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Bentonite Clay Grease

Your Best Bentonite Grease Supplier In China

Camp Shinning is a leading bentonite grease supplier in China.Clay grease or bentonite grease were the most popular thickened greases.  These bentonite greases can have outstanding heat resistance.As organic clay (organic bentonite clay), bentonite is used as a thickener in grease. Especially for high temperature applications and applications that involve exposure to water, bentonite greases must have a high dropping or melting point as well as good resistance to water. This page will answer your questions about what is bentonite grease ? and where can i buy bentonite grease?

bentonite clay grease
bentonite clay grease

Advantage Of Bentonite Clay Grease

  • Prevents pigment settling during storage 

  • Increases viscosity of bentonite clay grease

  •  Provides thixotropy of bentonite grease

  •  Improves flow and leveling 

  • Controls sagging on vertical surfaces and Penetration on porous substrates 

  • Confers temperature stability to the bentonite clay grease

  •  Prevents syneresis in thixotropic systems

China Bentonite Clay Grease

Bentonite Clay Grease CP- 34

Rheological additive designed especially for use in solvent based system. It can be used widely in solvents from low polarity to medium-high polarity.

Bentonite Clay Grease CP-150

Rheology additive based on montmorilonite for solvent borne systems.The rheological additive can be used widely in solvents from low polarity to medium-high polarity.

Bentonite Clay Grease CP-MP

Rheological additive designed especially for use in solvent based system. It can be used widely in solvents from low polarity to medium-high polarity.

Bentonite Clay Grease CP-APA

Rheology additive in powder form based on an organophilic phyllosilicate for polar to medium-polarity systems to generate thixotropic flow behavior.

What Is Bentonite Grease

Commercial bentonite powder used as a thickener is basically an organophillic montmorillonite type of clay. They are formed by slurrying in the bentonite powder in a diesel oil,mineral oil or synethtic oil, pre-gelling by adding a dispersant and stirring, then heating to drive off the remainder of the dispersant. Bentonite has a good adhesiveness, temperature stability properties. They are valuable in high temperature applications and can be used as a thickener in grease.

Bentonite clay grease are often reffered to as ‘bentonite grease or clay grease’. We believe it is just a matter of knowing what to use and where in order to provide the best solution. Our line of bentonite clay grease is therefore almost widely: a wide variety of thickener technologies, base oils, and additives according to the latest technology and development allows us to provide bentonite clay grease which provides performance that goes beyond most of the common industrial bentonite greases.

Please feel free to contact us for advice.

Bentonite Clay Grease Application

Bentonite grease organoclay is used in the following applications:

  • Grease Lubricant(the base oil is synthetic oil such as middle-high viscosity petroleum, mineral oil, diester oil, polyester oil, vegetable oil etc.)

Bentonite Clay Grease is an organophilic bentonite for aliphatic to aromatic base oil greases.

Product Classes: Lubricants, Metalworking & Grease, Organoclay Thickeners, Rheological Components For Grease.

Bentonite clay is supplied in an organically modified clay form, and in some instances, suppliers sell bentonite products suitable for use with products of different polarity. There are bentonite clay products recommended for low, medium and high polarity.

Precautions For Bentonite Clay Grease Formulation

It is important to match the polarity of the oil with the bentonite clay, and in some instances a polar activator must also be added to the formulation.

Generally, the activators , we recommend include ethanol, methanol, water, propylene carbonate and so on.

However, in the entire formula, how to choose the most price advantageous organoclay bentonite clay model, so that the organic bentonite clay can not only match the entire formulation of the grease, but also the selected specification has a prominent price advantage, which requires the formulator to repeatedly conduct a lot of experiments. the conclusion.

According to our experience, a conventional formula, the amount of organoclay bentonite clay used can be increased gradually, for example, the amount of addition is gradually increased from 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, etc.

And adjusting the dosage of surfactants is also very important. Among the large number of customers we have worked with, we know that some end users only use one type of surfactant in the formulation, while some end users use two types of surfactants.

Therefore, the dosage of surfactants also becomes an important factor in the final optimism of the bentonite grease formulation.

Bentonite Clay Grease Supplier: Camp Shinning

Organoclay Thickeners For Grease

Functions: Organoclay Thickeners
Product Applications: Grease and Lubricant
Product Classes: Lubricants, Grease, Organoclay Thickeners, Rheological Components For Grease
Supplier: Camp Shinning

Bentonite Clay Grease

Bentonite Grease For Diesel Based

Bentonite clay grease CP-180 is an organophilic bentonite for aliphatic to aromatic base oil greases.

Bentonite Clay Grease

Bentonite Grease For Vegetable oil Grease

Bentonite clay grease CP-MP is Organophilic bentonite for non-polar to medium-polar base oil greases.

Bentonite Clay Grease

Bentonite Grease For Mineral Oil Grease

Bentonite clay Grease CP-720 is an organophilic bentonite for polar as well as for medium-polarity

Where Can I Buy Bentonite Grease

Where do you get this bentonite grease cheap? Where can you buy bentonite grease?

