Thixotropic Rheology | Organoclay Rheological Additive

Thixotropic Rheology | Organoclay Rheological Additive
Thixotropic Rheology is a kind of organoclay rheological additive, somebody called it thixotropic additive. Thixotropic agent with good advantages in oil drilling mud and fracturing. Thixotropic Rheology additive can produce very good thixotropic gel.

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Thixotropic Rheology | Organoclay Rheological Additive | Thixotropic additive

Thixotropic Rheology is a kind of organoclay rheological additive, somebody called it thixotropic additive. Thixotropic agent with good advantages in oil drilling mud and fracturing. Thixotropic Rheology additive can produce very good thixotropic gel.

Therefore, we say that thixotropic additive is also a very good suspending agent and rheological agent.

Disperses easily in less time with less shear ,high performance viscosifier for low aromatic, all mineral oil and synthetic base fluids.

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Thixotropic Rheology 

 Thixotropic additive

Paint Raw Materials

Drilling additive

Raw Material:BentoniteHS Code:38249999
Other Name:Organoclay Rheological AdditiveAppearance:White Powder
Material:Bentonite,95% MontmorilloniteGrade:

Paint Industry

Drilling Industry

Thixotropic Rheology | thixotropic additive aids control of fluid loss to the formation ,Increases emulsion stability ,Suspends weighting materials and other solids .Confers stability at the pressure and temperature 108Pa and 230℃.

Thixotropic agent Properties 

Composition              Organic derivative of a montmorillonite clay

Appearance                Fine powder, white

Moisture content         (105℃,2hr) ≤3.5%

Loss on ignition           (1000℃) 40%-44%

Bulk density                  0.40~0.60g/cm3

Fineness (<74μm, %)     ≥99.8%

Dispersion fineness (μm)    ≤10


Advantages of Thixotropic Additive

High purity, low silica content.

Thixotropic additive is easy dispersing, fine particle size. Easy to use, no need to pregel

High viscosity and high thixotropic.

Wide application range. Thixotropic additive can be applied in almost all resins and solvents

Gel is very transparent and of light color.

Application of Thixotropic Additive

Paints including top grades paint, decorative paint, industrial paint, traffic paint used in the following applications:





Cleaning agent

Oil Drilling Mud

How to Use Thixotropic Additive?


1. Pre-gel method

A. Polar activator is not necessary:

a. Main solvent xylene: 95~92%

b. Rheology organoclay CP-720B:5~8%

c. Dispersing 5-15min, gel is finished.

B. Polar activator is necessary:

a. In aromatic solvent, the recommend activator is methyl acohol/water (95%/5%)/ acolhol/water (95%/5%), the dosage is 33%-45% based on the weight of thixotropic clay.

2. Procedure of adding gel:b. In mineral oil (such as 200#), white oil, diesel oil, the recommend activator is methyl acohol/water (95%/5%)/acolhol/water(95%/5%), the dosage is 33%-60% based on the weight of thixotropic clay.

A. Charge solvent and resin to mill

B. Slowly add the gel

C. Dispersing 5-10min

D. Wetting agent (if required)

E. Disperse completely to desired fineness

F. Dilute to desired viscosity

3. Add directly with powder

A. Charge solvent and resin

B. Add Organo bentonite Thixotropic Rheology slowly

C. Disperse 10-15min

D .Add polar activator (if necessary)

E. Disperse 10-15min at high speed

F. Add wetting agent and other additive

G. Grind and next procedure

Thixotropic Rheology | thixotropic additive can be added directly in powder under high shear condition. The addition is recommended to be before grinding procedure to get the best effectiveness. Addition level is commonly 0.1%~2.0%. If add polar activator and make pre-gel, better efficiency can be achieved.

Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co.Ltd is a professional supplier of Thixotropic Clay in China. We have export Thixotropic agent organoclay over 20 years.

If you are interesting our thixotropic additive , thixotropic Rheology | Organoclay Rheological Additive and organoclay price. Contact us is your right choice.

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Thixotropic additive  Thixotropic additives Thixotropic agent
Organo Bentonite For Inks

Thixotropic Additive Use for Oil Drilling Mud

Thixotropic additive use in oil drilling mud which is a kind of organic bentonite clay, It can be called a kind of suspending agent, which is widely used in oil field drilling.

