Polyethylene powder | PE Powder for SMC,BMC

 pe powder is a thermoplastic polyethylene micro powder produced using a unique process, with spherical particles used as an adhesive in the emergency production of alkaline batteries.Polyethylene powder has essential properties different from organoclay bentonite.

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Polyethylene Powder

pe powder is a thermoplastic polyethylene micro powder produced using a unique process, with spherical particles used as an adhesive in the emergency production of alkaline batteries.Polyethylene powder has essential properties different from organoclay bentonite.

If polymer micro powder is directly added to the formula before building a new electronic font, the effect is very obvious.

Its main feature is to help control compression, such as the strength of Eagle Group, which has good control ability in this regard.

Greatly control dust in production.

Enhance the mechanical strength, especially for emergency returns, and the mechanical strength will be greatly improved.

And polyethylene powder effectively reduces the wear rate of the mold.

polyethylene powder

At the same time, pe powder | micro powder will not contain substances that affect electrochemical reactions.This is very important for the production of alkaline batteries.

So we refer to pe powder as a high-quality alkaline battery binder.Its appearance is ultrafine white powder.You can observe its color through visual inspection.

Its melt index.Reaching between 45 to 60g/10min.After all, pe powder was not observed through the wet method of laser particle size analyzer between 10-15um.

But after all, under the conditions of the 9th issue, PE Powder was tested using the judicial method of laser particle size analyzer, and micro powders was not tested with a value greater than or equal to 75um.The density of its substrate is between 0.91 and 0.93g/m3.

polyethylene powder is reported that micro powder can also be widely used in the field of fiberglass.

micro powders uses a unique process to produce this thermoplastic polyethylene powder, with spherical particles that are widely used in the field of glass fiber reinforced plastics, also known as fiberglass reinforced plastics.That is to say, in the field of fiberglass, polyethylene silicon powder is an indispensable and important raw material additive.

pe powder also improves the mechanical properties and enhances the low temperature resistance of the product. At the same time, the dispersion of pigments makes its product color uniform and the surface more delicate, playing an important role.

polyethylene powder also improved the appearance of the product, greatly enhancing its brightness.

Our polyethylene powder does not use any other additives during the production process, and can effectively control or reduce shrinkage and reduce water absorption in msmcdmc or other waste molded products.

Micropowder for glass fiber has improved the surface smoothness of the product, enabling pe powder to effectively control shrinkage, reduce stress cracking, reduce water absorption, and improve dimensional stability.

Mechanical properties have been greatly improved, and improving its coloring power is also very helpful.

high-density polyethylene powder

Polyethylene Powder Price

Our price for a single copy will be based on your demand and packaging requirements, as well as financial value requirements. We will make a comprehensive consideration and then offer you the lowest price.

If you need more quality inspection documents and product manuals about the micro powders , we can provide them.

Polyethylene powder, low density, 500 micron

The Cas No. is 9002-88-4. Ultra fine powder appears in a white powder like appearance.The particle size we provide is approximately 1000 mesh.

polyethylene powder is an ordinary chemical product, not a dangerous one, so when you transport Ultra fine powder, whether by air, sea, or railway, we can provide corresponding safety transportation certification.

If you have particularly high requirements for pinyin books, especially for their fineness, our product can meet your needs with a force of over ten micrometers on 1000 mesh.

Ultra fine powder | Ultra fine polyethylene powder 

In alkaline batteries, our ultra fine powder laundry detergent is widely used in tempered glass substrates, SMC bmc, and some tent and umbrella dryers.

If you need its  financial value, for those above 50 or 20 and below 60, you can boldly ask us about our PE POWDER.

Usually, our dosage is determined based on the thickness of your substrate. If your requirements are relatively high, our recommended dosage is between 4.5% and 5%. If your substrate is relatively thin, fine powder is usually around 3.5%. If your requirements are very low, then a 1.5% dosage is also sufficient.

The main purpose of using p powder in some application fields is to prevent cracking, especially in areas with high shrinkage, where p powder is particularly needed.

In places with particularly high requirements for adhesion, a large amount of p1 powder can also be used. For example, in alkaline batteries, micropowders can bond the carbon powder together, increasing its strength.

