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Paint Thickener

Camp Shinning is a paint thickener supplier with 20 years of export experience.The paint thickener it provides is an organic bentonite clay | organoclay . All production processes of Camp Shinning are strictly in accordance with ISO standards.

As a kind of organic bentonite clay which modified by bentonite clay,paint thickener is called paint raw materials , also can be called paint additive. It mainly plays the role of thickening, dispersion and thixotropy.

Organobentonite, known as paint thickeners, have a wide range of types, including water based organobentonite and solvent based organobentonite.

Among them, water based organic bentonite clay is also called inorganic bentonite, which is used in water-based paint system.

 Solvent based organobentonites are widely used in solvent based paint formulations.

Acrylic Paint Thickener

Paint Thickener For Waterborne Paints   

Paint thickener is a low shear organoclay rheological additive for water borne paint . This rheology modifier has better performance of thixotropy, transparence and dispersion in water-based coatings systems.

Paint Thickener For Solvent Borne Formulation 

In solvent based formulation,paint thickener organoclay are used in almost every paints, grease and inks to achieve desired rheological characteristics for the particular application.  

The paint thickener produced by Camp Shinning is a kind of organic bentonite clay, which can play a very strong thickening effect in the production of paint coatings by end users, and has a relatively good Camp Shinning Resistance to settlement performance, so the paint can be stored for a long time without stratification.

Advantages Of Paint Thickener

  • Exerts gelling efficiency over a wide range of intermediate and low polarity
  • Easy dispersing
  • The gel is colourless and of high clarity
  • Produce reproducible thixotropic consistency over a wide temperature range
  • Imparts particle suspension, sag resistance without impairing flow and leveling, preventing hard settling of pigment and fillers
  • Exerts strong film reinforcing action in organic binder systems

Paint Thickener For Waterborne Paints

organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

CP-EW Paint Thickener Clay

CP-EW Paint Thickener Clay rheology modifier is water based inorgano clay rheological additive.Water based organoclay is mainly used in water based paint system.

organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

CP-EWS Paint Thickener Clay

CP-EWS Paint Thickener Clay is provided by Camp Shinning,when use for water born system which has good Rheological properties and highly efficient thickener.

organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

CP-WBS Paint Thickener

CP-WBS is an economical rheology modifier.Paint Thickener Clay is mainly used in water-borne system with good anti settling and thixotropic rheology .

Why Choose Camp Shinning

Organophilic Bentonite

Paint Thickeners Can Be Used For The Following Paints


Car paint

Container paint

Home appliance paint


Insulating paint

Conductive paint    

Heat-resistant paint

Alkyd paint


Chlorinated rubber paint

Acrylic paint

Polyurethane paint


Organic coatings

Inorganic coatings

Solvent-based coatings

Solvent-free coatings


Water-based coatings

Powder coatings

High-solid coatings


Thick-build coatings

Enamel paint

Color paint

Blending paint


Primer Paint

Intermediate paint


Paint Thickener For Solvent Based Paint

organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

Pre Gel Grade Paint Thickener Organoclay

Paint thickener is an organoclay (modified bentonite), designed especially for use  in solvent based system. Organoclay can be used widely in solvents from low polarity to medium-high polarity.

Performance : Suspension ,Protect The Well wall, Return Cuttings, Cool The Bit,Thickening And High Temperature Stability.

Advantage :

  • Effectively suspends weighting materials and other solids
  • Maintains suspension over a wide temperature range
  • Eliminates need for chemical activators
  • Organophilic clay is easy to disperse and rapid yielding
  • Suspends weighting materials and other solids
organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

Easy To Disperse Organic Bentonite Clay

Paint thickener is a kind of organo clay rheological additive. It is used in systems covering low polarity, medium and high polarity range. Especially paint thickener is recommended to be applied in medium polarity and high polarity system including aromatic and aliphatic solvent.

Typical Applications:


Advantage :

1,  Improves filter cake quality for reduce fluids loss

2,  High performance viscosifier for all mineral oil fluids
3,  High viscosity and excellent thickening property over a wide temperature range.
4, Imparts particle suspension,  and increase viscosity for improve hole cleaning.
5, Organophilic clay reproducible thixotropic consistency over a wide temperature range.

Camp Shinning Will Be Your Paint Thickener Factory

All batches of paint thickeners produced by Camp Shinning in China, organic bentonite clay are strictly inspected by QC department before delivery the factory. At the same time, all batches of samples are strictly stored for follow-up quality tracking.

thixotropic additive
thixotropic additive
organophilic clay
thixotropic additive
organophilic clay

Advanced Equipment Test Rheology Modifier

Camp Shinning has advanced testing equipment to ensure that each batch of paint thickener organoclay is tested under strict quality standards, so as to ensure that the product quality provided to end customers is stable, high-quality and efficient.

