Rheological Agents Rheological Additives

Rheological Agents Rheological Additives

We offer high quality organobentonite as a thickening rheology agent for use in your oilfield drilling and paint coatings. This thickening rheological agent is also used in greases and cosmetics. It has different models and can be used in both oily and water-based systems.

Rheological Agents Rheological Additives

This thickening rheology agent is widely used in many industries including cosmetic applications and drilling fluids. In some paint and coating drilling fluids, it controls the fluidity, viscosity and texture, so rheological additives play an important role.

What we need to focus on here is the application of rheological additives to drilling fluids, which can lubricate the drill bit and bring some cuttings outside the well, ensuring the cleanliness of the bottom of the well. At the same time, it can increase the productivity of drilling fluids.

Rheological Agents Rheological Additives

Chemical additives used to control the fluidity of liquids are called rheology additives. It can be applied to oil-based paints and coatings and water-based paints and coatings.

Its main application areas involve ink redox resins, polyester and lubricating ester paints and drilling fluids. At present, it mainly controls and changes the rheological properties, such as viscosity, thickening thickness and thixotropic ability.

By changing the rheological properties of the formula, many of its properties can be improved, such as thixotropy, suspension, and sag resistance. We offer you rheology additives of different polarities.

There are low polarity organobentonites. Medium polarity thickening rheology agent, advanced rheology additive.

They play an important role in improving rheological properties in different polarities. We have the right thickening rheology agent for your oil-based systems, namely solvent-based organobentonites.

And rheology additives for water-based systems, that is, inorganic rheology additives | Rheological Agents Rheological Additives.

Our thickening rheological agents can be used in latex paints, inorganic coatings and industrial paints. This is a natural, improved and improved chemical additive that is very popular in water-based paints and oil-based paints.

It appears as a white powder additive. Unlike traditional economical rheology additives, it can be used in diesel, mineral oil and synthetic oil, which mainly refers to when thickening rheology additives are applied to drilling fluids.

We also have corresponding models in powder form. Based on organophilic layered silicates. Relatively good thixotropic flow behavior can be produced in non-polar to moderately polar systems.

In the application of cosmetics and some personal skin care products, we can also provide you with rheological additives for organically modified bentonite | Rheological Agents Rheological Additives, which is a medium-to-high-grade solvent-based bentonite.

The biggest advantages of Rheological Agents Rheological Additives:

Provides high quality thixotropy

Improves good rheological properties.

Very easy to apply and operate

Good leveling performance.

Has anti-sag properties.

Wide range of applications.

Some models require polar activator.

It has strong resistance to settling and is extremely stable in storage.

Our organobentonite is highly efficient in the low and medium shear range and is compatible with most chemical additives. It is widely used in solvent-based and solvent-free coatings, construction formulations, and adhesives. in agents and sealants as well as printing inks and lubricants.

Rheology Control Additives

Rheology control agents provide suspension stabilization and thickening and help control a variety of properties, including stability during storage, and are particularly easy to apply, their resistance to sag and settling, and The film-forming properties have been widely recognized by users.

We continue to develop new models to meet the needs of market competition. Both quality and price have been double affirmed, so we cooperate with many of the world’s top oil-based mud service providers and paint and coating manufacturers.

If you happen to be looking for your water-based thixotropic agent or inorganic organoclay bentonite today, please contact our sales.

Our organobentonites can provide thixotropic viscosity modification, with corresponding improvements in yield value and shear force within a certain range.
Rheological Agents Rheological Additives