Organo Bentonite For Inks

Thixotropic Additive Use for Grease

Thixotropic additive produced by Camp Shinning which is an organoclay rheological additive. When the lubricating base oil is diesel oil, mineral oil, synthetic oil or vegetable oil, Camp Shinning has different corresponding types of thixotropic additive to recommend you.

Organo Bentonite For Inks

Thixotropic Additive Use for Inks

Thixotropic additive can be used in a broad range of ink systems and has been proven especially effective additives for lithographic and many gravure inks.Thixotropic additive has following benefits, pigment settling resistance, improved dot gain, controlled tack, controlled misting and increased yield value.

Organo Bentonite For Inks

Thixotropic Additive Use for Paints

Thixotropic additive can greatly enhance rheological performance in small dosage. It effects perfect prevention of pigment settling and sag resistance.Storage stability is guaranteed even in high temperatures. It also improves leveling during application and syneresis control

Is Thixotropic Additive the Main Product of Camp Shinning?

The answer is yes.Thixotropic additive has always been Camp Shinning’s main product. In the past 20 years, Camp Shinning has produced high-quality thixotropic additive for different suppliers all over the world, mainly including paint and coating manufacturers, grease manufacturers, drilling oilfield service companies and ink factory etc.

What is the Market Price of Thixotropic Additive ?

 There are many basic market prices for thixotropic additive, especially in China. The prices of many suppliers depend on their supply chain, that is, their raw materials and different grades are applied to different fields, and the prices are also different. For example, the cost of raw materials is greatly reduced due to the thixotropic additive produced by Camp Shinning, which has its own raw materials.

Here we can give a price for your reference, but against the will of the price, the general application of ink the price of thixotropic additive about 1.5 U.S. dollars to 2.3 U.S. dollars per kg . Applied to oilfield drilling, the price is 1.6 ~ 2.7 US per kilogram.Then applied to paints and greases, their price range and used in ink prices are similar.

Do You Have Any Requirements for the Minimum Order Quantity of Thixotropic Additive?

We know that many thixotropic additive suppliers in China have strict requirements on the minimum order quantity. However, in order to support our end-users and our dealers, Camp Shinning vigorously develops our thixotropic additive Market. As long as the minimum order quantity of Camp Shinning is 500kg, we can accept your order.

Is There Any Special Requirement for Payment Method of Thixotropic Additive Sold by Camp Shinning?

In the conventional trade, for most of our users, when purchasing our thixotropic additive, the payment method we adopt is relatively simple. The usual payment methods are LC at sight,30% TT in advance and 70% against copy BL, For some customers, we also adopt CAD through the bank. If the quantity of your order is very large, we can also discuss a new payment method for your thixotropic additive order.   

How Many Days is the Order Delivery Time of Conventional Thixotropic Additive?

In different seasons, the delivery time of thixotropic additive is different. Most of the time, our regular sales time, production time and delivery time are generally 7-10 working days.In the peak sales season, our delivery time of thixotropic additive is generally extended to 10 ~ 15 working days.Of course, We have a large number of thixotropic additive models in stock, because we have our own bentonite raw ore, which is very important in terms of delivery time. We give priority to other China suppliers.

What is the Packing Method of Thixotropic Additive?

Generally speaking, we accept customized packaging from customers, that is, OEM cooperation, for all our thixotropic additive models. In our company, our packing method is divided into 25kg per bag,50lb bag,22.7kg per bag.We also have one ton per package.In this way, under the premise of pallets, a 20 fcl can load 16 tons.40 fcl can load 22 tons. If there is no loading capacity of some countries, there is no limit, then a 40 FCLcan hold 24 tons.

What is the Shelf Life of Thixotropic Additive?

Generally speaking, the shelf life of thixotropic additive is 24 months. From the date of production, it must be kept in a cool and dry place.

What is CAS Number of Thixotropic Additive Used in Paints, Inks, Greases and Oil Drilling?

Thixotropic additive used in paint,grease,coatings,inks and oil drilling mud, its CAS number is 68953 – 58 -2.

What’s the HS number of Thixotropic Additive ?

HS number of thixotropic additive in China, we mainly use 3824, but some abroad customers use 2508.Therefore, you can verify the correct HS number according to the specific situation of your country.Basic chemical name is modification bentonite.

