Organophilic Clay Bentonite

Organophilic Clay Bentonite CP-24

Rheological additive

Organoclay CP-24

Organophilic Clay Bentonite CP-24 is a economical grade of organoclay rheological additive made from bentonite. It is used in solvent and resin systems covering low polarity to medium polarity range.

This model is designed for better use in the production of paints, coatings, lubricants, asphalt and adhesives. Organoclay will better show resistance to Anti sag  and  generate thixotropy during the production process.

Organo clay is especially suitable for products whose base oil is diesel system. Because of its economical price and stable quality, it is welcomed by many users.

The biggest feature of this model is its relatively low viscosity. If you have special requirements for viscosity during the production process, then cp24 is very suitable for you.



  • Fine dispersion and particle size.
  • Gel is very transparent and of light color .
  • Thixotropy with low viscosity.
  • Cost effective.
  1. Imparts particle suspension, sag resistance without impairing flow and leveling, preventing hard settling of pigment and fillers.
  2. Exerts strong film reinforcing action in organic binder systems.


Typical properties

Composition Organic derivative of a montmorillonite clay
Appearance Fine white powder
Moisture content(105℃,2hr) ≤3.5%
Loss on ignition, %(1000℃) <29%
Bulk density 0.53g/cm3
Fineness (200 mesh) ≥98%


Application : Organophilic Clay Bentonite

  • Transparent coatings, alkyd paint, polyester paint.
  • Drilling fuilds, in diesel based mud.
  • Grease,
  • Replacement of fumed silica.


Using | Organophilic Clay Bentonite

CP-24 disperses under high shear and requires a polar activator (30%~40%)  for best efficiency. Heat is not required to obtain good dispersion. Addition levels are typically in 0.2%~2.0%. Polar activator (95% Ethanol or 95% Methanol) is needed. Normally addition level of polar activator is recommended to be 30%~40% of CP-24 in weight. Pre-gel procedure is as below.

  1. Charge solvent to mill
  2. Slowly add CP-24 (8-10% by weight of total pregel) to mill under agitation.
  3. Mix at high speed for 5 minutes.
  4. Add polar activator.
  5. Mix at high speed for 5 minutes.

Note: The suggested addition level of our organoclay and polar activator is based on our lab testing. Exact dosage for detail formulation should be based on user’s testing.

Since organic bentonite has a wide range of applications, it needs to show different properties and play different roles in different application fields.

Therefore, when we recommend our different models of organic bentonite to users, we must first determine the user’s needs. Is the system used a solvent-based system or a water-based system?

Because the two are fundamentally different. As a manufacturer, when we produce organic bentonite, we use different process methods for different solvent systems and water-based systems.

Generally speaking, their main function is to play an effective thickening effect and have extremely strong rheological and thixotropic properties. During the storage process, its suspension performance makes the product less likely to stratify, and can Effectively play the role of anti-settlement.

For the storage of organic bentonite clay | Organophilic Clay Bentonite, we hope that you place it in a dry and cool place to avoid moisture. Regarding the final dosage, we hope you can find the correct data through testing. Generally speaking, the application amount in grease is generally between 5% and 15%.

In short, before testing and taking samples, you need to clearly tell us your application field of Organophilic Clay Bentonite. Based on our many years of experience in the market, we will provide you with the most direct and effective information to shorten the time and cost of testing your product.

At present, in order to enhance the competitiveness of users in the market, we are constantly launching new models to help our users and enhance their position in the fierce competition in the market.

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