories. With Camp Shinning, You can guarantee to provide high-quality bentonite organoclay filter for your business and project. Please send your inquiry to us today.

rheology modifier

Why Choose Camp Shinning for Your Organoclay Filter

Camp Shinning is one of the professional bentonite organoclay filter manufacturers in China. We have a strong R & D team and experienced engineers to provide you with the highest quality organoclay. We provide professional and timely solutions.

We export bentonite to countries all over the world. With our internal production facilities, you can ensure that you can quickly get the orders you need even in the peak season, Our expert team strives to provide you with the best quality products and services. Please send us an inquiry today.

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Your Premier Organoclay Filter Manufacturer

Are you looking for a manufacturer of organoclay filter? Camp Shinning may be your best choice. We have developed a relatively high-quality organo filter. Our goal is to make your application meet your ideal requirements and promote the stability of your whole project.

Camp Shinning has professional engineers and R & D team to help you complete oil water removal. For the technology of remove oil from water, our team is required to ensure that we produce the organoclay you want according to your exact specifications.

As one of organoclay manufacturers ,all our products are produced in strict accordance with the certification of international standards, such as ISO9001. We also have strict quality control management before shipment inspection, so you can ensure that higher quality and defect-free organoclay bentonite can be run on your project.

Camp Shinning is a reliable and strictly tested manufacturer of organoclay filtration water. These products are necessary for organoclay filters. It has high performance and excellent functions. Our organoclay bentonite is mainly used in water filtration.

 The organoclay bentonite designed by our engineers is a bentonite product with high efficiency and high filtration capacity. It also has good stability, so you can ensure that your organoclay can achieve your ideal filtration effect in use.

 In addition to producing organoclay filtration, we also produce organoclay for paint, lubricating,ink, coating and drilling oil fields. Therefore, Camp Shinning is a one-stop supplier of organoclay bentonite solutions.

 Because Camp Shinning has its own basin bentonite raw ore, it has great advantages in delivery time. Our professional sales team will meet your inquiry needs all day and provide you with corresponding technical services and guidance.

The organoclay of Camp Shinning can be used not only in water treatment, but also in industrial fields such as paint, lubricating,coating, ink and oil field drilling. They have good thickening, rheology and excellent thixotropy respectively. If you have needs in these application fields, you can also contact us.

 Please send us the inquiry form of organoclay bentonite and we will reply to you in time 

organophilic bentonite
organophilic bentonite
organophilic bentonite
organophilic bentonite

What is Organoclay ?

Organoclay is used as a thickening rheological agent in drilling oilfields and in solvent-based systems. It has good thixotropy and can play the role of thickening, anti-settling, anti-sagging and so on. It can also be used as a surfactant for sewage treatment, rubber and plastics.

This is our simple answer to what is organoclay.

Organoclay Filter also named organo filter.Camp Shinning is a leading organoclay supplier in China. 

How to remove emulsified oil from wastewater or how to remove oil from water, If you want to receive a organo filter solution,pls contact us now.

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