Can We Get Free Thixotropic Additive Samples for Marketing?

Camp Shinning supports to provide free thixotropic additive samples for our dealers and end users to test. Only after passing the sample test can we promote our cooperation.

Can Camp Shinning Provide Technical Training for Their Own Thixotropic Additive ?

Camp Shinning provides technical training for self-developed thixotropic additive. Through technical training, we help our users and dealers better communicate with the market and promote our cooperation.

How to Get the Price of Thixotropic Additive Quickly?

If you want to get the quotation of thixotropic additive quickly, you can contact us online. We can also call our sales department or email our sales staff directly. We will give you the most timely quotation for thixotropic additive in the first time.

Organoclay sales email:  [email protected]

Cell(Whatsapp): +86-13185071071

What are the Transportation Modes for Exporting Thixotropic Additive?

In the past 20 years of exporting thixotropic additive, Camp Shinning mainly used general by air ,by sea and railway transportation to transport thixotropic additive to foreign markets.

If it is to be exported to Europe,South America. and North America, we suggest to use sea transportation, which will be more economical and cost-effective.If it is exported to the Asia Pacific region and Russia, we suggest using railway transportation, which not only has prominent advantages in transportation cost and transportation time.

How Many Hours Can We Get the Solution to the After-Sale Problem of Thixotropic Additive?

Camp Shinning’s sales team requires that in case of quality problems of thixotropic additive, our R & D department and technical department should give basic solutions and reply within 12 hours.Because when Camp Shinning exported each batch of thixotropic additive, it made sample preparation for each batch of samples.

How to Judge Whether a Supplier of Thixotropic Additive is Reliable or Not?

 Judging whether a Chinese supplier of thixotropic additive is reliable or not, from our past experience.First of all, we need to see how many years this thixotropic additive supplier has produced.Do they have rich production experience?Whether they have professional certificates of thixotropic additive, such as ISO certificates, such as patents, etc.We can also judge whether the supplier is professional from some details, such as whether they have made sample preparation for each batch of thixotropic additive .In order to provide a way to track the subsequent quality problems.On this issue, there are many small details to prove. If you need to find a professional and reliable thixotropic additive supplier, please contact us in time. Our Camp Shinning sales team will contact you, and the specialty of Camp Shinning will be your best choice.

 Where is the Supplier of High Quality Thixotropic Additive?

In China, the main suppliers of thixotropic additive are concentrated in Zhejiang, where Camp Shinning is a major producer of thixotropic additive. Of course,The raw ore of thixotropic additive is mainly located in the north of China.  

What are the Main Advantages of Camp Shinning’s Export of Thixotropic Additive?

Camp Shinning has a significant advantage in exporting thixotropic additive.First of all,  Camp Shinning have their own raw materials, so it is very convenient to save the cost of raw materials and transportation time.At the same time, Camp Shinning has a professional technology patent in the production of thixotropic additive, which is a special advantage among other peers. Camp Shinning also has its own ISO quality certification, all production in strict accordance with ISO requirements and standards to produce.In  Camp Shinning, the average working years of both technical team staff and sales staff are more than 15 years. Therefore, we say that Camp Shinning is an absolute, professional and reliable supplier and exporter of thixotropic additive.

In Which Countries are Camp Shinning’s Sales of Thixotropic Additive Particularly Large?

When carnation thixotropic additive are used in paints and coatings, our biggest export markets are in Asia, such as Vietnam and Philippines.Thailand. Etc.When Camp Shinning’s thixotropic additive is applied to oilfield drilling, our main markets are Russia, Canada and Mexico.However, the biggest export market of thixotropic additive applied to grease lubricant is in Germany.

What is the Most Outstanding Technical Advantage of Camp Shinning’s thixotropic additive from a Technical Point of View?

Camp Shinning thixotropic additive is used in oil and gas drilling mud.The main role is to have a better suspension and the role of protecting the wellbore, and to prevent the imminent loss.When thixotropic additive is used in paint, its main functions are anti settling, anti sagging, thixotropy and better thickening.

What Kind of Certificates do You Have to Prove That Camp Shinning are a Professional Supplier in Thixotropic Additive?

