Paint flattening agents | Matting agent

Paint flattening agents | matting agent

This matting powder can be used in water-based systems and solvent-based systems to improve the gloss of the surface, that is, to reduce its gloss. But at the same time, it does not affect its dispersion ability and some mechanical capabilities.

There are a wide variety of types of matting agents, which can be applied to plastic coatings, water-based coatings.

wood paints, coatings, leather surface treatment agents, roll coatings, inkjet printing inks, silica used in printing inks, textile coatings, plastic coatings, and UV curable coatings and more depending on the application field.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of paint flattening agents, we need to inform you of professional testing and evaluation methods for matting agent.

In terms of indicators, we need to confirm the silicon dioxide content of the Matting powder, which is our first very important thing, as well as its average particle size and oil absorption.

Flatting agent |

Silica Flatting Agents

its pH value, and its surface treatment method. We also need to pay attention to its drying weight loss and burning weight loss.

In our company, the silicon dioxide content of our paint flattening agent basically reaches 99%.The content of silicon dioxide directly determines the extinction ability of the Matting additive powder.

At the same time, our surface treatment methods are divided into three main forms: organic treatment, special surface treatment, and wax treatment.

Our flattening agent for paint has a pH value between 5-7 and an oil absorption capacity of 140 to 290  .Of course, different models have different oil absorption capacities, which are generally within this data range.

The characteristics of matting agent powder | Paint flattening agents | Flatting agent

The biggest characteristic of extinction powder is its good dispersibility, especially easy dispersion, high extinction efficiency, high-quality transparency, good scratch resistance, and unstable foaming.

The texture is delicate and easy to filter, which is also a major characteristic of matte powder.

All of these excellent properties are due to our production process and special surface treatment, which makes it particularly good in terms of dispersibility, scratch resistance, and anti sedimentation.

At the same time, it also improves the fullness of the paint surface, and the texture is particularly delicate.

Matting agents for waterborne coatings

If you need to use silica paint flattening agents in your water-based coating system. Then our MT6601 is very suitable as it exhibits excellent stability in water-based systems.

During storage, the anti precipitation information of the extinction powder plays a good role in preventing layering.

Matting agent for oil based paint | Paint flattening agents

When matting agent for paint which is used in oil-based coatings or leather surface treatment agents,

Flatting agent can make the dispersion of the entire system particularly prominent, without white spots, and improve the blackness of the coating, making the color of the leather itself more natural and beautiful.

So in the application, leather finishing agents such as leather edge oil are all used in our matting agent.

It is worth mentioning that in the pickled pepper system, our matte powder exhibits good whiteness. After polishing, it is relatively transparent and has a beautiful social brightness.

At the same time, it has outstanding leveling ability and does not produce clumping or sedimentation problems.

Regarding the amount of paint flattening agents added, for the full amount, we recommend using 3% to 5% for semi matte, and 6% to 9% for full matte.

In summary, we suggest that you conduct detailed testing to determine the final amount that truly meets your formula requirements.

In the end, we will once again summarize the characteristic advantages of matting agent.

1, Easy to disperse and add, it has good dispersibility and can be added at any stage of the production process, or the glossiness of the entire formula can be adjusted by the buyer.

2,Good chemical resistance, with a particularly smooth and delicate texture.

3,The suspension performance is also very outstanding, just like organoclay bentonite, because it has such a characteristic, the dust prevention effect is particularly prominent, which plays a role in anti precipitation of chemicals during storage.

4,Transparency, because there are fewer impurities and a higher degree, is very close to many numerical values in terms of refractive index, making its transparency particularly prominent.

5,The biggest feature and efficacy of this paint flattening agents is its high efficiency in light, significantly increased porosity, narrower particle size distribution, and larger average particle size, resulting in better extinction efficiency.

Flatting agent