Organophilic Clay CP-150 for oil drilling mud

Organophilic Clay CP-150 for oil drilling mud
CP-150 Organophilic Clay is an easy dispersing, self activating organoclay that exhibits high performance efficiency in diesel, low aromatic mineral oil, modified vegetable oil and synthetic base fluid formulation. CP-150 unique rheological structure suspends weighting materials and other solids with less increase in viscosity and gel strength than conventional bentonite. It is highly effective in distillate and mineral oil based invert fluids.

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Organophilic Clay

Organophilic Clay, There are different names in different countries. Organoclay as known as arcilla organófila and organoclay bentonite,or organophilic hectorite clay.

Camp Shinning is a well-known and representative manufacturer and supplier of Organophilic Clay in the world. We use a special manufacturing process to get stable quality.

If you are looking for this product and want to apply it to oilfield drilling or fracturing, please contact us and we will email you MSDS / SDS / CAS number and HS code, and good price.

Organophilic Clay

Camp Shinning has many different types of organophilic clay, They are widely used in different oil based systems, such as diesel, white oil, mineral oil, synthetic oil, and so on.

What is organophilic clay?

Clay minerals whose surfaces have been coated with a chemical to make them oil-dispersible. Organic Bentonite and organoclay hectorite and attapulgite and sepiolite (rod-shaped clays) are treated with oil wetting agents during production and are used as oil drilling mud additives.

organophilic clay is a viscosifier and gelling agent used in invert emulsion fluids,workover fluidsl,completion fluids,casing packs,packer fluids,spotting fluids and synthetic-based systems. This amine-treated bentonite is used to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties, providing support for weighting agents and improved cuttings removal. CP series viscosifier also aids in filtercake formation and filtration control.

We use special organophilic clay manufacturing process to keep stable quality.

Organophilic Clay


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Sounds From Users

Roger Infrot

I'm from Russia. We have purchased organoclay bentonite from Camp Shinning for 18 years. Camp Shinning 's timely delivery date and stable organophilic bentonite quality have helped us lay a solid foundation in the Russian market. We thank Camp Shinning very much.

Organophilic Clay | Organoclay for Russian Market

If you are a user from the Russian market, we highly recommend that you use Camp Shinning's Organoclay | Organophilic Clay.

Mohammed Hassan

I'm from UAE | United Arab Emirates. We have purchased CP series Organophilic Clay | Organoclay from Camp Shinning, which is mainly used for our oil field drilling project in Abu Dhabi. So far, we have purchased it for more than five years. In this process, We thank Camp Shinning for their stable quality and competitive price.

Organophilic Clay | Organoclay for UAE | United Arab Emirates

If you are a user from the UAE | United Arab Emirates. We recommend you to use CP series Organophilic Clay | Organoclay, which will bring great convenience to your project.

Mark Chen

I'm Mark from USA | United States. We especially recommend you to use Camp Shinning's Organophilic Clay | Organoclay. At first, we only used it in our fracking fluid project, and then extended it to our oilfield drilling project.We thank Camp Shinning's R & D department for its strong support for our project.

Organophilic Clay | Organoclay for USA | United States

If you are a user from the USA | United States. We recommend you to use CP series Organophilic Clay | Organoclay, Their R & D department is very professional and dedicated. They help you greatly improve your work efficiency technically.


In Mexico,Camp Shinning recommended CP-2 Organophilic Clay | Organoclay for drilling in desiel. We tested Camp Shinning's clay with a try attitude, and then we began to officially use it. Up to now, it has been more than a year, the quality is very stable.

Organophilic Clay | Organoclay for Mexico

If you are a user from the Mexico market, Camp Shinning's Organoclay | Organophilic Clay is worth you trying and you will get unexpected surprises.

William Jafferson Clinton

I'm from Canada. In our drilling project, our oil based is mineral oil and synthetic oil. At that time, Camp Shinning recommended their CP-150 to us for our project. Because we only have special requirements for YP value, Camp Shinning's technical department adjusted our formula. Finally, we began to place orders.

Organophilic Clay | Organoclay for Canada

In Canada,Mineral oil and synthetic oil are the main base oil. At present,Most Organophilic Clay | Organoclay factories in China mainly provide products for diesel, which is difficult to meet the requirements for mineral oil. Therefore, we suggest you buy Camp Shinning's bentonite, which can meet your use in mineral oil and synthetic oil.

Habiballah Zarehdarabady

Camp Shinning's organoclay has helped us achieve great success in the promotion in Iraq. At present, we are not only used for oil field drilling, but also use Camp Shinning's products in paint coatings as a thixotropic agent and rheological assistant.

Organophilic Clay | Organoclay for Iraq

Iraq ,there are special requirements for organoclay | Organophilic clay. Finally, we choose cheapest model CP-2. As dealers, we don't understand the product technology at all, but the support and help of Camp Shinning have won the satisfaction of our end users. We thank Camp Shinning very much for its service.

Why Choose Camp Shinning

  •  More than 20 years of R & D, production and sales experience.
  • ISO certification report.
  • Certificate of Shanghai Chemical Industry Research Institute.
  • Own bentonite raw ore.
  •  5 production and sales branch companies
  •  Experience in cooperating with the paint factory and oil service companies of the world.

Camp Shinning is an organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturers with more than 20 years of experience in R & D, production and sales. It not only has its own patent, but also has obtained the . At the same time, it has obtained the appraisal certificate of safe transportation of goods issued by Shanghai Chemical Research Institute, which is an authoritative appraisal report, which proves that the new products produced by Compaq are products that meet the requirements of safe transportation to countries all over the world. 