First of all, the Camp Shinning have a box of professional technology and patent in the field of thixotropic additive, which proves some unique characteristics and characteristics of our thixotropic additive production.Camp Shinning also has the certificate of safe transportation of thixotropic additive, which proves that Camp Shinning’s shipping is safe and can be safely transported with customers from all over the world.Therefore, whether it is the transportation of thixotropic additive, by sea, by air or by railway, our certificates can be provided completely.

What Professional Trade Fairs does Camp Shinning’s Thixotropic Additive Mainly Participate in?

Intuitively speaking, Camp Shinning’s thixotropic additive are mainly used in China Coat Show when they are used in paints and coatings. Camp Shinning’s thixotropic additive can also be used in drilling and fracturing. They are mainly used in USA OTC., Abu Dhabi oil exhibition, Canadian oil exhibition and Russian oil exhibition.In a word, through participating in different professional exhibitions, we push our thixotropic additive to a more professional market and help more users.

What Is Thixotropic Additive ?

Thixotropy additive exists widely in paints ,coatings,inks,grease lubricant and oil drilling mud. Take ink which we are more familiar with as an example to help us better understand thixotropy.

When stirring ink, the ink will dilute and dilute from gelatin to gel. Stop stirring the ink and return to the gel state, which is called the thixotropic nature of the ink. The change of the ink between the gelatinous and the colloidal forms is called thixotropy when the ink has external force.

Thixotropic additive supplier Camp Shinning could supply you professional thixotropic solution.Whatever you take thixotropy additive organic bentonite clay to thixotropic mud or thixotropic agent for epoxy.


thixotropic additive can be divided into positive thixotropy and negative thixotropic additive. Positive thixotropic additive refers to the phenomenon that the viscosity of the system decreases with time under the action of external force, and then recovers after it is still. Negative thixotropy additive is a shear thickening phenomenon with time factor.

thixotropic additive generally exists in polymer suspensions, which represents the dependence of fluid viscosity on time.It is of great significance to research and develop thixotropic materials, which can be applied in grease lubricant ,printing inks ,paints coatings and oil drilling mud.


What is thixotropic agent?

Materials which have thixotropy additive are called thixotropic materials.The most commonly used thixotropic material is thixotropic agent.

Thixotropic additive is a kind of high efficient mineral rheological additive (i.e. thickener). It can be used together with cellulose ether to improve the workability and anti sagging property of polymer mortar products. 

(Polymer mortar is a new type of building material in recent years, which is composed of cementitious materials and organic polymer dispersed in water.)In this way, the liquid resin matrix (or gel coat resin) becomes an additive with better fluidity, which is called thixotropic additive or thixotropic agent for epoxy .

What is thixotropic gel?

When thixotropic fluid is fixed for a certain time, it will change from sol to gel.

Thixotropic fluids have the following characteristics:

(1) The structure changes reversibly, that is, when the fluid is subjected to external force, the structure changes, and after eliminating this force, the structure can gradually recover;

(2) When the shear rate changes from high to low, the viscosity of the material decreases with time;

(3) Under cyclic shear, the equilibrium viscosity of step up process is higher than that of step down process, and thixotropy is related to shear history.

Thixotropic additive are commonly used as stabilizers in suspensions, allowing particles to disperse steadily in the medium rather than settling easily.

What is thixotropic additive used for?

  1. Thixotropic additive for epoxy

Epoxy resin can be made into coatings, composite materials, casting materials, adhesives, molding materials and injection molding materials, and has been widely used in various fields. In order to obtain its application value, epoxy resin and additives are generally used at the same time.


Thixotropic additive can be used as thixotropic agent for epoxy or rheologic agent for epoxy resin. The function of rheological agent is to improve the stability and coating performance of coatings, and improve the quality of coatings.


Rheological agents are also divided into thixotropic rheological agents and pseudoplastic rheological agents. Thixotropic additive rheological agent can show the real-time structure recovery rate after shear removal. 


Thixotropic Additive can be used in coatings to obtain satisfactory anti rheological property without loss of flow and leveling property. Its application effect in coatings is better than that of pseudoplastic leveling agent.


2.Thixotropic clay additive

Thixotropic clay additive has great advantages in improving and solving the technical difficulties which are difficult to overcome by traditional construction methods.

Thixotropic clay additive is used as wall protection material to maintain the stability of borehole wall and avoid hole collapse in saturated flowing soft soil, so as to achieve a significant breakthrough in the depth of the borehole.


