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Camp Shinning is a leading organophilic lignite manufacturer in China for many years in service. We can custom your orders according to your send applications and specifications.

  • Over 20years in the field
  • One-stop solution for your organophilic lignite
  • Export high-quality products to over 60 countries
  • Faster, secured, and cost-effective shipment
Lignite drilling mud additive

Organophilic Lignite

If you need an organophilic lignite for different applications like paints,coatings,inks,grease,oil drilling mud and more, Camp Shinning is your reliable choice. We can R &D organophilic lignite suit for your final applications. We will support your organophilic lignite from your uses.

If you need it urgently, Camp Shinning is your perfect choice!

Applications of Organphilic Lignite


Camp Shinning

Recommended concentrations are 2 to 6 lb/ bbl (5.7 to 17.1 kg/m3) of Organo Lignite additive for most applications. This may need to be increased to 6 to 12 lb/bbl (17.1 to 34.2 kg/m3) for special applications where high temperatures (>400°F/>205°C) are anticipated or where ultra-low fluid loss is required. Pilot testing is recommended to determine the required Organophilic lignite additive treatment level and the effect on properties.

Lignite drilling mud additive
Lignite drilling mud additive
Mud Drilling Chemicals
Mud Drilling Chemicals
Primary and secondary emulsifier differences
Primary and secondary emulsifier differences
invert oil mud
invert oil mud

Why Choose Camp Shinning for Your Organophilic Lignite

Choose your expert manufacturer and supplier of organophilic lignite.Camp Shinning is a well-trusted partner that can hold the whole process so you can free your time from worries. We have stable and senior professional staff from engineering, and more to handle faster but quality production.

We, Camp Shinning are a professional manufacturer in China that provide organophilic lignite and test processdure. We assure you our competitive rates organophilic lignite and supply base on your selection request. Send your inquiries!

R & D Ability

Camp Shinning has a professional R & D team, specialized in the research and development of organoclay's chemical composition, ensure the rheological additive work well in the different applications. The composition of organophilic clay has a little different in different applications, such as paints, coating, ink, oil drilling, etc.

Bentonite Suspending Agent

Bentonite Mine

Camp Shinning has our own bentonite mine, produces organic bentonite clay by our raw material, spend less cost than other organoclay suppliers during the manufacturing process, can provide organophilic clay at a competitive price, and we can promise a quick delivery time for our customers.

5 ways choose organoclay bentonite additive for your paint

Big Inventory

Camp Shinning always prepare organoclay products in the warehouse, to prevent some urgent situation, or sometimes, we can arrange fast shipment for our urgent customers, no need long time production. Big Inventory can help you ship the rheological additive successfully in urgent situation.​

ISO Certification From Camp Shinning

ISO Cetificate

Camp Shinning has ISO certificate, all our our product comply with the internetional standard, and our ISO certifite can help you ship the rheological additive successfully, no need to worry about customs obstruction.

organoclay supplier

Decades Experience

Camp Shinning has decades experience in organoclay industry, we are familiar with production of organophilic clay, organophilic lignite and emulsifier, specialized in oill drilling application.

rheology modifier supplier

Quality Control &Tracking

Camp Shinning will check quality of our rheology modifier products every batch, more, we leave and mark the modified bentonite sample every batch, so that you can track the organoclay quality even you order them for a long time. Camp Shinning will give you best after service experience and promise quality every order.

Camp Shinning- Your Premier Organophilic Lignite

Are you looking for a reliable and professional partner in China? Well, Camp Shinning is your correct place to visit. We are a popular partner that offers competitive organophilic lignite prices.

Camp Shinning organophilic lignite are applicable for all drilling fluids. It is suitable for different types of base oil. 


Camp Shinning has a wide range of organophilic lignite selections that will suit your final application, like oil drilling mud,fracture fluids. All our organophilic lignite offer are offered at affordable prices. 

Organophilic Lignite is used for filtration control in oil based drilling fluids with good thermal stability and compatibility, effectively controlling filtrate loss, thus reducing costs.

We produce organophilic lignite that are able to expand products and meet all your customer’s demands. 

In this industry, Camp Shinning has excellent experience in more than 20 years in the field. We can produce all types of Organophilic lignite in more than 60 countries.

We have entire staff from other production staff, engineering, technical, customer service, and more.Camp Shinning ensures smooth production and produces complete equipment and superb convenient factory space. 

Whether you need organophilic lignite for any business, project support, and many other purposes, Camp Shinning is your trusted partner. We will help your whole process until it is successful. 

Send your inquiries to relax your mind. We offer faster responses!

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