Organophilic clays crystalline silica,quartz powder based clay

Organophilic clays

organophilic crystalline silica, quartz powder-based clay that helps fracking fluids suspend and disperse weighing components and other solid minerals in rock, soil, and sand.

We mainly produce organic bentonite clay used in petroleum and natural gas fracturing fluids.

We can provide free samples and use our organo clay bentonite extensively in oil-based fracturing fluids or breaker suspensions.

So organo bentonite clay is used as an important suspension stabilizer in fracturing fluids.

Organophilic clays

This composite organic clay is very easy to disperse and does not exhibit layering during voting. It is suitable for use in mid to high grade and solvent-free epoxy systems.

It has strong acceleration at low shear and excellent mutation properties. Its suspension and vulcanization properties are superior to traditional organic clay.

Organophilic clays

We have done a lot of organoclay bentonite pre gel tests.We use 90% xylene solvent and 10% organic bentonite | Organophilic clays.A speed of one or two thousand revolutions per minute.

In full high-speed stirring, it will be found that its needle tip is good and has high transparency.

Here we would like to give a very comprehensive explanation of the role of organic bentonite in fracturing fluids.

Organic bentonite has excellent dispersibility.
Organic bentonite clay has excellent thickening properties.

The color has a high whiteness.

Good anti settling

High cost-effectiveness.

The anti sagging performance is extremely outstanding.

Good thermal storage stability.

Strong thixotropy.

Our organic bentonite clay | Organophilic clays can be directly added with dry powder or used as pre gel. Since the gel is used, it can better play the performance and efficacy of organic bentonite.

When you do the pre gel driving method, for the numerical system with poor wettability, we recommend that you do the pre gel first and then add it for use.

To obtain the best dispersion effect, it is best to use high shear equipment.In this process, we do not need to add any polar activator to obtain a better dispersion. We recommend that you support 8%~10% of the pre gel.

If dry powder is added, for resin systems with good wetting, such as acrylic acid and medium to long oil content alkyd, dry powder can be directly added for use.

However, appropriate shear dispersion effect and time are required to fully disperse organic bentonite in the digital system.

We suggest that you store organoclays bentonite | Organophilic clays in an environment of 0-30 ℃, in a dry and cool place, with an expiration date of 24 months.

It is packaged in 25 kg composite kraft paper bags or valve pockets.

The main factors affecting the quality of organic bentonite clay are the quality of organic clay bentonite including the type and degree, the structure of the organic covering agent with exchange capacity.

the dosage and usage, and the preparation process conditions, including slurry concentration reaction, temperature reaction time, etc.

It can be said that using organic bentonite in oil drilling is currently a widely used application, which can significantly improve the stability of mud, make mud have good rheological properties, effectively lubricate drill bits, and resist corrosion.

The main component of Organophilic clays is Moto feces. The drilling mud prepared with bentonite as the main raw material is used to protect the eaves on the wellbore, cool the drill bit, etc.

It is one of the organic drilling agents in the petroleum drilling industry, which is the mud thickener and latex stabilizer contained in oil in the cement slurry, also known as organophilic clay.

This type of mud is mainly used for deep and ultra deep offshore drilling, therefore it has good rheological properties and portability.

Bentonite crushers cannot effectively lubricate and prevent corrosion during drilling.

At the same time, it is also a good experience. In advance, it can be prepared into excellent oil-in-water slurry and high-temperature anti sticking agent, greatly improving drilling speed and reducing the occurrence of accidents.

Organophilic clays