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Powder coating raw materials,We mainly refer to the application of organoclay in powder paint coatings. As a raw material, this raw material is mainly used to achieve the thickening and rheological properties of paint coatings, especially powder coatings. It will maintain a stability of the entire powder coating.We welcome you to inquire about the application of our organic clay bentonite as a coating material for use as a raw material.

Powder Coating Raw Materials

Solvent Based Organoclay | Powder Coating Raw Materials

Pre Gel Grade Organoclay | Powder Coating Raw Materials

Organo clay (modified bentonite) CP-34 is a powder coating Raw materials, designed especially for use in solvent based system. It can be used widely in solvents from low polarity to medium-high polarity.

Easy Dispersing Grade Organoclay | Powder Coating Thickness

Organo clay (modified montmorillonite) CP-180B is an powder coating Raw materials, designed especially for use in solvent based system including intermediate and low polarity polarity range organic liquid.

Super Dispersing Grade Organoclay | Powder Coating Raw Materials

Organoclay CP-APA is produces by powder coating material manufacturer Camp Shinning, it has good suspension stability, high-temperature stability and thickening, thixotropy.

Water Based Organoclay | Paint Raw Material

Camp Shinning’s powder coating raw materials is also known as organoclay rheological additive.It is a solvent based coating additive. We also have water based paint coating additives. Camp Shinning has provided us with organic bentonite with  thixotropy, good rheology and anti sagging performance in many years of production.

Watar Based Organoclay CP-EW | Powder Coating Additives

Watar Based Organoclay CP-EW is modified bentonite. It is mainly used in water-borne system.•High gelling effectiveness, CP-EW can form gel even at 2% in water as Powder Coating Raw Materials.

Watar Based Organoclay CP-EWB | Powder Coating Raw Materials

Water based organoclay rheological additive CP-EWB is water based inorgano clay rheological additive. It is mainly used in water based system as a paint making raw materials.

Water based organoclay CP-EWS | Powder Coating Raw Materials

CP-EWS is powder coating thickness. It is used in water-borne system. Compared with CP-EW, CP-EWS has better performance of thixotropy, transparence and dispersion.

Advantage Of Powder Coating Raw Materials | Organoclay

  • High gelling effectiveness

    More than 20 years of manufacturing and export experience.

  • Increases anti settling ability in paint  (Prevents pigment Settling)

  •  Good thixotropy, settlement resistance, sagging resistance and rheology.

  •  Provide you with the factory net price.

  • Imparts particle suspension

thixotropic additive

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Camp Shinning has more than 20 years of experience in the production and export of powder coating raw materials, has passed the ISO certification, and has obtained the Certificate For Safe Transportation of Goods. 


In many years of R & D and production practice, Camp Shinning has obtained the patent certificate of organoclay. Over the years, Camp Shinning produced organoclay bentonite, that is, powder coating raw materials and powder coating additives, have been exported to Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, the United States, Canada.

The powder coating raw materials organoclay bentonite is Camp Shinning’s main product, as a powder coating additives organoclay bentonite to use the raw materials for the production of coatings and some other related coatings. 


It is mainly made of bentonite, which is montmorillonite clay. This stable quality organoclay bentonite is very suitable for the production of various coatings and oil paints to help coatings and paints and play an anti-sagging, anti-settlement properties and good thixotropy and rheological properties.

All powder coating raw materials organoclay is a powder coating additives which produced by Camp Shinning, that is organoclay bentonite, are tested in each batch before leaving the factory, and shipment is arranged only after issuing a qualified quality inspection sheet. 


Samples of each batch are reserved to ensure the customer’s tracking of sample quality, and Camp Shinning will also check each process. Take photos and videos to customers to understand the progress of production and delivery. In short, it is safe and long-term cooperation for you to place an order for organic bentonite to Camp Shinning.

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thixotropic additive

Thixotropic Additive

Camp Shinning offer thixotropic additive for solvent based paints and water based paints.

Thixotropic Agent

Highly efficient organo bentonite based on a Thixotropic Agent especially for medium-polarity to high-polarity systems to generate anti settling and thixotropic flow behavior.
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Camp Shinning organoclay which only about 0.2% ~ 3% of the dosage needs to be used when it is used as the raw material of powder coating.The specific addition amount shall be subject to your experiment.


