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Are you looking for rheology modifier to be used in different fields.Let Camp Shinning be your first choice. Our factory has advanced equipment and its own bentonite raw ore, so we can ensure that Camp Shinning has all the ability to meet your needs.Camp Shinning provide a one-stop solution for your rheology modifiers for waterborne paints needs. Request a quote today.

 Rheology modifier is Camp Shinning’s main additive which have export about 20 years.We have certifications from ISO9001.  

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When you ask us if we have rheologieadditive, please first tell us whether you want to use rheology modifiers in paints or rheology modifiers in cosmetics? Of course, some customers use rheology modifiers for waterborne paints or rheology modifiers for oil. As for your application, we can recommend corresponding specifications for you, because different application has different grades.

Rheology Modifiers In Paints

Organoclays is an organo clay (modified montmorillonite), designed especially for use in solvent based system including intermediate and low polarity polarity range organic liquid.

Rheology Modifiers for Waterborne Paints

Thixotropic additive is modified bentonite. It is mainly used in water-borne system. So whatever in water based paint,water based inks,grease,all could use our water based organo clay.

Organoclay For Grease

Organoclay is a kind of purified and modified organoclay rheological additive, designed especially for using in Grease based on synthetic oils such as vegetable oil, polyester oil.

Organophilic Clay For Oil Drilling Mud

Organophilic Clay also named amine treated Bentonite. In diesel oil based fluids,organophilic clay viscosifier CP-2 Plus are used to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties, providing support for weight materials and improved cutting removal.

Why Choose Camp Shinning for Your Rheology Modifier

Camp Shinning is a leading rheology modifier manufacturers in China. We offer types of organo bentonite for your business or project. Thanks to our advanced technology, we can produce the highest quality and high-performance thixotropic organic bentonite clay .

 As a professional rheology modifier manufacturers, we can have enough strength and ability to meet your rheologieadditive needs. Our products include rheology modifiers in paints, organic clay for oil,organoclays in cosmetics,drilling mud rheology etc.

Please send us an inquiry for organoclay rheological additive.

thixotropic gel additive

Reliable Rheology Modifier Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Camp Shinning is a manufacturer and supplier of rheological additive. We have specialized in providing high-quality rheology modifiers in paints for more than 20 years. Our business scope includes supplying and exporting rheology modifiers for oil and rheology modifiers for waterborne paints to countries all over the world.

We have different types of rheology modifiers, including drilling mud rheology ,rheology modifier in paint etc.

Our engineers will adjust the formula of our rheologieadditive according to the needs of the organo clay market to meet the special requirements of end users for organoclay thickeners.

Camp Shinning has its own raw bentonite ore, which can greatly save the production cost and delivery time of organophilic bentonite clays .

Our professional knowledge is guaranteed to provide you with complete rheology modifiers in paints solutions according to your specific applications and requirements. Therefore, please send your details to us so that our engineers can help you.

Our organo clay modifier can be applied to a wide range of applications, such as cosmetics, paints   for waterborne paints, coatings etc.

 Your project and business choose Camp Shinning as your rheology modifier manufacturers. We focus on providing customers with high-end organic modified bentonite clay.  

The quality of our rheology modifiers for oil is produced in strict accordance with ISO9001 standards to ensure the high quality of products.

 In addition to producing organoclay in paints, Camp Shinning also produces matting powder for paints and coatings. If you need it, please apply for the price for your next organoclay thixotropic clay order.

What is rheology modifier?

rheology modifier are not also called organoclay and bentonite thickener. They are mainly used to improve or control organic thickener such as viscosity. They are also widely used in paints,coatings, greases, oil drilling and inks.

Rheology modifiers for waterborne paints that can improve the rheological properties of coatings,abd it is called rheologieadditive, also known as thixotropic rheological additive . Generally speaking, the preparation can improve the stability and coating properties of coatings and improve the quality of coatings. For example.Prevent the deposition of pigment filler during coating storage, avoid the coating bonding oil tank during coating, and improve the leveling performance of coating.

In coating technology, organoclay are mainly used to provide pseudoplastic or thixotropic properties. The rheological properties are determined by the composition and concentration of components in the coating formula, which is composed of adhesives, solvents, pigments, fillers and additives.

What are rheology modifiers used for?

Some tablets are used in paints and coatings as an accelerator and rheological agent. They also play an important anti settling additive and anti sagging additive in lubricating ink. They are used as a suspension agent in oil field drilling.

In order to achieve rheological properties, in paint, it can be modified and applied to almost all coatings and inks. In addition to obtaining the required viscosity, these organo clay can also effectively control its anti sedimentation and anti sagging properties.