We think that many people who purchase bentonite will face such confusion.

Even, how to find a professional manufacturer of bentonite grease, an export supplier, to patiently and professionally guide you how to use bentonite into grease, has become an important element in your market competition.

Even more, how to find an experienced manufacturer of bentonite grease to help you get a competitive price has become a question you think about every day.

For the above puzzles, Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Material Co.Ltd can give you a perfect answer.

Camp Shinning is a professional global bentonite clay grease supplier , manufacturer and exporter with SGS Certification and more than 20 years of experience in the field of bentonite clay organoclay thickeners production and sales.

Bentonite grease organoclay Is widely used in grease , lubricant.(Bentonite grease organoclay thickeners for diesel oil and mineral oil in grease lubricant).

Our reliable quality of bentonite recognized by a group of world-class professional users and distributors. Some customers come from the top ten manufacturers in the world’s grease,lubricant industry.

Now, I think you have the answer about where can I buy bentonite grease.



1, How to get a quick quote for organoclay bentonite rheological additive?

How to get an bentonite grease price?

Pls mail us:  [email protected]

   Or call us: Cell(Whatsapp):   +86-13185071071

2,  Question:  What is the Bentonite grease uses?

Answer:  Bentonite grease uses include grease lubricant,oil based drilling fluids , paints,coatings,inks, fracture fluids.

3), Question:  What Is Bentonite grease ?

Answer:  Bentonite grease is a modified bentonite clay. In another words,organoclay bentonite clay grease are produced by modifying bentonite clay with quaternary amines.Bentonite clay grease is derived from a naturally raw bentonite clay mineral. By exchanging the original interlayer cations for organocations (typically Alkyl Quaternary Ammonium Bentonite). As an organophilic bentonite clay, consisting of covalently linked organic moieties.

(Quaternary amine is a type of surfactant that contains a nitrogen iron. the nitrogen and ion exchanges onto the clay platelet for sodium. The amines used are of the long-chain type with 12 to 18 carbon atoms, After 20 percent of the clay surface is coated with these amines if becomes the hydrophobic end, with certain amines organoclay.

4, Question:  What are the types of Bentonite clay grease?

Answer:    Organoclay bentonite clay grease types include solvent-based organoclay, waterborne organoclay, easy dispersing organoclay, Pre gel organoclay, paints organoclay, grease organoclay, drilling organically, inks organoclay rheological additive, coatings organoclay etc.

5, What about the bentonite clay grease price?

Bentonite clay grease price, There are many grades of organoclay, different applications,the Bentonite clay grease price is different. If you want to get an Bentonite clay grease price, pls tell us your organoclay applications.

6, How to make Bentonite clay grease ?

We hope the below photo could answer your question about how to make Bentonite clay grease ?

How to make organoclay


How to make organoclay

7, How many days can we receive the Bentonite  grease in our destination port?

In general, we are able to make our shipments in 5-10days after getting the official order. And it can take about 7-30 days depending on the distance and transportation way to arrive at the final port. These days can show slight variations according to the season and organoclay.

8,What is bentonite grease?

An organic clay, bentonite is used as a thickener and suspending agent in grease lubricant. Typically used in high temperature applications and applications that involve exposure to water, for instance in ball bearing, roller bearing or plain bearings, bentonite greases must have a high melting point as well as good resistance to water.

9, What is the min order amount that we can buy directly from China via vessel?

The total amount should be at least 1MT (one pallet). We are not recommending loading less than one pallet because of organoclay safety inside the container. If you need less than 1 MT, it’s better to make the delivery with air cargo.

10, How many types of packaging methods are there for your organoclay bentonite rheological additive?

Packing of organoclay bentonite rheological additive : 25Kg/Bag,22.68kg (50lb)/Bag, 1MT/bag or 500kg/Bag. Kraft paper bag with PE liner or multi-wall paper sacks or customized.

11, Where can I buy bentonite grease? 

Bentonite Grease Suppliers | Zhejiang Camp – Shinning New Material could meet your purchase requested for bentonite grease.We have many grease thickener types.

12,Which countries does your organoclay bentonite rheological additive sell particularly well?

Our organoclay bentonite grease (organophilic clay)sold very well in Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentia, UAE, Saudia Arabia, Canada, Nigeria, etc.They are mainly used for oil-based drilling mud, fracture fluids and grease.

13,Are you able to produce or adjust specifically modified bentonite grease organoclay for our own formulation?

Well, our experienced technical team and high tech laboratories are able to check your special requests and we can produce many different modified organoclays for each different end user. Pls just contact with our sales representatived to get more organoclay info.

Any question about organoclay bentonite thickener, you can mail us:  [email protected] 

Cell ( whatsapp) :  +86-13185071071

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Bentonite grease supplier Camp Shinning is mainly produce clay thickened grease and bentonite grease.It is a kind of bentonite thickener.

From many grease thickener types,inorganic grease thickeners has excellent thixotropic performance and anti sagging and anti settlement.

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