 Powder coating raw materials, the organoclay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning. Its shelf life is two years, that is, 24 months. If you store it in a cool and dry environment.


 When you use powder coating material and powder coating additive organoclay bentonite, we suggest you add activators for some models with organoclay uses, such as propylene carbonate, methanol and ethanol. 


In some formulas, we also recommend water as a polar activator, which can effectively help the whole formula play a good role in dispersion. 


We are looking for an experienced partner for this powder coating raw materials. You’re welcome to visit our factory for close inspection on this powder coating additives | organoclay.

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Trusted Organoclay Powder Coating Raw Materials

thixotropic additive
Organo Bentonite For Inks
thixotropic additive

Powder Coating Raw Materials | Camp Shinning Organoclay

You might be looking for powder coating additives and there is the need to provide your guests with the right powder coating additives such as organoclay and matting agent. They are necessities for paint production. 

Camp Shinning makes the best powder coating material for different applications. It is important that you know what they are all about and which to choose for the applications.

Below, we look at the common FAQs, people might have on their minds when looking for powder coating additives.

What are powder coating raw materials?

The PAINT raw materials produced by Camp Shinning is an organoclay bentonite additive. It is modified montmorillonite clay. 


It is suitable for aliphatic system of aromatic solvents. It exhibits high gel efficiency, good thixotropic and rheological properties.and prevents sedimentation of pigments and fillers.  

 How many kinds of powder coating raw materials in Camp Shinning?

There are two main powder coating raw materials. They are the kind of powder coating additives, including organoclay bentonite and matting powder.

What is the application of powder coating raw materials organoclay bentonite additive?

Coating raw materials organoclay bentonite can have many applications depending on the user. 


Camp Shinning advises that you can use the powder coating additive organoclay for applications such as: wood coatings, powder coatings,Container coatings, Marine coatings for industrial coatings, etc.

Architectural coatings  

Industrial coatings

Protective coatings

Wood and furniture coatings

Printing inks

Powder coatings

Coil coatings

 Of course, there is another powder coating additive, matting agent, which mainly plays the role of matting for paints and coatings.


Powder coating additive organoclay bentonite is mainly used in various paints and coatings, and can also be used in different systems of grease inks.

What are the benefits of Powder coating raw materials organoclay additive?

 Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy with a Camp Shinning  water based coating raw materials organoclay.

Water based coating raw materials organoclay is a rheology additive used to thicken solvent and oil systems. It is also used to stabilize water-in-oil emulsions. 


Powder coating additive is optimized for use in low-polarity systems based on mineral oils, isoparaffins, spirits and silicone oils. It requires an activator for gelling.  powder coating additives organoclay additive are

easy to apply, and any present abrasives do not settle.

What are the features of powder coating raw materials organoclay additive?

You might be now interested in Camp Shinning’s water based  coating raw materials organoclay additive, but you are not sure what makes them stable. Well, here are some of the features you can expect to get with the coating raw materials organoclays.

Camp Shinning’s water based paint raw materials organoclay additive is a rheology additive used to increase the melt viscosity in powder coatings. Even at

low dosages, the viscosity of the melt during extrusion and during the cross-linking reaction is increased.

The resulting coating produces a fine surface texture. At higher dosages, this also reduces the gloss level.

Areas of application are fine structure systems in which powder coating raw materials organoclay can be used to modify the surface texture and improve the edge covering by increasing the viscosity.

 If you are unsure which grades to choose, the team at Camp Shinning  will help you in recommendation the right grade you might want to adjust for your powder coating raw materials organoclay additive.

What is the type of powder coating raw materials organoclay additive?

Camp Shinning makes several types of powder coating additives organoclay additive. 


So, the applications will largely depend on the type of powder coating raw materials organoclay additive you pick. Below is a list of the powder coating additive organoclay additive you get from the company and their respective sizes.

  • Pre gel type powder coating additiveorganoclay additive
  • Easy dispersing powder coating additiveorganoclay additive
  • Solvent based powder coating additiveorganoclay additive 
  • Waterbased powder coating additive organoclay additive

  If you ever want to adjust the performance of powder coating additive organoclay additive., Camp Shinning is ready to help. All the various models are available at Camp Shinning.

How is the volume of Camp Shinning’s powder coating raw materials organoclay additive calculated?

