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Camp Shinning is your best and most trusted thixotropic additive manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide different types of thixotropic additive, which are widely used in paint and coating industry, ink and grease industry and oilfield drilling industry.

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Thixotropic Additive is Your Best Choice for Your Project

Camp Shinning have more than 20 years of R & D, production and sales experience, we can ensure that all the thixotropic additive provided to you are produced and tested in strict accordance with industry standards and far higher than the requirements of ISO. We ensure that the rheologieadditive provided to you has good thixotropic performance, and extremely rheology and sedimentation resistance.

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Why Choose Camp Shinning for Your Thixotropic Additive

 Because we have advancedequipment and excellent  technical R & D team, and we always use the best formula and raw materials, you can get high-quality thixotropic clay in Camp Shinning. You can choose us as your rheologieadditive supplier. We strive to meet your needs for the   maker. We also according to your specific application field and formula requirements, Customize your needs. Suitable for your system.

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Have you ever wondered what makes gelling agent so effective?

What’s in Gelling Agent? Gelling agents are substances that can be combined with other ingredients to produce an internal structure, known as a gel matrix. Gelling agents are the gel-forming agents when dissolved in a liquid phase as a colloidal mixture forms a weakly cohesive internal structure. They are organic hydrocolloids or hydrophilic

 Gelling agents are a type of surfactant that can be used in many different types of products. They help to increase the viscosity and stability of your product, which is why they’re often found in cosmetics, paints,grease,oil drilling mud, and even pharmaceuticals. The best part about them is that they’re completely natural!  

What are Gelling Agents? Gelling agents are ORGANOCLAY bentonite chemical products that increase the viscosity of water-based drilling fluid systems. Gels are more stable than pipe liners, yet able to pass downhole while maintaining their integrity. Gelling agents can be used by themselves or in combination with other additives depending on the specific needs of the operator and well conditions.

Viscosity is not typically an issue with most deepwater wells, but it does become very important in shallow water where wave or surge action could potentially damage equipment if flow back operations were required to kill a well after perforating, for instance. At present, there is no definitive consensus on which gellants will dominate the market over time because each application has its own unique

What is the difference between Gelling agents and thickeners? Gelling agents are substances which increase the viscosity of paints,coatings,inks,grease and oil drilling mud. Gelling agents give a paint or oil drilling fluids through formation of a gel. Gellants are used to prevent separation in water-based fluids (lubricants). Gels are very common all over nature. They’re used in some medicines like toothpaste. Thickeners are substances which increase the viscosity of paints,coatings,inks,grease and oil drilling muds .Thickening agents are not always gelling agents . Some thickening agents may be soluble in water while others will form gels . Thickening agents will  improve the rheological properties and processing ability of the whole formula.



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