Rheology Modifier Certification

In order to ensure the quality stability and price advantage of the Rheology modifier produced by Camp Shinning in the market. In the past few years, Camp Shinning has won many certificates. ISO Certification, Audited Supplier, Certification For Safe Transport Of Chemical Goods,


Auditor Supplier​

The certified supplier issued by the website of Made-in-China.com is the best recognition of Camp Shinning. It represents that Camp Shinning is a trustworthy Chinese organophilic clay supplier and manufacturer.


Certification For Safe Transport Of Chemical Goods

Camp Shinning has Certification For Safe Transport Of Chemical Goods​. This means that the organic soil produced by Kangbaixin is allowed to be freely transported by sea and air, and is a non-hazardous product.


ISO Certification

The ISO certificate means that the organoclay produced by Camp Shinning is strictly regulated and produced in accordance with ISO standards. ​



The strong R&D capabilities enable Camp Shinning to have its own technology patents, which is also the best proof of Camp Shinning's market competitiveness.We will continue to research and develop more market-efficient organophilic clay with good price.

Rheology Modifier Suppliers & Manufacturer

Camp Shinning is a professional paint thickener rheology modifier suppliers & manufacturer in China, specializing in the produce and export of paint thickener organoclay with 20 years experience.The application covers different industries, oil drilling, paint & coating, grease, lubricant inks and fracking fluids.

All products from Camp Shinning are produced and sold in strict accordance with ISO standards. At present, Camp Shinning’s paint thickener rheology modifier has been certified by the Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry, and has obtained the certificate of safe transportation for air and sea transportation.

Camp Shinning have own bentonite mine with excellent quality of ore,which ensure the long term stability of our quality,delivery and paint thickener rheology modifier price.

The annual output of paint thickener rheology modifier is 20000 metric tons,while refined bentonite is 15000 metric tons.

  The branch company of Camp Shinning include: Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Materials Co.Ltd,Hangzhou Camp Shinning Co.Ltd, Zhejiang Camp Shinning Electric Co.Ltd and Chaoyang AutoFull Bentonite Co.Ltd. As a professional paint thickener rheology modifier supplier and manufacturer in China , each company plays an important role in the technical development, production and sales of paint thickener rheology modifier.

Our aim is to provide stable

paint thickener rheology modifier and continuously develop new grades to ensure the competitiveness of our rheology modifier prices,pls inquire us now. 

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Paint Thickener Rheology Modifier Exhibition

Camp Shinning has participated in many professional exhibitions at home and abroad, including China coatings Show, which is a very typical professional exhibition applied in coatings. Every year, people will have their own super large and luxurious booth design, which is visited by customers at home and abroad.At the China Coatings Show, Camp Shinning will bring professional paint thickener organic bentonite to the exhibition for customers to choose.

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FAQ GUIDE For Rheology Modifier

What Is Paint Thickener ?

Generally speaking, paint thickener is a kind of organoclay rheological additives. Paint thickener can make the paints thickening, rheological properties become better, control the precise characteristics and characteristics of fluid products, without adding coating thickener, the coating will flow like water.

Why Should Thickeners Be Added To Paints?

Let’s analyze the following points

First of all, in order to prevent the paint coating from sagging when brushing the surface of a vertical object, because the convection of gravity will cause sagging and painting defects in the process of mixing the paint in the production equipment, the use of paint thickener can increase the viscosity of the paints, form contact deformation fluid and dispersion, and give the paint coating on the surface of the material in the brushing time, After you have passed, you can restore the nature of its plastic fluid. At this time, you have already applied the paint and will not continue to flow, so as to prevent sagging.

The coating can be stored stably by using the paint thickener. The viscosity of the coating increases after adding the paint thickener, which can prevent the aggregation and precipitation of the dispersed particles in the storage process of the coating, so as to achieve more stable storage.

By controlling the fluidity of the paint and adding the thickener, the film-forming time of the paint coating can be prolonged, and the dripping or flying sword in the process of roller coating or brushing can be reduced, so as to achieve the function of the coating oil bottle.

Paint thickener can save a certain cost, so many of our coating manufacturers choose to use Paint thickener to save their production cost.

The above information is only a part of our explanation of paint thickener. If we have some questions, please contact us directly. We will share our scientific research achievements with you with our experience and R & D ability.

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