 Usually, the volume of Camp Shinning’s powder coating additive organoclay which per ton of weight is two cbm.

You should not be worried about transporting the heavy Camp Shinning’s powder coating raw materials organoclay additive. Usually our 20 FCL is loaded with 16 tons, and 40 FCL is loaded with 22 tons.

Can you adjust the powder coating raw materials organoclay’s formula? 

Yes. Camp Shinning can make formula adjustments to our powder coating raw materials organoclay additive according to your indicators, the data you provide, and your desired final effect.


 If you have ever used some world-famous powder coating raw materials organoclay additive , you just need to tell us the name of this model directly, and we can provide you with a similar quality powder coating raw materials organoclay additive.  This is to ensure it fits your needs. 

What is the powder coating raw materials organoclay additive manufacturing process?

The raw material of organic bentonite is montmorillonite, which is first mechanically dispersed, settled in slurry and purified.Further Commission with purified. 


 After the reaction in the reactor, Quaternary ammonium salt and 18 tertiary amine are put into the reactor at the same time.After pressure filtration,dry.Grind and then package into bags.

How much does powder coating raw materials organoclay additive cost?

 The price will be different because of the different application and the different price of its components. The cost will range from $1500 per ton to $2700 per.

How to ship powder coating raw materials organoclay from China?

Yes.Camp Shinning over the years has managed to get the powder coating raw materials organoclay additive to different clients around the world. So, you should not be worried that Camp Shinning cannot get you the powder coating raw materials organoclay additive. 


When placing your order, ensure that you point out where you want the powder coating additive organoclay additive delivered. This allows for the company to prepare the logistics important for shipping the powder coating raw materials organoclay additive to your location.

 Generally, our conventional modes of transportation include sea transportation, air transportation and railway.We will give you suggestions based on our experience to choose different modes of transportation in different cities. 

Does Camp Shinning manufacturer produce other type organoclay additive?

Yes. Camp Shinning has experience in making the best different application’s organoclay at a competitive price.

For example, it is used in paint or grease, ink or oil field drilling. In short, Camp Shinning’s organoclay additive plays different roles in different application fields.

Camp Shinning’s powder coating raw materials ORGANOCLAY additive is recommended. In the past 20 years of market experience, they have accumulated rich comprehensive experience in production, sales and application.

From the perspective of performance, Camp Shinning’s powder coating raw materials organoclay additive can greatly improve the thixotropic and rheological properties of the original formula, and greatly improve the inertial anti sagging performance. 

For example, in terms of leveling and anti settlement performance, you will also have unexpected gains.

When Camp Shinning produce powder coating raw materials organoclay additive, they produce it in strict accordance with ISO standards and standardize every detail.

The Camp Shinning bought still obtained the technical patent, the professional patent in organoclay production, and the appraisal guarantee for safe cargo transportation issued by Shanghai Chemical Research Institute.

 Camp Shinning will provide you with free samples to test, so that you can get a reliable experimental data before you place a large number of orders, which can make you feel at ease to develop this business.

At the same time, Camp Shinning have a lot of experience in cooperation with world-famous enterprises. 

This process of mutual cooperation has greatly improved the quality of powder coating raw materials organoclay additive, especially in the application of oil, grease, paint, coating and ink.

Camp Shinning  will conduct tracking for each batch of powder coating additive organoclay, including the retention of each batch of powder coating raw materials organoclay additive exported.

So that samples can track his original quality in case of subsequent quality problems.

Choosing Camp Shinning as your powder coating raw materials supplier is a correct decision and choice, which will greatly help you shorten your exploration of this product, and you will get powder coating additive organoclay from Camp Shinning to share your experience.

Powder coating raw materials organoclay additive, choose Camp Shinning, must be your most correct decision.


Well, now that you are at the end of our guide on powder coating additive organoclay.


It should be possible to contact us today. The guide has tried to answer as many questions as possible that you might have had in your mind.


If you still have more questions, then talk to the customer support team. The team has an in-depth knowledge of the paint raw materials organoclay additive to help you know which would be best for you.

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Camp Shinning’s main product organoclay bentonite clay is the powder coating thickness and powder coating material.Organic bentonite clay and matting agent powder as paint raw material and powder coating additives mainly play different performance effects in the process of paint production.

So Camp Shinning is a powder coating raw materials suppliers to meet your demand for paint making raw materials.