If your organoclay are used in water-based or solvent based coatings, we can tell you some of their advantages and limitations, as well as the areas needing attention in application.

The rheological properties of diseased additives are directly related to their viscosity, shear rate and welfare.

In paints and coatings, the manufacturing, storage and application of oil deterioration and the flow and deformation characteristics in the film-forming process affect the key characteristics of the formula, such as leveling, covering force, sedimentation trend and pigment stability. In the process of coating production, organo bentonite helps to obtain the best anti sagging property.

No matter in the solvent based rheological additives or rheology modifiers for waterborne paints,Choosing the right model to correspond to different systems is very important.

In order to give better play to the performance and role of organophilic clay, we strongly recommend that you contact our sales personnel before choosing to use rheology modifiers for oil or rheology modifiers for waterborne paints. They will obtain the most real information with you through full communication to help you recommend the most appropriate rheologieadditive.

At present, we know several thixotropic rheology modifier technologies that affect the rheology properties of paints and coatings. From a broader point of view, rheological additive can be divided into rheology agent for oil and rheologieadditive for waterborne paints. 

Organo bentonite for waterborne paints,Most rheologieadditive have good surface activation properties. In addition, it may be a part of polymer membrane matrix in the process of film formation.Therefore, we say that our organoclay also have the characteristics of making the coating performance, improving its appearance, luster and fluidity.

 For solvent based coatings,organoclay are successfully used to optimize the rheological properties of coatings, such as anti sagging and sedimentation. Various products can be used in coating formulations. Similar to waterborne systems, the chemical composition changes of these rheology modifier have a very wide range of applications.thixotropic rheology modifier is a rheology modifiers in paints.

What are rheological additives?What are rheology modifiers?

Rheological additives are also called organoclay or organophilic clay.

Rheological additives is an additive that can effectively improve or control the rheological properties such as viscosity. It can be used in paint coating and pigments. It can be used in water based or solvent systems. The material has better thixotropy and rheological properties.In water based organoclay,we called it as rheology modifiers for waterborne paints. In solvent based organoclay,we called it as rheological modifiers for oil based paint.

rheology modifiers thickeners has high efficiency in water based system, which can help improve suspension and leveling and improve covering power. It is mostly used in painting coatings and can be used together with HEC.

Through surface modification and extension, it can be compatible with the solvent-based system. The thickening and stability of solvent-based coatings are gradually improved. thixotropic rheological modifier can be added to the coatings as a powder directly, such as dispersing with pigments or pre dispersing into the slurry through high shear stirring. Generally, polar solvents need to be added as the impact of the dispersion process.

At present, organoclay market, there are very rich  types of rheology modifiers

What is the function of thickener in painting?

The amount of organo[hilic clay is very small, but they can make the coating have excellent mechanical properties and stability, and become an indispensable part of the coating. Thickener is a coating additive.

When spraying the surface of vertical objects, it is necessary to prevent coating sagging. Coating thickener is a rheological chemical additive. Its main purpose is to increase the consistency, control the accurate characteristics of fluid products, improve fluidity and leveling, and prevent sagging during construction, especially in vertical walls or corners, which can be sprayed well, with more uniform application and fuller color, And it will not affect the next process. Without coating, the thickener coating will flow back and forth like water.

 Stable storage of paint, The thickener for coating has stable chemical properties and can coexist with various additives of the coating, so it will not become thinner and layered, and can also prevent coating precipitation. After the coating is added to the coating thickener, the viscosity increases, which can prevent the dispersed coating particles from aggregation and precipitation during storage, so as to achieve more stable storage.

Controlling the fluidity of the coating, adding the coating and thickener can prolong the film-forming time of the coating and reduce the depression and splash in the coating roll or brushing process,  So as to play the role of leveling when applying.

A good thickener must meet the following requirements. Storage is to improve the viscosity of the coating, control the separation of the coating, reduce the viscosity in case of high-speed collision, increase the viscosity after painting, and prevent the occurrence of influenza.

The rheology modifiers in paints shall be stored in a dry and ventilated place with a temperature of 5 ~ 40 degrees. In case of accidental freezing, it shall be melted in warm water. In addition, the paint thickener shall also be stored in the original container or other glass stainless steel plastic box.Not in containers made of low carbon steel, copper or aluminum.

Camp Shinning is a professional rheology modifier manufacturers.

The rheologieadditive produced by Camp Shinning has excellent performance. Especially,rheology modifiers in cosmetics,rheology modifiers in paints,rheology modifiers for oil and rheology modifiers for waterborne paints.

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