Polyethylene Wax | Water based & Solvent Based PE Wax

Polyethylene Wax and organoclay rheological additives,They are all additives used for paint putty. They are all used as thickeners.

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Polyethylene Wax

Polyethylene Wax and organoclay rheological additives,They are all additives used for paint putty. They are all used as thickeners.

We have two systems for this type of milk powder, one is water-based and the other is solvent based, which can be applied to ink coatings in water-based and solvent based systems respectively.

In water-based ink UV water-based coatings, we can use our Polyethylene Wax  powder. This type of milk powder can provide efficient adhesive and provides anti-blocking, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, and stain resistance. Also provides good gloss, smooth soft hand, and better hydrophobicity.

The new generation of powder can also provide relatively good hardness and excellent wear resistance, which is an effect that many liquid like materials cannot achieve. At the same time, its dispersion performance is particularly outstanding, and its luster is also very ideal. Therefore, many agricultural machinery systems will present good transparency after using it.

Good compatibility is another advantage of leather leather-pulling style. When it is compatible with filler pigments and metal pigments, it can play a role in anti-precipitation.

The method of bulk powder is to pack 20 kilograms in a single package, with a gross weight of 20.2 kilograms. Each package is a general chemical, which means that when it is stored as dangerous goods, please store it in a dry and cool place away from strong oxidants.

Polyethylene Wax | PE Wax Powder | Micronized wax

It is recommended that you pay attention to the following aspects when adding to the formula when using it.

Usually, the amount of spicy powder added ranges from 0.5% to 3% of the weight of the entire formula. Of course, you can also determine your addition amount based on your actual needs, and the data we provide is for your reference only.

The biggest feature of our slightly spicy powder is that you can directly use it in your formula, which means it can have a relatively easy dispersion ability when stirred at high speed. Its dispersion performance is particularly outstanding in solvent based coatings and printing inks.

You can also use specific dispersion equipment to achieve more efficient dispersion effects, such as grinders and high shear dispersion equipment, which can effectively assist in dispersion.

Of course, you can also pre mix wax slurry and then add it to the system,  This can reduce the time for dispersion and promote the goal of dispersion in universities.

The application field of PE Wax | Polyethylene Wax 

  1. Firstly, this type of skin dependency has advantages such as high softening point, heat resistance, high hardness, and good dispersibility. Therefore, it can greatly improve its wear resistance in solvent based printing inks.
  2. It can reduce the friction coefficient and benzene solubility, ink layer solubility, and oil soluble inks have good compatibility.
  3. At the same time, PE Wax | micronized Polyethylene wax can be widely used in some fields such as plastic machine rolls, coating wood-based industrial areas, etc., mainly because its surface coating provides excellent wear resistance and scratch resistance.
  4.  Pinyin can also be used in powder coatings, which can improve hardness, enhance scratch resistance, and have related abilities. It will not smoke when baked at 180 ℃ .
  5. PE Wax powder can be applied to wood paint, which exhibits a phenomenon of uniform particles, good dispersion and transparency, and is very compatible with wood paint and coating formulations.Its fingerprint resistance is also particularly outstanding, with only good residual effect.
  6. When used in combination with silica matting agent powder, the  wood paint can give the paint a very soft feel and long-lasting matting effect. If used together with organic bentonite clay | organoclay in wood paint, it can make the entire formula more stable during the fundraising period, especially in terms of thickening and mutation.

Whether you use Polyethylene Wax powder in industrial coatings or wood paint powder coatings, we recommend that you use it in a formula that combines matting agent powder and organophilic clay bentonite to achieve good compatibility and stability.

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Modified bentonite

Modified bentonite

Modified bentonite

25Kg/bag or customized Kraft complex interior with PE

25Kg/bag or customized Kraft complex interior with PE
800Kg/Pallet or  1MT/Pallet Wood Pallts or Plastic Pallets

800Kg/Pallet or 1MT/Pallet Wood Pallts or Plastic Pallets

16MT/20FCL with pallet 25MT/40FCL with pallet

16MT/20FCL with pallet 25MT/40FCL with pallet