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Thickening Medium for Acrylic Paint

Camp Shinning is a leading thickening medium for acrylic paint manufacturer and supplier in China. We can provide a superior acrylic paint thickener that can meet your standards.

  • Got an ISO9001 certificates
  • Provide free samples and technical training.
  • More than 20 years of R & D experience and a strong R & D team.
  • Own its own bentonite raw ore to ensure product quality.

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Acrylic Paint Thickener

Organoclay bentonite is a kind of paint thickener.He has the ability to effectively improve the anti settlement performance of paints and coatings.

Ink Thickene

Organoclay could use for lithographic ink,news ink,letterpress and gravure ink,printing inks,silk screen printing inks

Grease Thickener

As a thickener of lubricant, air spraying can greatly improve the anti settlement performance and oil tank performance of grease, and has played a better dispersion effect.

Thickening Medium for Acrylic Paint is Your Best Choice for Your Project


Camp Shinning is an experienced thickening medium for acrylic paint manufacturer and provider. We have a stable production for any paint thickener. If you have a paint thickening agent related business, Camp Shinning will be your perfect source. We can supply you with the best and most impressive acrylic paint additives that is perfect for your growing business. 


Camp Shinning’s bentonite organoclay has good viscosity repeatability and prevents pigments from long-term storage settling. And prevents separation during transport.


This type of thickener can be widely used in paint, coating, ink, grease, adhesive, oilfield drilling and other industrial fields.

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Why Choose Camp Shinning for Your thickening Medium for Acrylic Paint

Choosing the best thickening medium for acrylic paint supplier is not easy.Camp Shinning is the most trusted acrylic thickener supplier that is popular in the paint thickener industry. We are supplying all types of thickening gel for acrylic paint particularly the paint industry. Camp Shinning is an expert in latex paint thickening agent production lines which guarantees you the best products and services.

We always supply a functional and unique thickening medium for acrylic paint to support your running business. Camp Shinning can help you to bring your business to a higher level. If ever you need professional advice and suggestion with regards to paint thickener, we will never hesitate to give you that. We can be your solid partner for your thickening medium for acrylic paint and acrylic paint thickener.

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Your Outstanding Thickening Medium for Acrylic Paint Supplier

Camp Shinning is a popular fabricator and distributor of thickening gel for acrylic paint in China. All kinds of paint thickener that you look for, including acrylic paint additives, can be found here in Camp Shinning. 

In manufacturing our acrylic thickener and other latex paint thickening agent products, we always use the finest quality materials to ensure the quality of the output products.

We have a wide range of thickening medium for acrylic paint that can be applied for various applications like paints, coatings, greases, lubricants, and many more. 

As a leading thickening medium for acrylic paint manufacturer, we always produce the latest kind of paint thickener with the use of advanced production techniques and strategies.

Camp Shinning is trusted by millions of industrial buyers for more than 20 years. We have a dedicated team of experts and specialists who ensure you will always have up-to-date company information

Camp Shinning has high-tech R & D team and rich raw materials . We are an expert in acrylic thickener and latex paint thickening agent.

We can supply paint thickening agent with lead-free finishing. Camp Shinning can source you plenty of paint thickener such as acrylic paint thickener,acrylic paint additives, latex paint thickening agent, and more.

Camp Shinning is familiar with every thickening medium for acrylic paint. You can always guarantee the right and exact paint thickening agent that is suited to your applications.

All of the Camp Shinning products are 100 % quality tested before shipment. We always supply an excellent  thickening medium for acrylic paint with high-performance.

We can provide you a satisfying paint thickener solution. We extend our efforts and offer wholehearted service to sustain your particular needs.

As a confident acrylic paint thickener manufacturer, we are proud to offer and supply our paint thickener globally. You can get a  paint thickening agent with your expectation from Camp Shinning.

Organoclay supplier Camp Shinning can provide you a fast response for any inquiries. We are the kind of company that will never ignore you if you reach us through email or personally.

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