Organophilic Clay For Diesel Oil

Here we mainly recommend our CP-2, which is used in the oilfield land occupation project of your material system. It can effectively help you improve its suspension performance.

Organophilic Clay For Mineral Oil

Our bentonite are suitable for these oil-based muds:Invert emulsion fluids,Workover fluids,Completion fluids,Casing packs,Packer fluids,Spotting fluids.

Organophilic Clay For Synthetic Oil

If you want to improve emulsion stability and cuttings carrying and hole cleaning capacity Suspends weighting materials and other solids,So whenCamp Shinning's organoclay is a product worth choosing.

Organophilic Clay CP-150 is an easy dispersing, self activating organoclay that exhibits high performance efficiency in diesel, low aromatic mineral oil, modified vegetable oil and synthetic base fluid formulation. organophilic clay in drilling fluid CP-150 unique rheological structure suspends weighting materials and other solids with less increase in viscosity and gel strength than conventional bentonite. It is highly effective in distillate and mineral oil based invert fluids.

  • Function of organophilic clay in drilling fluid

Composition                      Organically modified bentonite clay

Appearance                       Off white to tan finely divided powder,

Moisture content (105℃,2hr)         ≤3.5%

Specific Gravity                    1.7

Bulk density                       0.40~0.60g/cm³

  • Advantages
  • Effectively suspends weighting materials and other solids
  • Maintains suspension over a wide temperature range
  • Eliminates need for chemical activators
  • Is easy to disperse and rapid yielding
  • Suspends weighting materials and other solids
  • Maintains suspension over a wide temperature range


CP-150 is a self-activating gallant offering rapid yield development, high gel strengths, and increased efficiency. The unique properties of CP-150 are especially valuable in low-shear mud plant operations and during completion fluid manufacture at the well site

Base oil:

  • Diesel Oils
  • Mineral Oils
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Linear and isomerized Alpha Olefins
  • Modified vegetable oil

Viscosifying drilling Fluids:

All oil based drilling fluids

Invert emulsion fluids

Workover fluids

Fracture fluids


Kraft paper bag with PE liner or multi-wall paper sacks or customized. 25kg/bag or 22.68kg/bag or customized.

Camp Shinning : Organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturers

A crucial benefit of organophilic clay is its capability to enhance the security of exploration muds in the visibility of water. It can be either an additive or a carrier. It improves a drill rig’s hole cleaning ability.

Organophilic clay is utilized to raise the strength of boring muds. Its use in oilfield services is gaining wider recognition as an excellent drilling aid. So, if you’re in the market for organophilic clay, don’t hesitate to contact a supplier.

An additional advantage of using organophilic clays is the capacity to make big quantities of them without including substantial quantities of water to the raw products. It can improve the drilling mud’s stability both under and above the critical dose.

as well as it assists put on hold weighting representatives in packer liquids and also casing packs.The resulting mixture can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Our business creates the Organophilic Clay that is required for oilfield solutions. The chemical compounds found in organoclays are essential in the petroleum industry.

Besides being helpful for drilling, they also improve the quality of abrasive materials, such as metals. It also improves the hole-cleaning process, as it enables smoother drilling fluids to withstand higher pressures.

However, these properties can only be achieved by using a high-quality organic abrasive.

In various applications, organophilic clay can be made use of as a gelling additive. The substance is commonly known as Organoclay and is a synthetic-based clay.

Its high wettability makes it useful for a wide range of applications, from filtration to chemical reactions. In the oilfield, the organic abrasive clays improve the flowability of crude oil. They can also be used as an additive in coatings.

As an organic abrasive, organophilic clay can be used for oilfield applications. The CP-2 organophilic clay is a gelling agent that increases the viscosity of oil field fluids.

It is a good choice for oilfield applications. Abrasive clays can be applied to the surface of a well, while organic abrasives may be applied to its interior.
Organophilic clay is excellent solids-carrying capacity helps oil – based drilling fluids viscosity more easily.

This, in turn, makes the fluid more durable. It also makes packing fluids and casing packs more effective. As a result, it can reduce the amount of friction on the wellbore. 

In addition to being a gelling agent, organophilic clay is also used as a viscosifier in invert emulsion fluids. It is a popular ingredient in drilling fluids because it increases their carrying capacity, reduces cuttings and filtration, and improves cuttings removal. 

Camp Shinning provided Organophilic Clay that is special for oilfield mud. 

Among its other uses, organophilic clay is a highly effective substance that absorbs hydrocarbons. In fact, it can even be used as a filter for abrasive wastewater.

Moreover, it is a great alternative to ordinary clay. Its low cost and high quality are the main reasons why it is a valuable material. Its benefits are not limited to being an effective solvent absorbent. Its adsorbent for hydrocarbons.

Organophilic clays are also useful for oil-based drilling fluids. As a natural abrasive, organophilic clay can be utilized for oilfield applications.

Compared to conventional clays, organophilic clays are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Organophilic clay is a very important additive for drilling fluid formulations and it is formed when organic molecules interact with clay platelets by making hydrophobic surfaces. Organic molecules such as alkyl ammonium cation replace the interlayer cations of clay.

Organophilic clays are organophilic montmorillonite, organophilic bentonite or organoclays (a term used to describe mixtures of different types of organomodified clays). It has been described as an inorganic/organic hybrid material having superior properties compared to the parent mineral due to its increased surface area, smaller layer charge density and more uniform pore size distribution.


We look forward to a better cooperation with you on the organoclay bentonite project in 2022. We are also willing to use all our experience and resources to support your development in your local market. As a senior supplier and manufacturer, we are confident to help you occupy absolute competitive advantage. Please contact us and we look forward to your inquiry. 

Let’s quote good organoclay price to you.

Pls choose our organophilic clay.


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