In the pipe jacking project, to isolate the soil arch and lubricate the pipe wall can greatly reduce the jacking force and increase the sectional jacking length, so as to reduce the setting of jacking pit, improve the relay process and speed up the progress, which can achieve good technical and economic results.


In the caisson project, the thixotropic mud isolation layer between the well (box) wall and the soil wall can almost completely remove the sinking and resistance of the caisson wall, so that the caisson can obtain the most ideal economic construction in structure. The light straw structure is adopted, and it is not limited by the buried depth.


Moreover, because it can maintain the stability of the foundation around the caisson and ensure the safety of the adjacent buildings, it has unique advantages for the deep foundation and underground engineering built in the original dense building group.

In addition, thixotropic additive clay slurry can be used to build impervious and shockproof curtain for underground bearing structures.


 On this basis, a new method of constructing large underground pipe sections, tunnels and shallow buried underground railways has been developed.


In the pipe jacking project, to isolate the soil arch and lubricate the pipe wall can greatly reduce the jacking force and increase the sectional jacking length, so as to reduce the setting of jacking pit, improve the relay process and speed up the progress, which can achieve good technical and economic results.


Moreover, because it can maintain the stability of the foundation around the caisson and ensure the safety of the adjacent buildings, it has unique advantages for the deep foundation and underground engineering built in the original dense building group.


Why the viscosity of thixotropic fluids decreasas after shear?

Take ink as an example.

Thixotropy of ink is mainly caused by flocculation between binder and pigment in ink. Flocculation refers to the aggregation of suspended particles in water or liquid, or the formation of flocs, so as to accelerate the aggregation of particles and achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.

When the ink is still, the pigment molecules in the ink form a loose structure. When the ink is subjected to shear force (“shear” is the relative dislocation deformation of the cross section of the material along the direction of the external force under the action of a pair of forces which are very close to each other and of the same size and perpendicular to the action surface) 

During the action, the fluid becomes thinner and the viscosity decreases; 

When the external force is removed, after a certain period of time, the internal molecules or pigment particles of the fluid will re establish the original flocculation (or reticulate) structure and restore the original gel state.That is, the viscosity rises.

Anti settling agent is a kind of Organo bentonite , because it has its own limitations. Camp Shinning’s Organo bentonite anti settling agent in paint has outstanding advantages in anti sagging, anti settlement and thixotropy.

Four points for attention in the use of organo bentonite anti settling agent
In the process of coating production, organo bentonite anti settling agent should be used. The correct use of organo bentonite anti settling agent can reduce the production cost.


1. Advance pulping: before using the special thixotropic additive for coating, pulping should be carried out. Water about 3 times of the thixotropic additive organo bentonite should be added according to the dosage, and the pulping should be soaked, and then put into use.


2. Function: thixotropic additive organo bentonite plays the role of thickening, suspension, adhesion and anti settlement in waterborne coatings. Correct use of bentonite can give better play to its performance. 


Thixotropic additive organo bentonite must be soaked in water before pulping to effectively absorb water and expand. It must not be added together with inert fillers such as light calcium and double fly powder.

In this way, it can not effectively play the active role of thixotropic agent organo bentonite . Most of bentonite can not play the role of thickening, suspension and bonding, but can only play the role of general fillers, which increases the cost.


3. Usage: the correct usage should be soaking in advance, which can be placed in any container for more than 10 hours. The bentonite after soaking and pulping can be added at will according to the dosage in coating production.

So as to maximize the performance of thixotropic agent organo bentonite and achieve the purpose of saving cost and improving product quality.


4. Reference dosage: 2-3% of the total amount of coating.

Note: due to the excellent expansion performance of thixotropic agent organo bentonite for coating, a small sample test should be conducted when it is used for the first time to find out the difference in the amount of organo bentonite used with other brands, so as to prevent excessive expansion.


 The above is the use of bentonite coating four points for attention, I hope to help you.

Clearly, importing organo bentonite anti settling agent in paint is simple and straight forward.

All you should do is to understand everything I have highlighted in this guide.

From evaluating costs, knowing anti settling properties and choos correct modes for for solvent based paints and water based paints.

And more importantly, to contact Camp Shinning sales dept.

I hope this helps.

Also, I’d wish to hear from you – do you ever use thixotropic additive in paint before ?


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