This additive with low shrinkage is very popular in some SMC formulations.micropowders can also help the compound flow and improve its surface during the molding process.

Sometimes he is also used as a filler.

PE powder is also used in the production of plastic bags.

Polyethylene powder has good environmental friendliness, quality stability, and especially its price advantage, which has become one of the reasons for its widespread popularity in many plastic industries.

In addition to the polyethylene powder mentioned above, which is used as a micro powder in MC and BMC, it has also been applied in fields such as electrical appliancesely, electronics, automotive manufacturing, household products, agriculture, etc.

Micropowders is highly favored by users due to its good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, as well as its competitive economic advantages in price.


Based on polyethylene powder, as a micro powder, micropowders has mechanical stability in terms of performance, especially in high and high impact strength, good wear resistance and weather resistance. Its processing is also very convenient, and its electrical insulation is particularly good.

Therefore,micropowder is applied to some electronic components, and the stability of chemical properties makes it highly corrosive, producing good compatibility with most chemical substances, Therefore, it has been widely applied in manufacturing with chemical environments.

What is polyethylene powder used for?

In many industries, polyethylene powder is used as a micro powder coffee in the production of plastic bags and varnishes, as well as by its relatives and figures.

It’s Micronized Polyethylene Powder/ PE Powder/ Fine Polyethylene Powder.

We use advanced production processes, advanced production equipment, and testing equipment to strictly control our quality. Our leather clothing powder, as a micro powder, plays an important role in the market. micropowder is mainly used as an additive in SMC bmc and some waste products.
If used together with SMC or bmcfIP, the effect will be particularly significant.
It can effectively control shrinkage and improve surface smoothness, This makes the appearance more glossy, improves its mechanical properties and alleviates its impact performance, while also improving the dispersibility of the pigment.
Having good control over low temperatures, especially improving weather resistance and UV resistance, is much higher than similar products. In terms of performance and quality, it can reduce stress cracking, reduce water absorption, and so on.

polyethylene powder

Polyethylene micropowder is mainly used in anti fatigue and wear-resistant plastics, and the most common use is to produce plastic bags.

However, polyethylene powder is widely used in many other application fields. We add polyethylene micropowder to paint and varnish resins of different micrometer sizes.

This type of powder is called micronized polyethylene powder, which is a very fine white thermoplastic pe powder and is widely used in powders, coatings, and paints between 10 and 15.

micropowder can be effectively used as an additive in some related color masterbatches, as well as in metal and ceramic sintering.

More precisely, due to the fact that polyethylene micropowder is a very delicate powder with a diameter ranging from 10 to 30 microns, its smoothness has been welcomed by many users, and its grind ability and breathability are also very valuable.

Its high melting point is highly praised when used in some coatings.

In addition, in some different packaging fields, such as plastic wrap, plastic bags, and some daily bags, as long as they are made of plastic film, polyethylene powder is required to prevent food from moisture and mold, thereby ensuring the quality of food.

The packaging form of polyethylene powder is mainly based on 25 kilograms per package. We can also customize according to customers’ special requirements.

Usually, some customers choose 50 pounds per package, which is 22.68 kilograms per package. We can also choose stewed eggs, which is one ton per package or 500 kilograms per package. These can be customized according to customers’ needs.

When storing or transporting polyethylene powder, we recommend storing pe powder in a cool and dry place, which is of great significance for its complete preservation and performance.

Welcome to inquire about our polyethylene powder, and we will promptly send you the product manual and price.

We repeat that if your application field requires the use of polyethylene powder in fiberglass alkaline batteries and plastic film bags, please inquire with us for a large amount, and we will also send you our product description and quality inspection form.

We look forward to your consultation with us regarding our polyethylene powder , which is a high-resolution micro powder with super absorbent properties.

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Modified bentonite

Modified bentonite

Modified bentonite

25Kg/bag or customized Kraft complex interior with PE

25Kg/bag or customized Kraft complex interior with PE
800Kg/Pallet or  1MT/Pallet Wood Pallts or Plastic Pallets

800Kg/Pallet or 1MT/Pallet Wood Pallts or Plastic Pallets

16MT/20FCL with pallet 25MT/40FCL with pallet

16MT/20FCL with pallet 25MT/40FCL with pallet